29 Y/O Secondary Hypogonadism

This has to be one of the worst things I have dealt with in my life. All the different knowledge and information on it gives me a damn headache. Its like one big mystery.

This has gone on 3 years now. All seemed to start after i got in a car wreck and around that time I tried taking anabolic steroids which I stopped after about two weeks and did not take a pct. (the doctors said this wouldnt have caused the problems)

Ill post my lab work for the last year later on when I get off my 18 hr shift. So that maybe someone can give a better opinion of what I should do.

I have been two 1 urologist & 3 Endocrinologists. Only 1 endocrinologists out of all 4 doctors suggested I get an MRI. The other 3 said it was not necessary based off labs.

I started off taking TRT with the urologists approx. 2.years ago and only took it for about 6 months then I realized I wanted to have my system produce itself asI wanna have kids. This doctor made out like taking TRT was ok and I could always jump start my system later. So I went with it.

After realizing thats not what I wanted to do and wanted to seek another opinion I went to an endo who put me on 25mg a day of clomid. I did that for nearly a year and a half and he said that this drug was safe. It has worked for 1.5 years and only until recently I wasnt getting any benefits from it anymore I upped it to 50mg every other day (did not help any). At this point I dont think clomid is working anymore.

Iv been to two endocrinologists this year.

The first one had me get off of everything for 3 months to see where I was. (made me very depressed) brought my T down to 260s. He then and is the only one who wanted me to get an MRI. Which im considering now.

After him I went to another endocrinologists who just suggested I get back on clomid for at 25mg /day every other day. This doctor did not really seem to care at all.

My thing is of all these things there is so many variables. Testosterone is affected by just about anything. Sleep, weight etc.

I weigh 230 and BMI of 31 so I am wondering if having 70 lbs of fat is one reason for the low testosterone. As well as I work a job where I work on the regular 15 hrs a day at times. (oilfield). I also have a job where I sit mostly in a truck at this point for 15 hrs. I seem less healthy and lower libido every since I gave up the physical jobs.

I know I dont have any data on here I hope to get that on here after my 18 hr shift today.

Only thing i know to maybe do from here is get an MRI and rule out a tumor. and consider hcg/nolvadex therapy to see if I can restart my system or just permantely get on TRT (even tho I want kids) I do the pellets.

All this is like one big f***** up mystery and not one specialists seems to really care except that you keep coming back to dish out more money.

Also I might add that my sperm count was high even after quiting everything for 3 months (recently about 5 months ago.)

I am very sorry to hear about the issues you have going on. With the most recent lab results, and what medications and dosage you were taking at the time I think we can assist in having an informed conversation with a healthcare provider.