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28 Y/O, No Libido and High Ferritin


No info on cirvumin. Maybe it helps maintain normal levels longer, but I don’t think it’ll alleviate anybody from having to have phlebotomy done every few months. I just don’t see how it could remove the amount of Iron that needs to be taken away from your bloodstream.
I don’t think the ferritin has anything to do with any of your other symptoms. Although, like I said before…when you have hemochromatosis, your body stores extra Iron instead of excreting it. One of the main places it stores Iron is in your your testicles. So maybe it is having an indirect effect on those things by causing other problems. Something worth checking out.


I stand corrected actually my temperature was around 36 degrees Celsius. I just took my temperature again with the same thermometer as I did last summer when I was checking and the last recording on it was 36 degrees. I took it now at 3:15 pm and it was 36.5. I did use some iodine last summer to see if it would bring temperatures up and it had no effect. Keep in mind it is a cheap thermometer from the drive store.

My TSH was taken one time during all my blood work and it was 1.25. It’s in one of those picture of my blood work.

My testicles have never changed sized from clomid or hcg administration. At one point I ran low dose clomid with an AI for around 8 weeks or so. I used the protocol in the sticky. This particular time was not right after a cycle, rather just trying to feel better.

I’ve cut out most heavy iron foods for the most part, cereals, pasta, and red meat mostly. And have been donating blood when I can. I need to get new labs done but my ferritin should be in the high 100s at this point.



That is one thing my doctor suggested is excess iron will get stored in the testes and possibly the pituitary. Did you have high iron saturation % and high iron on top of high ferritin?


I honestly don’t know. My doctor basically said iron IS ferritin. I never was told of any iron saturation %. We only concentrated on getting my ferritin down, which I’m assuming brought everything else down with it.


Ferritin can also be an acute marker for inflammation so ferritin alone isn’t enough to say you have hemochromatosis. Sometimes elevated ferritin can just be a result of a different issue. It is however the shuttle for iron so elevated ferritin will still store iron in parts of your body that it shouldn’t not even if iron and saturation are not too high. This is my understanding from my research anyways.


Yes my testicles are what I would consider rather small. And do not change size with clomid. I have had my sperm checked a few years back and was told everything looked fine.

Just read over the restart sticky again. @KSman do you think it might be worth while for me to get my ferritin around 100 and then give a restart a try as outlined in the sticky. I’m sure my doc would prescribe me the hcg and give blood work done through. I won’t be able to get into the endo for a few months it sounds like anyways. Plus I read some reviews on her and they are mostly terrible :-1:t2:


Bump @KSman


Bump. Anyone think I should look into my thyroid more? TSH was 1.25 when it was checked, and last summer morning temps were 36 degrees celicus in the morning and 36.5 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. I could check them again because that was over 6 months ago when I was checking them. Can clenbuterol damage your thyroid?


Those temperatures are no good, your peak temperature is my morning temperature.

Check fT3, rT3, fT4 and antibodies. Suspect rT3 is elevated which can prevent fT3 from entering your cells. Also check cortisol levels. Clenbuterol won’t directly affect your thyroid, but it will impact your metabolism and you will experience a rebound post usage.


If rT3 is elevated is there a way to bring it down?


Read the sticky. That is adrenal fatigue and you will want to read Wilson’s book.

You have fT4–>rT3 and need to lower T4 by taking a time release T3, to depress TSH and lower T4 production while then tackling life changes.

We like to see ferritin at 80 to support proper T4–>T3 conversion.


Could my high ferritin be causing some thyroid issues then? And if I bring it down they may straighten them selves out? Looking at the blood work available in Canada (there is a picture in my original post) I don’t see rT3 and rT4 as options. I’m not sure if I can do private blood work in Canada or not I’ll have to look into that. I don’t think I have adrenal fatigue based on how it feel and how my lifestyle is. I get a good amount of sleep most nights, eat healthy fats, and a decent amount of carbs and I don’t over train myself, although I used to a couple years back. I do drink a lot of coffee but that is because I love coffee and not because I need it to get through the day.


Seems as though testing rT3 where I live is next to impossible. Would having fT3 and fT4 help to see what’s going on? With my TSH at 1.25 should I try IR and monitor body temps again?


doing a little research on Ferritin and Thyroid. It seems as though high ferritin could cause issues with the Thyroid, and vise versa.

can someone give their thoughts on this article please?

also this abstract is suggesting that high ferritin could elevate rt3.

