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29 Started TRT Today


Just wanted to see what you guys thought about my initial test results. I started the shots today.
Doc didn't really say much about it other than I was low

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Try this one more time.


"Doc didn't really say much about it other than I was low"

Your doc is another low T hack who just sterilized you for life without trying to fix the problem. You have secondary hypogonadism which can be treated with a SERM or HCG.
You're not ready for TRT until you try every other option.

Did your doc mention to you that TRT would sterilize you and shrink your balls to 1/2 size?


So, one shot in and that's it?


you haven't done your homework yet man. At, 29 very possible you have some other issues, read the stickys on lab work. Those are low numbers for sure. Could be all kinds of different causes. While its a decent assumption you maybe secondary there is no way of knowing without the proper labs to verify. Read, read, lab work, get back with us.


Your testosterone and your estradiol definitely need to come up, TRT will definitely do that for you once you get dialed in.

What protocol did your doctor put you on?


Apparently I have not. Trusted the doctor on that one. Could I just continue the TRT until I understand what's going on without it causing any major issues?


I think we've already got a good idea of what's going on. Looks like you're secondary hypogonadal. Your LH value is pretty low. It would be a good idea to have an MRI of your pituitary gland to see what's going on there.

What treatment protocol did your doctor suggest?


I don't even know the dosage. But 1 shot every 7 days and take 1 1mg armidex once a week.


Educating yourself on TRT is very important in order to be successful. Find out the dose of testosterone that he's giving you.

Your estradiol was already very low prior to TRT. What was his reasoning for starting Anastrozole already, and such a high dose?

1mg/wk is high for a starting dose, especially for not even knowing what your E2 level is after starting TRT. Low E2 can be just as bad as elevated E2.

Did he talk to you about hCG?


She felt the estradial levels were too high given my age. She didn't mention anything about hCG.


By the way Thanks to everyone for helping me out.


too high at 14.5? you sure thats what the doc said? this is too low and with that level and 1mg arimidex you will feel like ass. Please man, do this.

  1. Find out what your taking..... Read the protocol for injections on the stickys regarding test dosage, AI, and hcg. But most importantly know why and how these medications work with TRT. if you don't know this, we can't help you, as it will just be one question and thread after another. This will also help you be able to communicate with your doc.

  2. Next, I would not advise stopping the test at this point, based on your current protocol you have no idea what your doing and if you stop cold turkey your going to make this situation even worse as I am sure you have no idea what PCT is.

This is not your fault, you blindly trusted a doc without the proper homework. This can be fixed but you gotta learn it.


No way, your E2 levels are far too low. That wasn't a sensitive E2 test either, so I'm going to guess that your E2 is probably even lower than your value suggests. It's not uncommon for there to be a ~20 points discrepancy between the two tests.

HCG should be part of every TRT protocol. Without it, your testes will likely shrivel up and stop functioning. This can lead to infertility, testicular aches, etc.


Still no answers currently at 200mg/week. I cut out the armidex as it was making me feel like crap. Doctor is still unsure what is causing the secondary hypogonadisim.


The new Doctor advised. Drop Test now and start Clomid, take for three months and retest. Any thoughts?


[quote]jkeith wrote:
The new Doctor advised. Drop Test now and start Clomid, take for three months and retest. Any thoughts? [/quote]

Thats what I just started yesterday. I have a log up if you want to follow along. Anyway, I think trying the clomid is a good idea. Whether it works I don’t know, but hope for the best!


Updated blood work.