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29 yr old, 5'10 165-170lbs

Just looking for some feedback here. I’d like to put on some size and get up to 180 lbs while maintaining my most of my current leanness. I know in order to grow and reach my bigger goals of adding size, I’ll have to accept some fat gain. I’ve always been thin and have a pretty fast metabolism so I’m not too worried about “getting fat.”

Current 1 rep maxes-
Sumo DL - 375 lb (no belt, I think I can get 405 with a belt easy)
Squat - 355 lb (no belt)
Bench - 255 lb
Military Press - 160 lb

Goals-Gain muscle/look good, continue to get stronger on all lifts.

more pics…





last one for now…

You know what to do. Just add the mass and you’ll look beastly. At 180lbs and lean you’ll look quite large. 10-15lbs of muscle makes a huge difference.