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28 Weeks of Training Knee Friendly

Hello everyone!

Just starting the 28 weeks of training next week (following the 2/2/2 system) and have a question.
Since my knees are pretty beat up from years of lifting, throwing, partying, sitting on porcelain and whatnot do you think it would be OK to sorta mix 28 weeks of training with 2 days/week, new template idea, so as to get the following:
Week 1 Day 1
Squat 5/3/1 (28 weeks)
Bench 5/3/1 (28 weeks)

Week 1 Day 2
Romanian DL 65%x3, 75% x3, 85%x3 (no rep maxes, perhaps FSL here?)
Press 5/3/1 (28 weeks)

Week 2 Day 1
Squat to box (just above parallel) 65%x3, 75%x3, 85%x3 (no rep maxes, perhaps FSL here?)
Bench 5/3/1 (28 weeks)

Week 2 Day 2
Deadlift 5/3/1 (28 weeks)
Press 5/3/1 (28 weeks)

This will give me 3 week cycles on upper body and 6 week cycles on lower before increasing my TM.
The reason for not just going with 2 days/week, new template and applying the 28 weeks - prefer full body work to upper/lower split.

I’m 46 (22 years lifting) if that matters.

Any help/feedback appreciated


This is fine - if your knees are that bad, I’d recommend box squatting exclusively. It is GREAT for those that have bad knees. Also, you can cut back some back squat/dead volume and replace it with the sled or Prowler (or walking up hills/stairs) with a weight vest. These movements are very “knee friendly”.


Thank you very much Jim for answering this one personally. Most appreciated.

Just to clarify (for someone with similar problems) - they’re not all that bad - just abused / overused, some mild tendonitis, some calcium buildup (and some other fancy names in my mother tongue)… anyway docs tell me to:

  • be careful
  • use ice bags & mobility / roller (which I do)
  • be careful

I use blue Rehbands, sprint hills and do bike sprints & they don’t get worse… so all in all it’s nothing really severe. I don’t push prowler / sled, 'coz they’re not really available in here… But I push my car every now and then.

Thank you again for your reply, your books & your no BS approach.