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29 Gauge Insulin Needles Enough?

On several accounts Bill Roberts has mentioned that he recommends 29 gauge 1/2 inch insulin needles for injections. I have a few questions about this. First, are they large enough to allow oil-based injectables through? How about others such as winstrol? Secondly, is 1/2 inch sufficient to distribute the injection deep enough into the muscle? Third, where are the best places for this type of injection? The deltoid? It just seems to me that 1/2 inch is too small for injections into the quad or the glute. Many suggest a 1 inch 23 gauge for the quad and 1 1/2 inch 23 gauge for the glute? Is this overkill? Really needing some help on this one!

Well, hey, don’t know if I should reply,
since backing myself up makes little sense
if found questionable the first time, but yes,
29 gauge is completely sufficent to deliver
an oil solution when the syringe is an
insulin needle type syringe, and can also
generally deliver Winstrol suspension. A
quality product like Zambon delivers very
easily… lesser quality products may require
you to use a trick. Namely, you’re going
to load the insulin needle, in this case,
from the back, using say a 23 gauge or better
a 25 gauge. Draw the suspension into the
larger needle, then expel it forcefully back
into the ampule, and repeat a few times.
This breaks up clumps. Now load into the
insulin needle.

And yes, of course the needle is long enough
for the quads, unless you are really fat,
but the glutes are awkward for self injection
with an oil solution. The needle would be
long enough provided you are not too fat.
There is no particular reason to want to
inject into the glutes however.

The deltoids are not that great a choice because there are so many blood vessels that
no matter how careful you are, you’re likely
to nick one (no long term problem, it will
seal up right away) which generates an unsightly bruise.

I personally prefer biceps
and quads.

Most people prefer loading an oil solution
from the back, as described above, but
I personally prefer aspirating using the
insulin syringe only. Just pull back to the
100 IU mark or a little past, turn upside
down and let the oil run down to the plunger,
then lay down on its side on a table and
allow to fill while you go do something else
(friction holds the plunger in place and
the solution continues to draw.)

The exception to this is where a vial has
a hard rubber stopper that blunts needles
too badly. When this happens, it is better
to load from the back.

Yes, I know Duchaine said all this was impossible with an oil solution and published
that in mm2k… problem is, he was only
speaking in “theory” based on what he extrapolated “ought” to be the case based
on how difficult 25 gauge needles are to use,
and he was simply wrong. If he had ever tried
it he would have known better.

The secret is, the small plunger area of
the insulin needle gives you a force advantage
hydraulically that lets you get away with the
smaller needle. You don’t have to press much
if any harder with a 29 gauge than you would
with a 25, for this reason.

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Bill: I need some clarification here. When I
do a cycle I was planning on using 23 guage
1" in the glutes and quads. The only size
needles I have access are 23 guage in 1" and
1&1/2" and the 29 guage insulin needles. My
understanding is that the advantage of using
the 29 guage would be that it would cause less
scar tissue than the 23 guage - is that
correct? Also it seems to me that it is going
to take an awefully long time to either draw
or inject using a 29 guage vs a 23 guage. Of
course you want to inject slowly anyway to
reduce the pain, but still it seems like it
would take quite a while. Also, I’m surprised
that you recomend injecting biceps. It seems
to me that you can’t deliver much volume to
the bis vs the quads or glutes. Basically, let
me just see if I understand your
recomendations: you recomend injecting into
quads and bis, but not glutes (why not?). And
you recomend using 29 guage needles instead of
23 guage needles (why? accessibility? less
pain? less scar tissue?) Finally, do the 29
guage insulin needles come any longer than
1/2"? I’m thinking that 1/2" would be fine for
quads or bis, but would not be adequate for
glutes. So if I were to do glute injections I
would need a 1" needle. Are the 29 guage
availabele in 1"? (BTW - any reasons why I
couldn’t use 29 guage needles with primobolan
or sustanon?) Thanks much.

Bill, I was by no means questioning you or your recommendation. If you took it this way, I apologize.

So, it is not possible that by using the 1/2 inch needle that the injection will not be deep enough (provided that one is lean) in the quad? I am familiar with insulin needles but do not have one readily available; how many cc’s can they hold? Would it be practical to use the 29 gauge for distributing 1000mg of primo on day one of my cycle (many injections), or in this case would it be better to go with something else? I am definitely going to use them for the administration of the winstrol.

As always I thank you for educating us on this and if you have any more to add to this please do.

I used this method.
Simple and no pain at all. (quad)
Kind of fun actually…


I personally have not used insulin needles in this fashion. I’ve never seen any over 1/2 inch either. Currently I am using 25g 1.5 inch 3cc B&D Luer-Locks and 22g 1 inch needles to draw. You can’t even feel the needle. Injecting 3cc’s of Sustanon takes approximately 5 minutes this way. I don’t believe Bill meant that you should not inject into the glutes, just that it is not the only place or that it should be favored over other sites. I do remember hearing of a study about injection sites and how they pertain to peak concentration levels. The glute injection showed a faster rise in peak blood concentration levels of the drug in comparison to the thigh, but I don’t think that it would make a big difference.

I, like Free Extropian, am wondering whether or not 29 gauge insulin needles come any longer than 1/2 inch? Does anyone else have experience using them in the manner that Mr. Roberts described? How about bicep injections? What does eveyone else use for their injections?

I have heard that there is such a thing as
a 1 inch 29 gauge needle but it certainly is
not common. I’ve never seen one.

As for injecting 10 one mL injections to get
10 mL on day 1 vs. say four 2.5 mL injections,
it’s a matter of personal preference. Some
love doing all those biceps injections (or
other favorite bodypart) for the effect the
oil itself (I think it is the oil) has on
the local muscle size. Others don’t want
to take that much time and would rather do
four larger injections.