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28M/175lbs/6'1 Hopefully Getting Serious about Lifting

I’m not a big forum guy, but since it seems like there is a wealth of mature knowledge here(compared to other websites/forums) I’m thinking what the hell, might as well throw it out there for some criticism.

A little background: Lifted from 18-23 not really knowing what I was doing. Went from 155lbs to 175lbs. Legs were heavily neglected, as well as proper back/core exercises. Started lifting again at age 26, but again not very well. Decided to go back to school for engineering at age 25 and have been working too much while going to school - my “excuse” for not being committed.

Why it’s different now: I’ve decided to discontinue working while continuing school and instead rely on student loans/grants. This opens up a whole lot of time as well as mental capacity. This is the first time I haven’t worked since starting working.

Goals: Get strong. I don’t have an exact weight goal, I just want to fill out my lanky-ass frame and look biggish/fit. I also ride dirtbikes as a hobby so endurance is important. I’m trying to get as close to my goals as possible by my 30th birthday, 1.5 years away. Pretty sure I did something to a disc in my lower back when trying to deadlift with horrible form a couple years ago. It has since gotten much better, but it’s something I keep in mind when lifting.

I’ve picked up the Starting Strength (3rd edition) book and have read about 85% of it. I will be re-reading a lot of it as needed. As for programming, I will likely follow the book until I feel it isn’t working for me, or if logically persuaded otherwise. I eat fairly healthy and a good amount but haven’t been tracking my calories. Will get into this in another post as nutrition is a big interest of mine (taking the class this semester as well).

I should probably take some before pics, I know you guys are dying to see some pale-ass skinny-fat white-boy with his shirt off. Anyways- I’ll be using this thread as a log, motivation to keep progressing, and a place to bounce nutrition-related ideas off of. Today was the official first workout, although I’m not following the program precisely yet as I am still working on form and my spotter is out sick. Program will get stricter as my form improves.

Low bar squat- warm up with bar 2x5, 90lbs 3x5 (arms flexibility sucks)
Bench press- warm up with bar 2x10, 90lbs 3x8, 2x6 (no spotter-could have done more)
Incline press- " ", 90lbs 3x8 (“no spotter”)

Quick workout, but planning for 5 days a week starting slowly to get form down. Will have my spotter read the book as well to help keep form in check.

And to start my discussion of nutrition: {1-1.5 cup cooked quinoa, 3T Hemp seeds, 4 eggs, 1lb ground turkey, 1/2 cup sharp cheese, 1 cup finely chopped broccoli, 1.5cup salsa, big splash of hot sauce- All cooked in pan together to make a fiesta gumbo style dish. Topped with a big Avocado. This is my go-to gainer meal. Let me know what you think.

Why are you changing the program?

Get a log started in the actual Training Log Section.

No good reason I guess. I probably should stick to it. I was planning on starting a log in the designated section once I get the routine down in a couple weeks. I went ahead and did Workout B(squat/bench press/deadlift) first since it happened to be a Wednesday and I was trying to keep in order. The deadlift areas were polluted with people so I just substituted incline press instead(I know not related exercise). I fully plan on doing deadlift tomorrow (workout A- squat/OHP/deadlift) and will be going at a less busy time.

Just start a log today. Stop stopping yourself.

Don’t do it - its like REALLY HARD work getting strong.

No honestly well done.

I’ll not dish out too much advice. But I will give you 4 words. “Starting Strength” & “Mark Ripptoe”.

It might not be for you. But its worth a look.

Stick to the program as written. Move on to Texas method after 8-10 weeks/first stall.

If you want to lift 5 days a week prob best pick a different strategy like a Thibadeau program