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28 Weeks/Simple Strength Template


I am following a plan outlined in the books right now, and this question is for my next training program.

Would it be productive to use the SST for assistance work during the 28 Weeks of Training outlined in the Beyond book? I know it was said that as long as the main lifts are done correctly the assistance does not matter, but it was said for isolation work and I felt the need to ask about the SST. Also, I am aware that endless questions about assistance work and changing what you already wrote in the first place is annoying & stupid, but since the SST is something that is actually planned in one of the books and not something I came up with, and I personally could’t be sure about it, I just wanted to know your opinion. Anything you say will be done and not asked twice. Thank you in advance.


For the 28 week program, most of the supplemental (not assistance work) is put in - SST is supplemental work, not assistance. Assistance for the 5/3/1 program is very specific: X amount of total reps for each of the three categories, based on what you do for the main lift and supplemental. This is beyond the scope of the question so it doesn’t matter.

This has only been around for about a year so I don’t expect everyone to know that. But that is what assistance is. Supplemental is SST, BBS, BBB, FSL, SSL, etc.

If you wanted to do SST, you would replace the FSL work in the first 6 weeks. You do NOT add onto to it.


Thank you very much for the answer. I have a couple more questions if you don’t mind.

  1. I am asking this because you specified that I should replace the FSL with SST in the “first 6 weeks”. I assume this applies to the remaining part of the 28 weeks? Or can it be used simultaneously with other variations?

  2. I have just checked out the BBS – I didn’t know it before – and I am very intrigued since I love doing low reps for a lot of sets. What I wanted to ask is, if it is possible to program it so that the selected lifts are done 2 times a week, as in BBB. For example, if I choose to use it with Squat & Bench, can I do it like:

Day 1 Squat 5’s Pro
Bench 10 x 5

Day 2 Deadlift 5’s Pro
Press 5’s Pro

Day 3 Bench 5’s Pro
Squat 10 x 5

Day 4 Deadlift 5’s Pro
Press 5’s Pro

  1. What are the 3 categories you mentioned?

  1. No. It does not. It applies to the first six weeks, like I stated. I’m not sure how to make that any more clear.

  2. This is perfect.

  3. Push, pull, core/single leg. I was hesitant to use the word “core” but then realized I don’t give a shit anymore. Hope this helps.


This helps perfectly. Thank you very much.