28 Y/O first blood test right before TRT

My first full test before I start TRT (let me know if any units are more commonly used that listed below)

Testosterone (Total): 14.7 nmol/L (this is 424ng/dL, last year I was at 565 ng/dL and this is the only metric that was tested)
SHBG: 33 nmol/L
FAI: 44.5 %
Free Testosterone: 301 pmol/L
FSH: 2.1 IU/L
LH: 1.5 IU/L
Oestradiol: <50 pmol/L

Supposed ranged according to the test
Testosterone (Total): None given (isn’t that interesting?)
SHBG: 15 - 50 nmol/L
FAI: 15 - 100 %
Free Testosterone: 260 - 740 pmol/L
FSH: 1 - 12 IU/L
LH: 0.6 - 12 IU/L
Oestradiol: <160 pmol/L

My takeaways from this:
Lower total test, I need TRT to cure my brain fog
Not sure what to make of SHBG/FAI
Free Testosterone proves I’m low
FSH/LH are low, but I’m not sure to what extent
I’m not sure what the Oestradiol means, the range seems vague

Please let me know if I should read into any of this.

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