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28, Failed Clomid Restart. Low SHBG


Did a dumbass Prohormone cycle at 18 with no PCT that fucked my shit up. Tried clomid restart after being diagnosed hypogonadism@ 25 y.o. Felt a LITTLE better but didn’t do much and crashed sex drive for some reason. Now at 28 have chance to go on TRT, don’t want kids but worried-confused cuz my Free Test is in a good range, but total T is Low, e2 is high, no morning wood and sex drive is low rn.

Labs here in reverse chronological order (sorry.) any advice? should I just hop on TRT?


Did you try to decrease clomid dosage even more . I see u did 12.5 EOD. Maybe try 3x week. You may want to try novaldex instead - people report less side affects.

I say this cause u responded well except for libido. But lowering dose or trying novaldex may help.

Why dhea-s so high? Shbg low.
You checked your glucose, a1c or liver enzymes?. I think you should. Liver enzymes may be elevated.

I think u need to investigate further before choosing how to proceed. Great free t numbers, low total t , probably because low shbg. With that low shbg ur estrogen is high I believe causing you the symptoms. I would def do a metabolic panel that includes liver function.
Something not right.

Any medications you take?

From WebMD. Unless u taking dhea supps.
A high level of DHEA-S could mean you might have:

  • Adrenal cancer or tumors
  • Cushing’s disease, which can cause fat on the back of the neck and on the belly, full face, skin bruising, and excess hair growth
  • Adrenal hyperplasia, a condition that makes your adrenal gland overactive


Hey Charlie,

Thanks so much for the in depth answer. The High DHEA also threw me for a loop. I think I’m probably gonna see an Endicrinologist and get some more blood work done before even thinking about TRT. That sounds like the safest option right? I’m also on Adderall and Wellbutrin daily BUT have always had elevated DHEA even before taking these Meds


Yes seeing an endo is great. It’s ok for you to tell dr what to include in his blood order. You need to be your own advocate.

Total t
Free t
Am cortisol
Lipid panel
Complete metabolic panel ( this includes liver and kidney)
Iron panel
Estradiol sensitive
Igf 1
Free t3
Free t3
Reverse t3


Thanks man. As to your previous question, I tried all sorts of dosing/spacing shit on Clomid. It improved my numbers but not really the way I felt and I always seemed to have erectile dysfunction on it.

Last q: Do you think I could just get these Tests done from discounted labs or something?


This is true for just about everyone, doctors must try other methods before giving young men TRT which is a lifelong commitment. My personal option, Clomid is a big waste of time, extremely tiny chance of success.

Low SHBG and adrenal glands are over producing DEHA. Any TRT protocol should stress every day injections do to low SHBG, or you’re not going to feel good.


So you think the adrenals are just compensating for low t? Also, I’ve heard stories of people coming off TRT but I respect the commitment regardless, which is why I’m gonna explore alternatives first


Also, every day injects??? Damn. Maybe I could try and raise SHBG because that sounds like hell


SHBG isn’t something you have control over, you have to play it where it is, the only thing that could affect SHBG is low Free T3 and or high Reverse T3. People who have hypothyroidism have their SHBG lower.



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