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28, Please Guide Me Through My First Blood Test Results

Hi all, just had a blood test done and have my results. I’ve only recently started looking into all this, despite being involved in health/fitness since school. I’ve read through a lot of the stickies but it’s a lot to take in so any expert feedback is much appreciated.

Age: 28
Height: 188cm
Waist: 81cm/32"
Weight: 86kg/190lb (12-15% BF)

Body and facial hair: Low to average body hair, can grow facial hair easily, full head of thick hair
Where you carry fat: Quite lean due to diet/training - only visible fat covering abs, can add either fat or muscle fairly easily but stay in good shape consistently.
Health conditions, symptoms: Good-Very good physical health. I get quite stressed regularly (work!) and am agitated easily, mild depression/mood swings, low energy at times, anxiety, low libido for my age (I think so anyway)
Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever: No

Lab results with ranges:
FSH: 3.61IU/L (1.5-12.4)
TT: 540ng/dl (219-906)
FT: 11ng/dl (9-29)
E2: 64.58pmol/L (44.-156.0)
SHBG: 38.31 (16-55)
TSH: 1.72 (0.270-4.200)
FREE Thyroxine: 15.97 (12-22.000)
DHEA Sulphate: 4.890umol/L (0.440-13.400)
ALBUMIN: 42.4g/L (34-50)
CORTISOL: 289.77nmol/l (133-537)
VIT B2: 451.8pg/ml (191-663)
25 oh VIT D: 114.4nmol/L (50-200)
MAGNESIUM: 0.94mmol/L (0.6-1.00)
CHOLESTEROL: 4.2mmol/L (0-4.99)
HDL 1.58mmol/L (0.9-1.5)
LDL: 2.34mmol/L (0-3)
(Generally all red blood readings were top of the range, white was low or even below range with neutrophils and monocytes)

Diet: Mostly very good, 200-250g protein/day, med-high fat/carbs - Average 3000-3500 cals/day. Carbs are oats, sweet potato, rice, fruit/veg (very little bread/pasta/wheat). Lots of varied fruit/veg every day. 3/4 litres water, probably too much coffee - 6 cups/day.

Supplements per day: ZMA supplement (30mg zinc,450mg mag, 10.5mg vit b6), vit D3 62.5ug, quality fish oil (530mg EPA, 90mg DHA, 140mg Other Om3FA)

Training: 3 full body weight sessions/wk, mostly compounds - pullups, bench, squats. 1 or 2 med-high intensity cardio sessions - running, squash or boxing
Testes ache, ever, with a fever?: No
Morning wood and nocturnal erections changed: All good :slight_smile:

Testes seem to change a lot in size throughout the day if that means anything!

Why did you have bloodwork done? You don’t seem to have the symptoms of T deficiency. Your tests look pretty normal.

I had it done as I don’t feel I am performing to my full potential. I have ambition but little drive to action sometimes. Other factors that have become part of my day to day life:

Brain fog - concentration at work or in social situations can be very poor. My mind feels slow, not sharp.
Social withdrawl - little interest in seeing friends/family or at times talking to anyone. I am finding myself preferring to sit alone all week despite having a decent social circle
Irritability/anger - the smallest things are pissing me off on a daily basis. I am always on edge or sometimes feel I am looking for something to be mad about
Sex drive - has never been strong, I am ok with sex once a week or when stressed can go without it completely

I don’t feel any of this is normal for a seemingly physically healthy 28 year old guy. So basically I have not been looking into my test/blood levels for any physical reasons - it is all the mental aspect.

I read online about effects of low T and brain fog, lethargy, anxiety and this lead me to have a blood test done and then here. Like everyone I am just looking for a happier life.

I realise most of my results are average to good but thought my low free test levels would indicate something is wrong? Here is my full report:

Your free T is not optimal but I doubt you’ll find a doc to put you on TRT with these numbers. How is your lifestyle? Do you train in any way?

Your free T is low sure, but you should probably retest to see if that changes. The blood test is more of a snapshot for that. Your other levels look all normal. Those symptoms can be caused by stress alone. Of course, I think there are two types of folks on here and nothing to be ashamed about. I think people should be more honest. Type 1, need TRT for medical reasons. Type 2, want TRT to be a peak physical specimen. If you want it for number 2, just be aware of the consequences. Do you want kids in the future since you are young? TRT doesn’t necessarily take that way… but it could.

Thank you both for your feedback. I agree about the 2 types of people, those who need TRT and those who want it. All we can do is go off how we feel and factor in the blood results. Kids in the future is too much of a big decision for me right now, so not a yes or no. Given the option of feeling like shit daily or feeling great I would however take the risk. (I realise this is not a magic bullet to happiness but I have read quite a few stories where people said they felt like a different person after starting TRT etc.)