Extensive data from animal and human studies indicate that iron deficiency impairs thyroid metabolism. The aim of this study was to determine thyroid hormone status in iron-deficient adolescent girls. By stepwise random sampling from among all public high schools for girls in Lar and its vicinity in southern Iran, 103 out of 431 iron deficient subjects were selected. Urine and serum samples were collected and assayed for urinary iodine and serum ferritin, iron, total iron binding capacity (TIBC), thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), thyroxine (T4), triiodothyronine (T3), free thyroid hormones (fT4 and fT3), triiodothyronine resin uptake (T3RU), reverse triiodothyronine (rT3), selenium and albumin concentrations. Hematological indices for iron status confirmed that all subjects were iron-deficient. There was a significant correlation between T4 and ferritin (r = 0.52, P < 0.001) and between TSH and ferritin (r = -0.3, P < 0.05). Subjects with low serum ferritin had a higher ratio of T3/T4 (r = -0.42, P < 0.01). Using stepwise regression analysis, only ferritin contributed significantly to the rT3 concentration (r = -0.35, P < 0.01). The results indicate that the degree of iron deficiency may affect thyroid hormone status in iron-deficient adolescent girls

my body temperatures have not been improving at all with IR and infact this morning my waking temperature was 35.8C.

What im trying to figure out is what is causing what, do i tackle the high ferritin first because that is causing thyroid issues. Or are thyroid issues causing high ferritin?


Endo office called me to book my first appointment, on July 4th… I guess that’s what free health care gets you.

The more I read the more I find correlation with ferritin and thyroid. This morning my oral temperature was 35.2 celcius.

I think I will continue to donate blood and get my ferritin closer to 100 and keep it there and see if that helps anything, though I don’t know if the ferritin is causing thyroid problems or thyroid problems are causing high ferritin. From the extract in my previous post it seems more logical that high ferritin is causing high rT3.

Not sure if correcting both of those things will help my libido at all or even my test levels? Or if I should maybe still look at TRT. And if I did look at TRT still would it be best to try clomid therapy or just test injections?

Unfortunately I have to wait 4 months just to see the endo and she has horrible reviews online so I’m sure it will be just a waste of time. If guys on here think o should try TRT I may just go back to my doctor and tell him what I need and the blood work that will need to be montitored.

KSman is Here

KSman was here


My appointment to see an endo has now been pushed to the second week of August. I’ve made the decision to put myself on a protocol from now until a few weeks before that appointment so I can feel better in the mean time. I would like to know peoples opinion weather I should do clomid monotherapy or just use testosterone. I’ll be able to get a few draws of blood work during this time but won’t be able to do a lot to really dial it in. I’m doing this just so I have more energy, mental clarity, and libido.

Side note, continuing to donate blood trying to get ferritin down to around 100. And hoping that helps also.


@systemlord thoughts on my above post? Leaning towards just doing test injections until I can get into my endo


Just saw the local endo. She was nice enough and listened to what I had to say and my concerns but said with my levels being in range was not willing to take the complicated risks of doing trt treatment. For quick reference my last 3 test levels were, 10,12,9 (not in that order) with the range being 8-23. She says because I am able to retain some muscle mass and have facial and body hair and a kid on the way she doesn’t see why I’d need treatment. I’m not sure how I feel about this, I feel better on 150mg a week of test C then when my levels are low like that. I’ve been running 150mg test C all summer (which is probably why she thinks I retain a lot of muscle mass) although I didn’t tell her I am on. She wants me to do one more lab test and if everything comes back okay then she won’t bother calling, so I either need to figure out when my test levels will be similar to the previous ones once my 75mg shot dicipates that low or just don’t bother doing the labs at all. Problem will be my LH and FSH will be next to nothing for quite some time. Not sure how to proceed at this moment and I gues I’m looking for some advise from you guys here. If I continue on my own I go about it blind. Also my wife doesn’t know I’ve been running test this summer and wasn’t fond of the idea of me going on trt anyways, so I’ll also have to figure that out.


Lots of men have low testosterone and still have facial and body hair, when I see these statements I just roll the eyes. When I was diagnosed with low testosterone (Total T 120, ranges 348-1198) I had facial and body hair, doctors need to quit making these bonehead statements.

You should straight up tell your doctor you’re on TRT and if she doesn’t like it, well that’s her problem. Surely your wife has seen improvement since you’ve been on TRT.

How is the libido now?