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28 Y/O 400 T, 118 E. Blood Results Before First Cycle

Was going to start a Sustanon cycle for 12 weeks with arimidex EOD. First cycle, until I saw my pre cycle blood results. Looking for advice if I should continue on or I should focus on lowering my estrogen first?

How do you feel right now? How’s your energy, recovery and libido?

Your E2 (estradiol) is fine so I would be hesitant to use adex. But I’m curious as to the questions above because your total T and free T are low.

Thanks for the responses. My energy is decent, my libido is low but I figured that was a side affect of being married. Just had a son 9 months ago too btw. Lately I’ve had minor depression and can get upset easily over or over dramatic about little stuff.

Would the cycle actually help me out with these numbers once I come off and pct?

It would probably just leave you worse off after being shut down. Something is causing You to have low t. You should be thinking more along the lines of TRT instead of a cycle. What does your SHBG look like?

Trt is a hell of a commitment there might be some other options my suggestion would be to hold off on the cycle and go see an endocrinologist and discuss option on raising your testosterone and free T.

Id also suggest looking into trt yourself so that way you have a good understanding of what it is and the commitment behind it.

A cycle right now could go either way. There are cases where people are actually left with higher levels post cycle then before they started. That’s a rarity tho. Ultimately you will probably feel great on cycle followed by a pretty harsh low post cycle.

I forgot an important question. What’s your height/weight and body fat% right now?

I’m was at 5’9” 170 just under 12% three months ago, I’m a little above 175 now

That is everything I had tested right there.

So it’s safe to say your weight isn’t causing the issues.

If you decide to run the cycle that’s fine but I would suggest having a endo doctors appointment set up for when it’s over. I don’t think running a cycle is going to cure your problems long term.

I appreciate the answers guys, thanks

Edit: I looked at your e2 number but didn’t notice the range used by this lab. As such I thought you were a lot higher than you are. Disregard my comment.

I was in the same boat your in. Married. Having children. Dealing with ed. No morning wood. Ever. Struggling with my goals in the gym. I didnt know why just assumed I was getting older. I was looking into Testosterone and cycles when I was depressed hoping that self medication would help. Got so bad eventually that I had to go see a doctor. Ended up on trt and was a life altering decision. So many symptoms I never associated with low t. Cured within 3 days of starting trt. Greatly increased my quality of life. In retrospect doing a cycle would not have been to bad as long as I knew I was commiting to trt post cycle. Thats the reality your facing now. Option A- run cycle and risk making a bad situation worse. Option B- turn to doctors and risk spinning your wheels and possibly not get anywhere. They might help and you will be happy.


Appreciate the response man

Was in the same boat. Feel much better now. Get your trt set first. Most guys recommend defy. I’m got a new primary who also specializes in men’s health.

Would it be a good idea to try and run only arimidex before I cycle to try and bring down my estrogen levels, and hopefully that would in turn bring up my natural test? Get bloodwork again and then precede?

I believe aromasin is the AI of choice to do that. But again this is why you need to see a endo to discuss options if you would rather avoid the needle.

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