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29 Year Old Male Test/Tren Cycle


I am a 29 year old white male, 5’11"- 205lb. I am not very hairy and I have never had a problem with acne. Not sure if those details matter, but the more the merrier. As far as diet is concerned, I eat 95% organic. I take organic/natural proteins and vitamins. Glucosamine chondroitin for years now. Also, milk thistle and cranberry pills. I workout 4-6 days a week. Legs/Chest/Back/Delts-Arms/Core
Anyway, I feel like the time has come for the next step. I have purchased some UGL test 300 and tren 300. And have clomid for pct. I got it from a source that uses it. He’s been cycling for 2.5 years and has had great results.
I want to know what the real deal is with gyno/acne/hair loss/limp-dick/libido.
I keep finding conflicting answers to my questions. I hear of taking hcg, ai, caber. But then comes the next “expert” with, “fuck no, you are wrong, that doesn’t work”.

This will be my very first cycle. I have been naturally lifting for 10 years. I am looking for some real information from experienced guys. Also, if you do make a recommendation, point me in the direction on where to purchase, if possible.

Thanks in Advance


If you were running a test/tren cycle then yes you should use caber, adex and hcg.

However for a first cycle do not use tren.

You should use the following

Nolvadex or clomid.

I think that is basically it.

You should be more concerned about how these drugs work, effect your body and how to recover along with your macro breakdown and training goals rather than acne/hair loss/ED and whether your food is organic or not.

If ran properly changes in libido should only be positive. I wouldn’t expect to see any acne. Hair loss could happen but that is just something that you have to roll the dice with. For what is worth my hair has been slowly thinning since i was 20 - I am 29 now and first used steriods at 28 and they do not appear to have had any effect on my hairloss. I also know a guy at the gym around my age with great hair and when he is on androgenic compounds it literally falls out in clumps.

Do some research and out a proper cycle plan together.


You won’t get help with sources here


I figured that on the sources. I was leaning toward skipping the tren altogether for first cycle, and just shooting test 300, 2 days per week. That being because of the way it will react with my body. I will get blood work done before a start, and midway through the 8 weeks. I am trying to be very cautious and gain as much knowledge, and GOOD advice as possible.


Caber is likely necessary with anything more than say 200mg/wk of tren or deca, but everyone reacts different. I’d skip the tren first cycle. Add new compounds one at a time so you know how each affect you.

Tren would be the real risk of limp dick here but mitigated with caber. The other potential culprit would be uncontrolled E2, so take an AI starting day one before sides ever occur and adjust as necessary. Your libido can crash with high or low estrogen, but being an AI over-responder is rare and it’s easier to fix low estrogen than high.

Acne is mostly genetic, but also can be minimized by controlling E2 and keeping your skin clean. Some people get it real bad and use low dose Accutane to control it.

Hair loss is also genetic and highly individual.

Take hCG from day one in the ballpark of 250iu EOD or 500iu twice a week. Varying recommendations on this. Just take it, it will make recovery easier and keep your balls from shrinking and possibly aching on cycle.

Opt for a longer, lower dose PCT rather than a shorter tapered style that’s starts with a high dose. 8 weeks on 20mg of Nolvadex or 50mg clomid per day should do the trick. There is a study that shows 20mg of Nolvadex is more effective than 100m of clomid. Recovery is never a guarantee but hCG from day one, AI from day one, and extended PCT, is probably the best way to set yourself up for success.

Hope that helps.


I appreciate these great posts. Sounds like this is the best way to go. I am glad the advice is to take the Test by itself because this is what I felt was right. Never to take more than one chemical injection at a time. I’m anxious to get started, but I’m no idiot. I’m going to get my hands on these other items before I start.


How much Arimidex is recommended from day 1?