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28 Year Old Seeking Help

Age 28 years
Height 170 cms
Weight 120 pounds trouble in gaining weight. I add only small amount lean muscle mass while on training.
Waist 29 inch
Body and facial hair : hairy legs, average beard and regrow well in 1 week. Chest hair not much but visible.
Fat: lean and tonned body fat percent will be very low, abs are permanent.
Health conditions: no known health conditions.
Rx Otc drugs: used 5-6 years back for short duration.
Diet: Pure vegeterian diet . Additonally I take omega 3 capsules.
Exercise: On average 4 times a week. Each day 45 minutes session only.

I have basic information of endocrinology and not new to this forum.

Today I got my labs after a gap of almost 1 year.
Total T 717.86 ng/dl (241- 827)
Free T 22.80 pg/ml (8-50)
E2 31.8 pg/ml < 39.8
Lh 3.59 miu/l
Fsh 3.41 miu/l

Lipid profile

Cholestrol 177 mg/dl ( 130- 240)
Triglyecrides 66 mg/dl (65- 165)
Hdl 38 mg/dl (>35)
Non- hdl 139 mg/dl 130 -150
Ldl 126 mg/dl upto 130
Vldl 13 mg/dl
Cholesteol/hdl ratio 4.66
Ldl/hdl 3.32

My TSH has been in range of 2.5 to 4 in past 3 years and sometimes my feet are very cold even in summer. My doctor says these are normal levels and do not treat. I know it should be around 1.

What should be next course of action . Please give insight about my T profile.

This is your 8th topic. Not checking old topics, but have we covered this ground before?

HDL might be better with more B vitamins which your diet can easily lack.

TSH=2.5-4 is a problem.
You need to be using iodized salt and/or supplementing in a multi-vit that lists iodine and selenium. Selenium is very important in this situation.

I have never seen a report of a doc asking about iodine. He will not treat, but you can.

Eval overall thyroid function via last paragraph in this post.

E2 is too high, getting closer to E2=22pg/ml should improve LH/FSH, lower SHBG, lowering SHBG+T and increasing FT. You can try 0.5mg anastrozole per week in divided doses. Your doc probably is uninterested.

A high potency B-complex multi-vit with trace elements including 150-180mcg iodine and 150-200mcg selenium would address multiple issues. Most men do not need added iron and should avoid vitamins that list iron. Can you post your CBC?

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Today I got anastrozole produced by local pharma company in my country. Arimidex is very costly . I can not ask for bloodwork again , lab do not do in short period of time. So would you advise me to still go for anastrozole without any blood work .
what time of day it is most effective?
what are the chances it would address my issues.
If I am hypothyroid why I am not overweight and find it difficult to gain weight even after eating more than enough calories??

Some guys [me] simply cannot gain weight - and my wife gets mad about me eating anything I want.

Arimidex is a brand name for anastrozole, you have the right drug.
Try 1/4mg twice a week and observe how you may feel different after a week. If you feel crashed, stop for 5 days and restart with 1/8mg twice a week.

After a while with lower E2, SHBG will decrease and FT should increase and perhaps TT will too.

Please consider my comments re B vitamins, iodine and selenium. You might find all in a multi-vit. Some aspects of the effects deficiencies of these might be contributing to your lower T levels.

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I am starting with 1/8 mg twice a week and see how I feel and will post my experience accordingly.
Today I am taking dosage after dinner but have doubt at what time of day it is most effective??? In night time T production takes place so with this idea in mind I am taking after dinner.

From work with females it was determined that anastrozole is very bio-available and time of day or meals did not seem to be a factor *, suggest empty stomach and a bed time routine may suit you.

  • Any effects of decreased absorption with food would be hard to detect because of the long half-life.
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This time I have already taken after dinner next time will take empty stomach.Thanks so much for quick response.
You rocks ksman

How are those T levels a problem?

You could get E2 tested and then based on that calculate a corrected AI dose. If you have E2=30 and target is 22, new dose = old dose X 30/22

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Please consider my comments re B vitamins, iodine and selenium. You might find all in a multi-vit. Some aspects of the effects deficiencies of these might be contributing to your lower T levels.

Your thyroid function is very critical to energy/vitality, libido and mood.
Why are you ignoring this issue.

Your diet may be part of this problem.

I will include a good multivitamin and then see how things workout. Anastrozole certainly has lifted my mood and I am more energetic and focused on work in office as well as home. Now trying to increase protein intake since I am vegetarian it is hard part for me and I do not want to have whey protein powder also since it is not inspected properly and can be adulterated with steroids. So eggs plus good multivitamin with iodine and selenium.

That is funny when most here are injecting testosterone.

Your own E2 is certainly hugely more of a factor than any hormones in milk could be. Any BST [growth hormone] in milk would be denatured in the drying and processing.

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How is my lipid profile and I have decided to take control of thyroid since all my doctors are ignoring it.
What dosage should I start??