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28 Days of Perfect Nutrition


I recently decided to increase my athleticism by rededicating myself to my workouts and nutrition.I'm going back to school to play basketball. 28 days perfect nutrition. 6 meals a day. Lean meats fruits and vegetables ONLY. Water to drink. My workout day stared at 4:00 am with sprints and basketball drills. My afternoon was lifting and more drills. Lifting consisted of 4 lifts plus body weight isometric squats.

1 arm standing military press- 1 rep max 105
bent over row 1 rep max- 255lbs strict form
chin up 1 rep max wide grip- 120 lbs
dip 1 rep max - 135 lbs
longest iso 3:55
starting weight 217lbs
end weight 204 lbs
vert. no step start 30
vert. no step end 32.5
What do you guys think?






before about 217


You desperately need some back width.


Youre upper chest, biceps, and entire back are lagging.

But you don't lift to look like a bodybuilder so what was the point of this.

Hot or Not can be found on a different website.

And I still don't understand why people include before pictures...


You do look alot like Chris Rock though. :slightly_smiling:


Funnily enough, you look better in the before pic (probably just the angle, since you only lost 14 pounds so you likely lost only fat and water)


Nice job man

I gave you a 10 because a build similar to yours is what I aiming for and because you seen to have achieved your goal of more athleticism.

right now I have the back width you desperately need in tribunaldude's opinion and it sucks.

Also on a side note , I think we should renane Rate my Physique to "Rate my Physique according to My (the posters) Goals".


good job.

not sure why people are bagging on you, you look better than most of the people who post on this site, especially this section.

keep up the hard work.


yea seriously, whats with all the hating?

anyways..good job and keep it up!




Maybe it's me, but I don't know why you stopped the bulk when you did - you looked a lot better. Also - really try to focus on your back a more, it's lagging.

4 - Because I factor in size and mass.

Good job anyway, keep at it.


Wtf? If i remember correctly this is a body building website, so shouldn't people rate physiques accordingly?? Like BONEZ217 already stated, Hot or Not can be found elsewhere.


You wasted all those key strokes when a simple "I don't know what I'm talking about" would have sufficed.


I'll assume you were referring to my post.

First of all I did not 'bag him'.

My point was that the OP is a basketball player, who is interested in getting better at basketball. That is a completely legitimate goal and I hope he succeeds. That is why I said what I did. What is the point of giving a rating to someone who doesn't lift with the criteria of this forum in mind.


the manner of his workouts shouldnt even be a consideration. the only thing that matters is how his physique looks. if someone gets ripped and muscular by doing a bodybuilder workout, by doing pushups and jumping jacks, or by flipping tires, what difference does it make? so what if his goal is to be a better basketball player? we're supposed to rate the physique, not the workout routine.

are you saying if lebron james posted here, you would give him no rating (or a bad rating) because he doesnt train for bodybuilding?


Nice job OP on increasing the vert. Looking ripped. You set a goal and accomplished it. Time for another bulk. I think you need another 20lb tho, it's hard for us tall guys to fill out. Keep up the good work.


I actually disagree with bones on this, he does have a good physique, in some aspects. Well I think he deserves more of a 5 then what he's got. Also, he may be training for basketball, but from the lifts he posted bodybuilding is obviously also on his mind. I've played football, soccer, hockey, tennis, lacrosse, badminton and basketball and everytime I trained for that sport at the time I was doing it, not one of those times was I not wanting to look better from a bodybuilding standpoint. So while he trains for basketball, I'm sure bodybuilding is also on his mind, like it is with almost all people who go to the gym.


If the OP hadn't posted the before pic my opinion would probably be different. The fact that he cut weight, to his current state, is not conducive to bodybuilding goals. If the OP is trying to get bigger than he made a mistake by cutting weight. If he is not trying to get bigger than I really don't know what to say.

OP I gave you a 5, for the record.