28 Years Old, ED Issues

Haven’t used iodized salt for at least 8-9 years so if it’s as simple as using iodized salt that would be amazing (guessing my mom used it in her cooking me going off to college). I read the sticky here: Thyroid Basics Explained so maybe iodized salt will only be enough to tread water but at the very least it will allow me observe a difference. I didn’t see too much on selenium in that sticky aside from mentioning it’s needed to prevent iodine issues. How would I go about supplementing it? (Source/amount?)

I will post my temps as soon as i pick up the thermometer today

I do bruise easily (my bruises tend to spread… not painful but very noticeable) even the area where they took blood for the test is a deep purple now… this may be completely unrelated but is it relevant?