28 Y/O, Low T, High E2, High SHBG, High LDL, Low DHEA, High Cortisol/ACTH

Hello everyone,

Long time lurker, first time poster (lame, I know). I’ve posted this to a few subreddits as well because I’m trying to amass as much information as possible.

Some assistance would be greatly appreciated. I recently got blood-work because I was feeling like utter crap: moodiness, no libido, central adiposity, low semen volume, difficulty sleeping, strange food sensitivities, and very weird IBS symptoms (bloating, constipation and diarrhea). My prior AAS usage is as follows: (3) 2-week cycles of 100mg/day test p and 30mg methandione. (Bill Roberts’ 2 Week Cycle). I don’t know if I can link here, but a simple google search of “bill roberts 2 week cycle” will bring you to the main article followed by multiple threads. The first 2 Cycles were followed up with clomid for PCT. Last cycle, Letrozole was used for PCT. After each subsequent PCT, I would feel fine for a month, and then begin to experience estrogen-like symptoms (bloat, central adiposity, etc). Little did I know this at the time, so I that’s why I hopped back on.

Doctor is hesitant about putting me on TRT because she said it “causes prostate cancer.” I know, I know. She’s old and told her that that statement is flat-out wrong. She said that GnRH therapy is used in these cases. I currently preside in Israel, so medicine is slightly lagging here. Is my best bet finding a new endo, or seeing if Clomid therapy might help? I would have to order clomid from an online pharmacy because it’s not prescribed for secondary hypogonadism.

Thank you

28 year old male 170 lbs 68.5 inches

222.3 mg/dl - Cholesterol
62 mg/dl - Triglycerides
48 mg/dl - Cholesterol - HDL
162 mg/dl - Cholesterol - LDL (calc)
174 mg/dl - Non-HDL Cholesterol

<70 - Estradiol
2.85 mlU/L - TSH (0.55-4.78)
4.4 pmol/L - T3 - Free (3.5-6.5)
14.3 pmol/L - T4 - Free (10-20)
106.6 mlU/L - Prolactin (45-375)
571 nmol/L - Cortisol-Blood (138-690)
723.1 nmol/24hr - CORTISOL-U FREE 24h

68.1 nmol/L - SHBG (10-57)
2.20 IU/L - LH (1.5-9.3)
2.10 IU/L - FSH (1.4-18.1)
8.20 nmol/L - TESTOSTERONE- TOTAL (8.4-28.7)
0.772 µg/L - GROWTH HORMONE (0-3)

17.30 nmol/L - IGF-1 (12.1-32.5)

903 pmol/L - VITAMIN B12 (no range)
103.0 nmol/L VITAMIN D (25-OH) (75-250)

3.42 µmol/L DHEA SULPHATE (2.17-15.2)
2.70 µIU/ml - INSULIN (3-25)

Your doctor might as well be living on a desert island, testosterone is a natural hormone and doesn’t cause cancer. She is isolated from the medical community, you’ve got a battle ahead of you with the horrible protocols other countries seem to have available. Nebido is garbage, Sustanon is little better while T cypionate or ethanate injected once, twice and EOD being the norm. Your high SHBG will require large weekly injections in order to suppress your high SHBG. Clomid rarely works for anyone. TRT will decrease you high cortisol, kill two birds with one stone.

You’re 100% correct. She is, and I know I need to find a new doctor.

I was reading that HCG/Proviron is sometimes used in these cases, but it doesn’t always ensure that test levels come back.

I know 2x/week injections of Test Cyp/Enanthate is the way to go for TRT, but I don’t want to start self-medicating if I can do it under a doctor’s supervision.

Bump. Does anyone else have other ideas?