28 days

Anybody seen this movie?

My brother saw it, and he’s raving at how good it was. It’s about a virus that kills everyone on Earth. It’s a pretty scary movie - I know Im gonna go see it.

Any reviews?


On 28days review check out my thread “What are the best movies this year so far.”

I think a lot of people liked it although I can’t comment on it because I haven’t seen it yet.

I’m dying to see it, but alas, no one to see it with as of yet.

I am a big zombie movie buff, so basically opening night I am there hoping to see a future cult classic like George A. Romero’s night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, and day of the dead. It started ok even though they’re not zombies, they’re just infected humans. My problem with that is that zombies our the undead trying to eat the living. However these english zombies our just infected with “rage” so basically they should attack anything including eachother, but they don’t kill eachother. Moving on the story gets very predictable and they meet up with english soldiers. Of course it has been around 5 weeks yet they want to either have sex with the women our have babies I am not sure which one they wanted for sure but they did talk about survival. However for them to survive they should just walk around england and just shoot them our run em over in a tank. Of course only the soldiers survived too with the gun control laws in england, serves them right. About the soldiers wanting to have sex with the women if that was there motive I assume real soldiers can go with out sex for at least a couple months besides the one girl was probably only 16. Besides that these soldiers have one of these creatures on a chain in a courtyard with a door wide open, but that chain is zombie proof yea right. So there at a military base with a zombie they keep for research can anybody say Day of the Dead rip off. I will just say that in that situation they should have worried about the zombies instead they kill eachother. Another thing you’re infected in 10-20 seconds, again yea right ebola takes a couple hours. Well to finish this up I left very upset. I don’t what I should’ve have expected from England, they suck at movies and this was probably the best in years from the little island. Now that I think of it I wouldn’t mind if this actually happened to the english.

Gonna have to chop in on this one as I’m proud that it’s a great British movie!

The film is well class and even made me jump, which takes a lot of work (though the scence i jumped at wasn’t scary, lets just say car by itself in london!)

Having lived in the london, it uses the city to it’s best and the storyline is easy to follow and fun to watch.

In short go and see it and I do believe that there will be a different version released one day where the ending is changed!

Only sad part is that my birth place of manchester is shown burnt down (more than usual!)


It?s a good film, and I thought it was well made and enjoyable.

One important point though, the movie is called, ?28 Days Later,? and not, ?28 Days.? This is important because ?28 Days,? is a movie where Sandra Bullock goes to rehab after ruining her sisters wedding.

Sabu if you’re this critical of all movies, you better stick to dramas and romantic comedies, so you don’t get into anything unrealistic at all.

There are some plot holes, but it’s still a good film. Don’t think on it too hard and you’ll enjoy it. It reminded me a lot of an Austrialian film from the '80’s called “The Quiet Earth” in which practically everyone in the world seemed to have disappeared after a botched military experiment. I think the funniest story about 28 Days Later is that when they didn’t have permits to film in a particular area, they hired strippers to keep the drivers entertained and from driving through the shots.