28 Y/O Libido and Mood Problems

Hi all, it’s been 3 years that i have been off cycle, have now a great family with a kid. I was feeling that with the time my libido was gone all gone, have mood problems im always mad about everything and have concentration and memory problems. Been to the doc and here are my blood tests results
Shbg 34
Free test 192
Bio available test 3,9
Test 9,4
Tsh 1,79

What do you think and suggest to do with these results?

And by the way i’ll go back to the doc to know what he thinks about that

Labs are useless and impossible to interpret without ranges. Please update.

Tsh range 0,35-4,94
Free test range 223-915
Biodisponible test 4,6-18,9
Test range 10-30

Yes, T is very low. You’ll probably need TRT. Please get some more blood work done and post. LH/FSH, prolactin, fT3, fT4 being the bare minimum. Please read the stickies and give more info about yourself as per the advice for new guys thread. We need to determine the cause of hypogonadism. It could be a brain(pituitary) or a testicular problem.

Well i’ve been on and off cycles for about 2 years , first started on oral and then went to injections, dont remember the dosages, as for oral i did winstrol and turinabol cycles all alone and injections did 2 cycles first one was equipoise test 250 and test prop, second one was test 300 equipoise and winstrol. On oral cycles i took clomid as per pct and injection cycles used hcq with clomid. 1 year after i decided to quit steroids ( 2 years ago) did some blood test, test was at 2 on a 10-32 scale. Doc put me on hcg and clomid twice, my test got back to 12 and 2 years later dropped to 9,4 but feel lower than that and have mood issues memory and concentration issues

Please read these links found here: About the T Replacement Category - #2 by KSman

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • thyroid basics explained - post oral body temperatures as suggested
  • finding a TRT doc

TSH should be closer to 1.0, ignore thyroid ranges
TSH may be elevated from not using iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine+selenium

Just getting on clomid is not a HPTA restart, more needs to be done and considered. Most docs and BB guys get SERM dosing way too high.

When you get new labs, include ranges on the same lines.

Will definitely try the temperature test for the thyroid, cause i look at the symptoms and lots of them are the one i have like aleays feeling cold

Took temperature this morning in bed was 95.6 95.9 and took it right now was 96,3 96,1

Took it 2 times each to be sure

So one can easily have doubts about cheap thermometers. If someone else can hit 98.6 in the afternoon, you can have some greater confidence.

So now you need to determine if temps are low from an iodine deficiency or something else.
Describe your history of using iodized salt and/or vitamins listing iodine+selenium.
Have a deeper look at that sticky.
Note that I have never seen a doctor ask about iodine intake, they simply are blind to this.

Not taking any selenium or iodinw by itself, only salt i use is hymalayan pink salt that’s about it

You have harmed your self by using that salt.

So your wife and child are deficient too. Probably. This can affect the IQ of children.

What dosage of iodine chould i take then cause i have a bottle of liquid iodine

Do you have mg’s per drop or ml?

640mcg per drop

How much should i take

That is 0.64mg per drop.
Try 20 drops. That would be 13mg.

Does dropper have markings that can make dispensing simpler?
Some do not like the taste, pills avoid that.

No dispenser on the dropper
For how long should i take 20 drops a day and how will i know it’s back to normal

We are hoping that this is a simple case of iodine deficiency and that iodine can restore body temperatures. We expect that energy and mood also improve. So you need to monitor body temperatures etc. Might feel something within a week, body temps will be slower. With that dose, may take 3-4 weeks. Does not always work, but is a great first step.

You need to take body temps of others in your family and consider how they will get iodine.

You, and others, should have an identified source of around 200mcg selenium to protect the thyroid at this time.

All right thank you very much