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28 y/o Male, Low Libido, Blood Test Came Back


28 year old male. Suffered with long periods of low sex drive/erectile dysfunction on/off for the last 10 years.

In the same period Iâ??ve had big digestive issues (like not having normal bowel movements at all). After years and years of struggling with this I found out a few years ago that I can not tolerate any kind of grains. That is wheat, oats, rye, brown rice or anything else. I was tested for celiac disease etc. but I donâ??t suffer from this apparently. I seem to tolerate wheat better than oats etc., the problems seems to be with something from the whole grain.

After I finally figured this out I switched to a diet of just meat, fruits and vegetables which made all my digestive problems go away immediately, but it also meant low carb diet. This made my low sex drive problems worse, and after some experimenting I found out that I tolerate white rice and sweet potatoes fine, so I added a lot of those to the diet, which made things better.

I had a full coloncopy done and they found nothing wrong at all - however this was after a few years of not eating grains so things might have healed up because of my change of diet. Besides this they found a cavernous hemangioma in the front left part of my brain. I doesnâ??t seems to grow or give symptoms so it will go untreated for now (their decision).

A few times a month I get a mild migraine with blurred vision following. Doctor says it's unrelated to the brain thing as the vision is on the right side of the brain.

I have not eaten iodized salt for the last 10 years, but started this a few months ago. Morning temperature is fine (around 97.7) as long as I get lot of carbohydrates in my diet, it gets lower if I donâ??t).

My mood is great (always very happy), I function good at work. Sleep is good as long as I get my carbs in, if not I will wake up all the time.

My problem at hand is still my sex drive/sexual functioning in general. It seems like if I STUFF myself with food (to the degree of gaining weight) fast my sex drive/function is very good. But as soon as I lower it in order not to gain more weight and become fat it will quickly become worse to the point of not having any interest in girls or feeling the need to masturbate. When on a diet to loose a bit of fat my sex drive/function completely vanishes to the point of feeling like my penis is completely dead/nonexistent. I am not on any kind of medication or t-replacement.

I lift weights 2-4 times a week, and besides this I make sure to walk at least 10.000 steps a day just for general health. I currently carry around 13% of body fat.

I had some blood work done and the results came back as follows:

Glukose (fra HbA1c):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - 5,0 mmol/L (ref: 5,4-7,3)

Hemoglobin A1c (IFCC);Hb(B) - 29 mmol/mol (ref: 31-44)

17-Hydroxyprogesteron;P - 1,61 nmol/L (ref: <8,00)

Androstendion;P - 2,64 nmol/L (ref: 1,70-6,90)

Dehydroepiandrosteronsulf.[DHEAS]:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - 7490 nmol/L (ref: 3000-12000)

Prolaktin;P - 140 10E-3 IU/L (ref: 40-400)

Sexual Hormone Binding globulin;P - 45 nmol/L (ref: 10-57)

Testosteron free;P - 0,3000 nmol/L (ref: 0,2400-0,6900)

Testosteron;P - 14,5 nmol/L (ref: 10,3-27,4)

Thyrotropin [TSH]:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - 2,6 10E-3 IU/L (ref: 0,20-5,0)

Hemoglobin A1c;Hb(B) - 4,8% (ref: 5,0-6,2)

I have no idea on how to interpret these numbers. Could somebody please give it a look? The only thing I can see is that my hemoglobin is low and out of range. I had some other blood work done 7 months ago and my hemoglobin was also low/out of range at that point. Doctor didnâ??t mention anything about it. I have not talked to my doctor yet about these results yet.

Thank you in advance!


Hemoglobin A1c is not hemoglobin

Need CBC -complete blood count for that.

T is mid range.

Labs that are needed:

Read the advice for new guys sticky and note the first paragraph.

  • need more info about you

Waking body temperatures may be OK. But also need 37C/98.6F mid-afternoon.

Do you get cold easily? Dry skin?

Other labs that you can post.

SHBG seems a bit elevated.

Read the thyroid basics sticky.