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28 Y/O - Blood Work Results

Hi guys,

i would be happy, if you could have a look at my blood work results and my symptoms.
My Endo told me everything is fine and i should not be worried abot my hormones.

Sample taken in morning hours:

LH: 3.62 [0.8 - 7.6] IU/l
FSH: 2.36 [0.7 - 11.1] IU/l
Prolactin: 12.8 [0 - 15] ug/l
Estradiol: 39 [0 - 52] ng/l
Total Testosterone 3.0 [1.6 - 9.0] ug/l
beta-HCG: <1.0 mlU/ml
FAI: 77.1 [15 - 95]
DHEA-S: 503.0 [280 - 640] ul/dl
SHBG: 13.5 [13 - 71] nmol/l
TSH: 1.4 [0.3 - 4.0] mIU/l

-age (28)
-height (6.3ft)
-waist (33)
-weight (190-200)
-describe body and facial hair (light)
-describe where you carry fat and how changed (stomach,ass,pecs)
-health conditions, symptoms:
high blood pressure (untreated 170/100, no organic causes (kidneys, heart etc))
night sweats
gyno (light)
recuced strength/muscle loss
depressed mood
cant concentrate
-Rx and OTC drugs: AT1 antagonists
-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets] (lean meat, veges, complex carbs, rarely fast food)
-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training] (2x/week, big 5, very little gains)
-testes ache, ever, with a fever? (no)
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed (never morning wood or spontanous erections, reduced sex drive)


Additional info:
LDL 118 [0 - 150] mg/dl
HDL 49 [>=35] mg/dl
Iron 92 [59 - 158] ug/dl

E2=39 with low T is a problem and makes you very estrogen dominant. Increased estrogen is expected to reduce T levels. Fix the cause of increased E2 and things may improve. You want to fix the cause if possible.

Do you have CBC and liver ALT/AST lab data? Liver problems can increase E2.

Your hCG was tested. Does doc suspect that you might have testicular cancer?

Post body temperatures: see sticky “Thyroid basics”

TRT can lower BP to some extent.

Post fasting cholesterol and glucose labs.

High E2 and low SHBG is worrying. Concerned with insulin function.


  • high potency fish oil caps
  • high potency B complex multi vits with iodine
  • 100 mg Ubiquinol type CoQ10
  • 1000mg vit-C, 400iu natural source vit-E
  • 5,000 iu Vit-D3 in one small oil cap

Thanks for your answer KSman.

Cancer was not suspected. I guess they just checked everything.

The sample was taken in the morning and as far as i remember i didnt ate breakfast or only very little.

Glucose 95 [74 - 106] mg/dl
Cholesterol 194 [130 - 220] mg/dl

Leukocytes 6.8 [5 - 10] n1000/ul
Erythrocytes 5.26 [4 - 6] n
Haemoglobin 15.9 [14 - 18] g/dl
Haematocrit 44.6 [42 50] %
MCV 84.8 [82 94] fl
MCH 30.2 [27 - 33] pg
MCHC 35.7 [32 36] g/dl
Thrombocytes 259 [150 - 450] n*1000/ul

ASAT 21 [<= 50] U/l
ALAT 22.2 [<= 50] U/l
GGT 41.1 [<= 60] U/l
Triglycerides 136 [74 - 172] mg/dl

I hope these values help?

Im supplementing 1-2 2500ui vitamin D3 softgels and 2*1000mg fishoil (each containing 760mg omega3). Sorry, didnt mention that.

I will try to get a complete thyroid panel and measure my temperature.

I tried different medications to lower my BP, didnt notice any major differences.

You should try an aromatase inhibitor [AI] to reduce E2. Suggest 0.5mg/week in EOD divided doses. For small doses, a liquid product is more useful. Short term Nolvadex SERM would address gyno and it would be useful in demonstrating the the top end of your HPTA can work and also could be part of an HPTA restart attempt. But that would fail if we cannot get E2 managed.

Sometimes bad gut bacterial will transform E2 metabolites from liver bile back into estrogens that are then absorbed. Try a broad spectrum probiotic, should be refrigerated and from a health food store.

Suggested supplements can reduce or reverse endothelial dysfunction. TRT also. Estrogen dominance is associated with endothelial dysfunction. Cholesterol looks great.

Thanks again KSman. I will talk to my endo about an AI. Hopefully the issue can be fixed without TRT.
I will buy the suggested supplements!

Your doc may not understand that “normal” E2=39 really is a problem. With lower amounts of T available for aromatization, this really is abnormal. And E2=39 is a contributor to low T.

Do not forget the thyroid related things.

Mean Temperature (oral, first thing after waking up, avg over 3 days) is 97°F and afternoon temperature is 98.5°F.

new blood work:
TT: 3.7 ng/dl
SHBG: 25.2 [10 - 40] nmol/l (significantly higher than last time)
Estradiol: 42 [<56] pg/ml

Thyroid panel next week.

see my posts of 12/30 and 01/01

E2 is out of control

Temperatures are too low. Not so bad that normal day time temps are not achievable.

Please report your history of using iodized salt and iodine in vitamins. Suspected iodine deficiency. See the advice for new guys sticky.