285 lbs Raw Bench at 163

Hey guys this is my new PR for the bench, 285 lbs. I weigh 163 lbs. Thanks to some of the members I decided to give a try Joe De Franco’s ws4sb and my bench went from 260 to 285 in less than 12 weeks. I feel I could have pushed 290 but I went for 300 3 times and failed. the second one was close… my goal is to hit 315 by the end of December. My other lifts have gone up as well. I will post my workouts tomorrow. They change every two weeks.

Here’s my second failed attempt at 300 lbs…

Hey Nice work… looks like wsfsb hit the nail on the head.
Looking rugged and nice lifts.


[quote]tap_u_out wrote:
Here’s my second failed attempt at 300 lbs…[/quote]

Damn - you’da had that if you hadn’t been benching flat backed. You missed by just the amount an arch in the back would’ve taken off the range of motion.

Good hard work, that.

Nice lift. Suicide grip huh. Wonder if she can lift that off your chest when you drop it…She probably won’t be able to hear you screaming over the music on her headphones.

I believe she can spot me. She can deadlift 195 @ a BW of 105. I also think she had the music off (I hope lol).

Nice lift! Especially for your weight. Sure you’ll be hitting 300 in no time then 315.


Good lift! We bench about the same, but I’m 50 lbs. heavier. Also, Meat uses thumbless grip. Nuff said.

damn can you say hardass

Thanks for the encouragement! It seems ws4sb works wonders if you’re an athlete and want to get stronger. I’m tempted to get the 5/3/1 e-book. Wendler’s system could be interesting to try, but first I gotta get my hamstring healed up. I have a tear, which happened while doing sprints… ughh… I tried deadlifting and pulled 345 fairly easily today but then got scared when trying to go over 350… sucks!

That 300 is yours for the taking.

Work on your setup and leg drive.

Nice lifts.


Damn good lift. The 300 is already there. The pale one hit it right on the head. After that, a 326, double bodyweight bench is definitely doable .

Well 315 is definitely the goal to reach by the end of December, after that 326 would be really sweet! I really thank all you guys for the support. Any thoughts on the 5/3/1?

Kmcnyc got me hooked on ws4sb, thanks bro! It’s something I can tweak all the time and gives you room for athletic performance training. Awesome! My GF is also doing it and she’s had greater than average results!

Good job man! Keep up the good work!

Just curious, what do your other lifts look like?

[quote]tap_u_out wrote:
Well 315 is definitely the goal to reach by the end of December, after that 326 would be really sweet! I really thank all you guys for the support. Any thoughts on the 5/3/1?[/quote]

531 rocks, you should give it a try. I am on my fourth wave and don’t see changing programs anytime soon. I have made steady progress on it.

My other lifts are:
Deadlift: 345
Squat: 295
Seated military press: 175

I don’t have the genetics for big leg work but I work very hard at it. I know the lifts are not big yet since starting the ws4sb the numbers have gone up dramatically. I’m happy with that.
My goals are:
Bench: 315
Squat: 350
Deadlift: 405
Mil press: 225

I must add that I feel I could’ve deadlifted over 350 yesterday, but I have a pulled hamstring.


you are very welcome.
glad it wsfsb worked out I think its great for athletes or even beginners

we are similar Im weighing just about 10 -15 pounds more hovering around 176, im shorter and carrying a little more fat- similar in the sports backround- Im 37 big college wrestler and Judo- basically I am retired.

What funny is then we are somewhat opposites lifting, my bench/oh press are quite weak, but my squat and dead are almost respectable. two weeks ago I squated 405 to a box, pulled 435 but benched 255 go figue :slight_smile:

your squat/deadlift numbers will come- to what ever you want them too with time/reps etc
obviously its not about work ethic at all. :slight_smile: You are a strong dude.

I just wrapped up 4 months of Eric Cressesy Maximum strength its very similiar to the defranco
I picked it for the ammount of shoulder health and the integration of mobility work I need.
The defranco program is very solid for active athletes- leaves plenty of room for adaptation
and loans itself to other skill/conditioning work. MS is 4 days with allot of unilateral work,
and a high volume of squatting- some kind of swuat 2x a week. 4 one month phases with built in deloads.

531 is really good too, lots of people are having great results- I have been following along- and reading the 531 thread in which wendler takes lots of questoins- how to balance wih other work, O-lifts etc.
Its 3 days instead of 4
I am really thinking of 531, but need to work on my shoulder/neck issues first.