As you say it could be all stress related, which I am under a lot of - although mostly self inflicted! This is something I am slowly working to reduce. I also sleep very poorly - I usually have a couple days of perfect 8 hours sleep followed by days of terrible 4/5 hours sleep and it has been this way ever since school. I’m going to try and address this first, as well as a few small diet alterations like less sugar/dairy.

I will give this new regime a go, have some new tests done in a few months time and re-assess. If you can think of anything else I can do/not do I’d appreciate it.

equalo212 - I agree, I won’t find a doctor - it would be a self prescribed TRT. I suppose my lifestyle is good - work hard, play hard but do not usually drink more than once a week and no drugs. Usually have a regular girl and can/do travel often. Training is usually 3 x full body weight sessions per week and 1 or 2 cardio, works for me and I enjoy it.

Final note: One thing that I have seen a few times on here is guys getting asked if they get cold easily/have low body temp - I am the opposite, always always hot, sometimes like I am overheating. Even in cold UK winters I use a fan and thin duvet every night, out of interest can this relate to anything else health wise?

Getting hot could be hormonal issues such as high estrogen. I don’t think TRT is going to give you much better of any feel good feeling. You will likely experience a boost in energy, but I doubt at your current levels that it will elevate you mood much.

  • what was hematocrit?

DHEA-S is low for your age. Can you get OTC DHEA 25mg where you are?
Low DHEA-S and stress may hook into adrenal fatigue. See thyroid basics.

-TSH would be better near 1.0

  • have you been supporting thyroid function with iodized salt?
  • fT4 is below mid range
  • fT3 is a good lab to have as it is the active thyroid hormone, T4 is a reservoir for fT4–>fT3
  • check oral body temperatures as per the thyroid sticky. Temperatures can be more informative than labs
  • you may be running on caffeine and adrenalin, compensating for suboptimal thyroid function
  • we see strong patterns here suggesting that thyroid problems lead to secondary hypogonadism.
  • low thyroid function slows down every cell and organ in your body, takes away energy, libido and can cause/contribute to mood/depression problems.



Thanks KSman, I appreciate your help. Here are my full red blood readings:

HAEMOGLOBIN (G/L) 154 g/L (130.000 -170.000)
HCT 0.442 (0.370 -0.500)
RED CELL COUNT 5.07 x10^12/L (4.400 -5.800)
MCV 87 fl (80.000 -99.000)
MCH 30.3 pg (26.000 -33.500)
MCHC (G/L) 348 g/L (300.000 -350.000)
RDW 13.8 (11.500 -15.000)

I can buy 25mg DHEA online so will get started on that.

I have not been using iodized salt, is it ok to use a supplement like iodine-kelp tablets instead?

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I had a T3 lab done, will get that checked as part of my next set of tests.

I read through the Thyroid sticky, you will be pleased to know you don’t have to ask me 3 times for a body temp reading - I just bought a thermometer and tested right now (6pm) and my reading is 97.7 I can re-test in the morning upon waking if necessary

Thanks again!

Kelp 0.5mg 500mcg 500ug would be OK for a maintenance dose and slow recovery.
Please also get iodine+selenium in a multi-vit that lists other trace elements. Men normally should not use vitamins that list iron.

You blood count numbers are consistent with lower T status.

Try to get tests for fT3, fT4 - these are the active hormones. fT3 is really what gets the job done.

Feeling over heated does not rule out lower body temperatures.

Just an update guys, still experiencing negative effects of what seems like low T:

  • Still have very low libido and despite that I said before, I am having occasional problems with ED and using low dose of viagra every now and then (shouldn’t have to do this at 28 years old!)
  • Fatigued daily, not that I can’t get out of bed but it is a struggle! Although I am very active I feel I have low energy and my recovery time is poor.
  • Mentally some days I feel great, others I feel shit (probably 60/40 in favour of bad days). ‘Brain fog’, get pissed off at small things, social withdrawl, etc.

From the advice I was given last time I have added a few supplements to my diet - this is what I have daily:

ZMA supplement (30mg zinc), Vit D3 62.5ug, Quality fish oil, Quality Multi-vit (Includes 80ug Selenium, 2mg copper, no iron), DHEA 25mg, 225mcg Kelp Iodine

My diet and training plan is very good as mentioned in original post.

I feel my quality of life is suffering and am seriously considering starting self presribed TRT (2 x 50mg test cyp/week, AI, HCG) soon.

I will have a new blood test done before, the online service I use has the majority of tests done by ‘finger prick’ instead of taking blood from the vein - is a finger prick sample enough to give accurate readings?