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#29 1/2" 0.5ml Insulin Syringe for Sub-c Injections?

I understand that #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes are suggested for sub-c injections.
My question is WHY are 0.5ml syrninges better than 1.0ml syringes?
Is it becuase the 0.5ml syringes load easier because of the pressures created by that size?
Or is there some other reason?

I use 1.0ml syringes and they DO take awhile to load, but it can be done.

The 1ml syringe has a larger diameter than the .5ml, thus it has more surface area within the syringe. Depressing the plunger against a wider surface area creates a pressure imbalance as the existing vacuum (near the top of the plunger) exerts downward pressure onto the liquid. As such the force required to dispel the liquid must be higher than it would be in a smaller syringe.

I’m joking. I have no idea why most guys use .5ml instead of 1ml. I’m sure there’s an actual reason, I just have never heard it.

The reason has to do with needle size, poking holes in your muscles over decades will cause scar tissue in muscles and to minimize we use insulin syringes. It beats those 18 gauge syringes clueless doctor provided.

Thanks SL, but I’m askng about the size of the “BARREL” (.5ml vs 1ml). I’m guessing it’s a pressure thing for ease of loading.

I did here easier to load because of pressure

It is about the hydraulic pressure created.

The ‘vacuum’ developed and loading speed is not affected.