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28 Y/O, No Libido and High Ferritin


Hi guys, I hope I’m posting this In the right place. I’m hoping to get a little help on what to do next to get my libido back. I haven’t had much of a libido for a couple years now and don’t get morning erections or random erections throughout the day. I’ll start with a little history. (please don’t flame me) I used to live a pretty fast paced life when I was younger, lots of drinking and steroid cycles and some drugs. I’ve smoked marijuana for many years and used to smoke cigarettes when I drank. I calmed down around the age of 23, don’t do drugs, don’t smoke cigarettes but still smoke weed and drink occasionally. However I’ve since stopped all that now as I really need to figure out my libido. I never ran hcg with my cycles as I didn’t bother to do my own research on the matter and only went off the advise from a “friend”. After the last cycle I did I couldn’t get my libido going for anything. I tried several restarts and even did the “power pct” which looking back probably wasn’t a great idea. I got fed up enough that I went to the doctor with low libido and fatigue issues, told him about my steroid use and everything else so he ran some test. He found that I have high ferritin (over 600 and top of the range is 300) and low normal testosterone. I began to donate blood and the ferritin has dropped and my fatigue has went away but my libido is still gone. I am not at optimal ferritin levels yet though. My doctor like most doesn’t know a whole lot about what I’m going through but admits it and is willing to learn and work with me. I also tried the clomid restart program outlined on this site but it has not brought my libido back either. Interestingly enough I did the clomid during some blood work as i wanted to see if my body would respond at all or if I had done some permanent damage. To my surprise my test LH and FSH all went up a decent amount, but came back down to the low end of normal after. I don’t have any of the lab results in front of me at the moment to post the numbers so I apologize, I’m just frustrated and don’t know what direction to go. I should also note that I read here about possible thyroid issues so I took my temperature 2 times a day for a week and my temp was almost bang on 37 degrees each reading.

I’m going to get more blood work done later this week to see where things are at, I’ve attached a picture of what labs are available to me and you can see what is checked off. I live in Canada and as far as I know these are the only labs I can get so some of the recommended labs are not on there. I realize no one can help me that much without the previous numbers so I will try dig those up and add them in here, or at the very least get my doctor to print them off when I go in early next week.

Sorry for the long story. I guess what I’m wondering is does anyone have expierence with high ferritin? Could that be the issue with my libido? I got a DNA test for hemochromatosis and it came back very unlikely that I have it. I’m worried that maybe my liver has been a little damaged from my younger years although the doc said the number came back fine and my liver isn’t fatty.

-I’m 28 years old
-Ive been lifting since I was 18, I lift 5 times a week
-I have no problem adding on muscle (maybe muscle memory?)
-I’m 5 feet 10 inches tall 195 lbs with about 13% body fat (guessing)
-I play hockey atleast once a week in the winter and softball atleast once a week in the summer as well as golf in the summer. -I also hunt in the fall which is a lot of hiking.
-I eat good and clean for the most part but don’t shy away from pizza every now and then.
-I have tons of hair, good facial hair, and lots of body hair.
-I don’t have brain fog, Or excessive fatigue
-I sleep pretty good, although I have a very busy mind so sometimes it keeps me up

Daily supplements ;
5000 iu vitamin D
4000mg omega 3
9mg boron
ZMA before bed

I’ve also used every “natural libido booster” vitamin and mineral in existence with no luck at all.

Thanx in advance.


Testicles are likely damaged from cycling without HCG, we see it a lot here. Without labs there’s not much that can be said without guessing. Your location really sucks for TRT, the protocols can be worse than the cure because nothing about TRT is written for doctors to follow and doctors often follow their own flawed logic.


I think my doctor would likely play along with proper TRT if I can show him logical points and maybe even direct him to this site. The last cycle I did was test E 400mg a week with an AI as needed and didn’t find my libido to improve much of anything. Now maybe dialing everything in with a doctor would put everything where it needs to be and fix the problem, this is why I’m wondering if my high ferritin is still messing with my libido. My testicles could be fried but would my body not respond to clomid if they were?
Thank you for your reply.


That is a giant amount of test.

edit: nm…I see that this was an AAS cycle and not through your doc but I dont know how much AI would be needed with that amount of Test. Do you recall what AI you were taking and how much?
Did you have your E2 tested during this cycle or just by feeling?


Clomid is used to jump start undamaged testicles, if yours are damaged Clomid will do nothing.


I was just going by how I felt. I was using airmidex, .25mg if I started to get a little swollen and bloated.


How often? Im just curious.


Yes, and the clomid did bringing my test, LH, and FSH up a significant amount. I have the before and after blood work on these number but I will have to dig it up tonight when I’m home from work. My thought is my hormones would not respond at all for they were totally damaged. After I stopped the clomid and had blood work again my levels were back down. Making me think something else is still suppressing me, possibly the high ferritin.


3 times a week until I felt it was under control then I stopped. I didn’t use it throughout as I was going off feeling only and didn’t want to crash my estrogen.


Your pituitary just won’t maintain good enough LH on it’s own without Clomid, sounds like a weak pituitary gland.


Possibly from high ferritin storing iron in my pituitary? Or from being shut down numerous lengthy times. Or both.


Update attached is the blood work I’ve had done with my doctor since going in about low libido and some fatigue. I still have very low libido with no morning erections or spontanious erections ever. The fatigue is better.

Question - my ferritin dropped alot after one blood donation. I think this isn’t a very good thing? As I’ve read it’s suppose to drop slowly over time. The time when my testosterone went up to 19 is when I took a little clomid to see if my body would even respond.

Does it look to you that my libido issue could be due to high ferritin? Or could it be hpta damage? I generally feel great all the time other then not having a libido.

There is alot of paper work to go over here so thank you for taking the time to read it and give your input.


Can anyone give some input? Should I give trt a try? Or do my levels not look bad enough?


Your testosterone levels are terrible, I’d be recommending treatment at 15 nmol/L.


Is 100mg a week standard for someone’s my age? Or does it go off way the blood work shows once things are getting dialed in? I’ll get some blood work done again early next week and head back to have a chat with him about it. He has no issue having me try trt, so I’ll just need to let him know about hcg and an AI


Also do you know anything about the estosterone pills? I can’t remember what they are called, but I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some people say they are garbage some say they are okay. I think they are 40mg and have fatty acids in them for absorption.


Forget about testosterone pills and is the worst option possible! Dosage has nothing to do with body weight or age. State Healthcare Systems will not pay for HCG unless you were trying to get your wife pregnant, once pregnant they will stop prescribing HCG, you would need to go private for it.


Thanx for your input. I’ve got no problem with pinning, and will give subq injections a try. I live in Canada so coverage is no problem for me. I’ll just have to booked next labs then go see my doctor and let him know I want to give it a try.


Have a doctors appointment in the morning tomorrow, going to talk to him about going on TRT for a few months to see if it will help any. I would appreciate some others input if this is a good idea or not based on my blood work.
Thank you @systemlord for your input already, greatly appreciated.


You will likely see very little change over a few months. Maybe libido a bit.