29: Low T/High E.

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Brief history: I am 29 yrs old with low drive, lethargic, hard to gain muscle or lose weight and low libido. My doctor who I just met was asking me a source or time when this began. About 4-5 years ago I had a super virus/infection and had fever for 3 days straight. On the third night I had palpitations. After that I went through about a year of every heart test imaginable, depression, dizzyness, anxiety and was on xanex/lunesta etc until I had cardiac ablation. Afterwhich(3.5-4 years ago) the dizzyness started going away and I dropped 35 of the 50 pounds. I stopped all those meds( inderal/lunesta/crestor/xanex)that I was on presurgery. I have felt better with the weight loss but never fully felt like myself since. A few months ago my dr tested my Testerone and it was 199. My estrogen was 113. My thyroid function was within normal range.

I was then sent to a uroligist that put me on Androgel 1.62. I felt so much better right away (energy + mood) but after a few weeks I started getting hot flashes and SUPER DIZZY. I stopped the androgel right away.

I will keep updating this one every once in a while. My main diet log is here. Biotest Supplement Advice - Forums - T Nation

Age : 29
Height 5’9
Weight: 193 after a few weeks of diet.
Waist: 40.5 inches.
Hair: I have fine thin hair. Over the last year I noticed continued hair growth on old man spots like ears, underside of my arms, and random fine hairs on my back.
Fat: I carry fat mostly on my stomach and man boobs. I have super skinny forarms/calfs.
hx: I never get sick, that was really the one bad time.
Drugs: I take lunesta occasionally if I have work the next day. Prilosec, and Zrytec. I only drink socially.
Diets: Never ate great but not poor. Like sweets, but never eat fastfood. V-Dieted for a few weeks here and there but not long term.
Training- Have worked out on and off for 10 years(more off then on). Have worked out for about 2 months consistently now although I have a ton to learn. I don’t think Im an overtrainer though.
Morning Wood- none.

Update: I waited over a month to see a anti aging type of doctor. He is a primary doctor that did a fellowship in antiaging. I was expecting him to suck as my pimary doctor/urologist really didnt know how to take care of this.

He was great and super down to earth. He spent over a half hour with me alone and asked every question imaginable and was thorough. He thinks my test shut down when I was sick 5 years ago and went over ton of diet/herbal changes. He put me on arimidex .5 EOD, and I am following up in a few months. He gave me some goals and wanted me to clean up my diet for a few months before giving me steroids. He had stated he likes to be ahead of the curve and mentioned HCG as a favorite treatment of his.

So I think Im going to be patient as I have a good feeling about this guy. Im hoping to clean up my diet, and lose weight before seeing him again. He stated well take some blood work, and discuss the plan of treatment together before anything starts which I liked.

Well anyone with any suggestions or advice will be appreciated. Ill update this anytime I see him. In the meantime his recommendations involved Paleo, high Vt C, fish oil, mostly organic grassfed meats, High intensity interval training, lifting 5 x 5/heavier weights when possible, and avoiding toxins. He said he would like to see my lose 10 pounds or so before we meet as well.