28 Y/O Low T Symptoms, Labs. Opinions Wanted

Hello, I am 28 Y/O, 5"8, 150 Lbs

I have been having symptoms of low T or could it be something else? a little over a year ago when I started seeing my GP we did some blood tests over the year. He then referred my to a urologist with who I have a follow up appointment next month. The Urologist doesn’t appear like he will be that helpful/or receptive. My GP is pretty young and open minded though.

my symptoms are:

Bad memory
Low to no Libido
weak joints (Knees)
Low motivation
increased diffuse hair loss
Perhaps reduced testicle size, not confirmed
recently some testicular ache

I am in Canada so the units may differ from the US. But my T level of 9.4 nmol/L = 270 ng/dl
Also It was not clear what the testosterone level represents, free or total T does anyone know?

Tests from November 2017

Free Androgen Index: 67.1 Ref >=30
SHBG 14 nmol/L Ref: 10-55
Testosterone 9.4 nmol/L Ref 8-29
*-Note on sheet (total testosterone is reported with Free androgen index, free testosterone
and bio available testosterone)
-Previous results: Testosterone was 10.4 nmol/L (May 2017) and 7.2 nmol/L(Dec
LH: 3 IU/L Ref: 1-9
FSH: 2 IU/L Ref: 1-18
Cholesterol 4.88 mmol/L
HDL: 1.29 mmol/L
LDL Calculated: 3.21 mmol/L Ref 0-3.4

TSH: 3.65 mlU/L Ref 0.2-4 (Note* was above reference range at 4.7 mlU/L (December 2016) and 4.39 mlU/L (May 2017)
Free T3: 5.2 pmol/L Ref 3.5-6.5
Free T4 15.3 pmol/L Ref 10-25 pmol/L
Iodine Plasma: 0.35 umol/L Ref = 0.32 – 0.66
Selenium: 1.83 umol/L ref: 1.29-2.60
Zinc: 15.2 umol/L Ref 8-20
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody: 11.9 klU/L Ref: 0-34 (May 2017)
Thyroglobulin: 13.6 ug/L Ref: 0-50 (May 2017)

Older Labs:

Cortisol: 322 nmol/L (May 2017)
Estradiol: 67 pmol/L Ref: 0-160 (Dec 2016)
Hematocrit: 0.51 L/L Ref: 0.40-0.54 (Dec 2016)
Glucose: 5.9 mmol/L Ref: 3.3-11 (Dec 2016)
Alanine Transaminase: 62 U/L Ref: 1-60 (high?) (Dec 2016)

You need fT3, rT3 and T4. TRT will do nothing for you unless you address your clearly hypothyroidism, your TSH is terrible. Most clueless doctor’s would say your fine. You’re not fine, your TSH is nowhere near optimal and TRT requires that it be optimal for TRT to work. Thyroid references ranges are useless, most in labs in USA are more narrow down to 2.5 being the top of range because beyond that thyroid is a mess.

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I added free T3 and free T4 to the post. What is YAH? Do people who treat hypothyroidism usually get their T levels to normal without TRT?

YAH is my phones auto correction on steroids, I need to reset auto spell check. rT3 looks great but fT4 if im not mistaken should be midrange. I’m assuming thats why you TSH is starting to yell at your thyroid to kick it up a notch. There’s no way TSH that high is normal or optimal.

wondering if I could get your opinion KSman?

You are not producing anything right now LH is in the tank. Your brain isnt getting the signal to make test. As they said focus on the Thyroid and it will in the end help your test. How are your adrenals there is a good chance you have adrenal fatigue,which could be a huge cause of your low test levels.