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28 Years Old, Opinions Appreciated

Hey guys, just looking for some feedback

-age: 28
-height: 6’0"
-waist: 34"
-weight: 215
-Facial hair comes in fine, some hair on chest and upper traps…not much hair up top.

  • I have begun carrying fat in my midsection and chest
    -Rx and OTC drugs: briefly on propecia 10 years ago
    -Diet is very controlled. I follow a paleo-ish diet and do not shy away from healthy fats. I am careful about my carb choices but do not avoid them at all.
  • Physical training was pretty intense for several years but has dropped off significantly. My cardio has taken a shit and my strength has been diminishing. I am still muscular but it is fading. I still train regularly, but much less intensely.
    -testes ache, ever, with a fever? I had a fever within the past few months and my testicles ached horribly.
    -Morning wood is non-existent for the past few years. Erection quality is not great. Sex drive has crashed.

Other symptoms: I have been battling the notorious brain fog for several years at this point. I have issues concentrating and am less resistant to stress overall. Zero history of drug use. I rarely drink. I feel fatigued no matter how much rest and recovery I get.

Labs so far:
TSH: .83

Quest Diagnostics Total/Free Test:
Total: 949 ng/dL Ref range: 250-1100 ng/dL
Free: 105.3 pg/mL Ref range: 35.0-155.0 pg/mL
(I thought this reference range seemed rather small compared to others)

SHBG: 74.9 nmol/L Ref Range: 16.5-55.9

I’ve read this forum extensively on SHBG and think that it may be a big factor in all of this. I know that it is artificially inflating my TT.
I am getting full lab work tomorrow and am scheduled to see an endo and urologist. I just want to make sure I’m not barking up the wrong tree. Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks.

Shbg is in the liver. Need more labs. Complete metabolic panel (CMP). Lipids. CBC. Thyroid-freet3 freet4 reverse t3 tsh

High SHBG is the problem, FT is 12.6 ng/dL = 1.33 % and 2-3 percent is normal. Most doctors would take on look at your TT and assume you’re fine for the fact you’re in normal ranges, these ranges have nothing to do with health and happiness. Pituitary gland is attempting to compensate for overly high SHBG by pumping out more testosterone in order to normalize FT, now testicles aching. If LH is at the higher end testicles are working overtime.

You require extensive labs to find the cause.

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Thank you. Will update with labs

More than likely you are experiencing some form of Post Finasteride Sydrome.

People that take it either have inflated E2 or SHBG readings and it takes a long time to recover.

Any other meds or supplements? Keto raises SHBG also.

Zero other meds or supplements. I have heard of post-finasteride issues, but I did not have any sides that caused me to get off of it. This began occurring roughly 2-3 years ago.

Yup, sounds about right. Finasteride changes things at the DNA level (from what I have read) and can cause problems, years later, and for years to come.