29, Low T, Full Labs Here

Age 29, low T once again.

On my yearly medical I had my total T tested at 245.

I was retested with a full workup, and my Results are as follows:

total T - 406 (highest my total T has ever been out of 5 tests)
Free T - 77.5

Estradiol 35

Sex binding hormone 22

Fsh - 0.8 (very low, abnormal)
LH - 3.2 (in range but also low)

Would Clomid be good for me?

And should I see an endocrinologist or urologist?

Clomid has a very low success rate, it’s a waste on time for most. Do to your low SHBG you’ll need no less than two injections per week with EOD the better option. My SHBG was similar to yours and TRT will decrease it further, smaller injections are better for low SHBG guys. Your going to need an AI to control your E2 otherwise you’ll end up converting a lot of your T into E2 which could make you feel worse than now.

Doctors often fail to understand that these labs values are a snapshot of a small window in time, your T can be higher one day a super low the next, the important thing here is are your levels consistently low. The only way to know is run labs more often which you have done, most would come in at 400 and doctors would say you are fine without looking further.

What are the lab ranges?

I think with your young age and your LH being low normal, its worth a try with clomid. not more than 25mg EOD. If LH increases while on clomid and your T goes up a good amount, you can confirm you have secondary hypogonadism. Though Low t symptoms may not always improve while on clomid even though T goes up. you need to try to find out.
As far as which dr. which ever knows about male hormones and prescribes testosterone.