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28 Y/O with Low-Normal Range Testastorone

Hello forum! I’m here for advice on the best way to treat my low testastorone and would really appreciate your advise. I have been having low t symptons for as long as I can remember, in high school I was that fat kid everyone picked up.

Thankfully, through extremely hard work and eating perfectly, I was able to lose weight in college. I’m now 28, in alright shape, but not great (I’m 5’8 and 170lbs and my maxes are 200 bench, 225 squat 365 deadlift).

I have been tracking my testastorone for the past 3 years, taking all the natural supplements you can think of it. My total has been 400 to 500 and free 10 to 14 for past several years. My main issue is lack of energy, not very good recovery after training, as well as mild depression and mild social anxiety. Also, very hard to lose fat and gain muscle, my diet and training has to be absolutely perfect. No libido problems though.

I visited a well-respected endocrinologist and he suggested the following HRT protocol:

Mon: hCG shot (forgot amount - said very low dose)
Tue: hCG shot
Wed. 80ml Testosterone Cypionate
Thurs: Arimidex half tablet

I would like to know your thoughts on this protocol for an otherwise healthy 28 year old. Technically, my levels are still in the normal range, so I guess I’m wandering if it’s worth it to start with the possibility of having to do HRT for life. Do you think this will really help me raise my energy levels and improve recovery? And overall better feeling?

before anyone can give you decent insight you will need to post your bloodwork. WITH RANGES.

Read the stickies.

Without seeing your labs, Personally, I would say not to do anything if you are between 400-500. 500 is a decent number. I would not open the TRT can of worms if you don’t absolutely have too. I jumped on the TRT wagon at 28 without doing any of my own research. I truly wish I had not. Good on you for researching before jumping in.

What happens when you start TRT, get 3 months in and still feel like shit? Then what??? Maybe your own natural production will only recover to say levels of 300. Worse off than before you started if TRT doesn’t make you feel better.

The protocol makes no sense. Why HCG back to back days? Why T only once per week? Why only 1 dose of adex per week?

This protocol would make most feel worse than you do now. The stickies lay out a good protocol for you.

Start reading advice for new guys. Get your labs and post with lab ranges.

LH/FSH - should have been done before TRT, otherwise too late

Low-T can be a result of a number of things.

Have you been using iodized salt for years? Many here have not and have low thyroid function which has many symptoms in common with low-T.

What was the reference range for your free T?

Assuming that these are Labcorp values, I honestly don’t think that TRT is indicated here. You’re not hypogonadal, so this would just be an attempt to fix some issues that may not even be related to your testosterone. What happens if you start treatment and don’t feel any better? Then you’re in a really shitty situation.

If you did decide to do it, I’d leave the Anastrozole out of the protocol.