27yr old New To TRT

27yr old
Father of 2 boys 1yr old and 3yr old.

Hi I wanted to give a little back story first. My name is John, I’m 27, married and have 2 sons.
4 yrs ago my father passed away and I went through extreme tough times, Depression and so on. Before he passed away I was about 195 lbs which I know was still not optimal but I didn’t have a belly and I have a wide frame. I felt good I was athletic played basketball 4 days a week for 3+ hours a day. When my father passed I slowly lost my zest for life.

When he passed my wife was 3 months pregnant and I put on a smiley face and pretended to be ok…over the next year I gained about 70 lbs and was up to like 265 developed sleep apnea which caused so many energy level and concentration problems.

I began having trouble keeping a job because of extreme fatigue, the sleep apnea really is what got the ball rolling on my health problems. During all this time I had High Blood pressure.

Fast forward to January of this year I begin feeling really dehydrated and have extreme thirst and wake up every 15 min to a half hour when sleeping to urinate. I power through a case of water bottles a day for 3 days and still cant figure out what the problem is.

While at my mothers house she recommends I check my blood sugar, which I agree to do.
To my surprise the glucose meter wont even read my blood at the level it was. I go to the ER and the Blood work comes back and my blood sugar is 880. The Dr told me I was very lucky I came in because with all the water I took in (3 cases in 3 days) My sodium level was dangerously low nearing water intoxication levels. I weighed in at 390 lb at this point. It takes 4 days to get my blood sugar down and I am sent home with 2 different insulins and 2 different pills for diabetes.

At this point it was kind of a wake up call. I got home and watched everything I ate but it was still a struggle because of my constant fatigue and mental fogginess. I would fall asleep sitting straight up, sometimes during a conversation. Mine and my wife’s marriage has suffered especially at this low point. Today I am 360 lbs, have lost 30 lbs since that hospitalization.
But my continuing battle is for energy.

So I went to the Dr last week, and a bit of good news I am only on 1 pill for diabetes and am off all insulin now. Small battle won. During that Bloodwork however I found out that I have low Testosterone … It was 164 I believe and I am 27 years old. Also my vitamin D level
was also very low which I have started taking a vitamin for. Also started sub-lingual b12.

So anyways 164 for my testosterone level… The doctor prescribed testim, insurance wouldn’t cover it, cant afford 400 dollars out of pocked. She prescribed Test Cyp Injections, 200 dollars cant afford it since I have been off of work and have absolutely no motivation and dont seem to care about anything.

The Dr wanted to put me on test cyp 150mg every 3 weeks, yeah like thats gonna even help.
So I found a site in the UK that was reviewed on eroids and ordered test cyp 10ml 250mg/ml.
and Arimidex 1mg tabs. I planned on taking .4ml 2x weekly for a total of 200mg Sub Q weekly.

I have not received the order yet but it should be here any day, Any tips? I just want to feel better. Its like I have aged 20 yrs in the past 4 yrs. I just want to have energy to do things with my sons. Also I want to get healthy enough to be able to keep a job and take care of my family.
i Wake up every morning feeling like crap, I doze off all day long. I have absolutely no motivation and the simplest tasks seem overwhelming. Mine and my wife’s sex life has suffered. I experience extremely low lobido and ED problems. It takes forever to get hard and once I do I’m ready to “finish” already. My mind is always foggy now, I cant concentrate. Its horrible…

Sorry for being long winded, just wanted to cover all the bases.

Do any of you guys relate with any of my symptoms? Do you think TRT will help them?

Do you have any tips for me?

Considering I have to pursue this myself because my Dr wont even give me the Blood work I need.

I’ve been lurking a long time while anticipating starting my injections and feeling better. I understand I’m obese and need to lose weight as well to feel better. I lost 30lbs since January
so I’m trying.

First YG…I think you are on your way to feeling better. I’ve been where you are now and with education, commitment and attention to detail you can help yourself. Unfortunately there will be a certain amount of out of pocket expenses especially in the beginning but it all starts with appropriate labs IMO.

If you don’t get the appropriate labs you can easily waste $$ chasing your tail while not addressing all your problems and most important not feeling any better.

I’m right there with you, YG. If you search for my post (Advice on lab results) found on page 2, you will see we are very much alike. I just turned 30, have been exhausted for 6+ years. With every lab test ran possible, yet with Total Test under 300 (lowest at 190 on HCG) and free test always under range… doctors STILL turned me away. I still have a s3x drive, but I have no drive for life, I always want to sleep, wake feeling exhausted, and don’t really want do to anything. I also gained a TON of weight (use to workout all the time). I too have managed to lose 30lbs, but like you know, that is tough.

Keep your head up! I too start TRT in about a week. I just had to have my boys tested first, and if they’re good have them frozen (I don’t have kids yet, but want them one day). Keep us informed and I will subscribe to this thread to see how you progress.

Have you had a full thyroid test done? Could explain the weight gain and fatigue, and possibly low T.

The problem with TRT for you is that your low T and high E2 is being caused by your weight gain, at your beginning weight your T/E ratio was probably healthy and normal or at least within range.
TRT and getting your T/E in a favorable balance will help you in the tough road that you face, but you may end up being on TRT for life if you do not use HCG to keep your boys going. If you use HCG within a few months of starting TRT you may be able to restart them, and get off TRT once you have gotten your weight under control.

The shitty catch for you is that you cannot get the labs you need to track your progress, but given the situation you are in, I would do what you are doing. Its a bit of a risk, but its not horrible. To minimize sides and complications you should start with a lower dose of T, like 75-100/week split up, and .25 - .5e3d on the Adex, be sure to read about adex dosing on this site, familiarize yourself with the symptoms of E2 that is too high or too low, there are many descriptive accounts on T-Nation.

Your thyroid is probably all out of whack as the poster above suggested, but its more blood work and expense that isn’t in your budget for now. Supplementing T3 with no labs is way more dicey than T, so do not go down that road.

Good Luck.

Thanks for the replies guys. My Dr. gave me Labs for my thyroid months ago and she said it was fine. This may sound weird but deep down I hoped they weren’t ok so there was something to fix and kind of a light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t if there’s more in depth thyroid labs that can be done or not. All I know is my Dr. is very picky and not willing to give me the labs as I go through this that I will need. Like some of you have said I might just have to go off of FEEL.

While not glad others are having problems, I am glad others understand this feeling of utter complacency , having no drive , and most of all no energy. I used to be so motivated and always wanted to be somewhere and doing something. Now I don’t even like leaving the house cuz I’m always so fatigued. i guess when my dad passed away my life just turned upside down and I took a really bad path health-wise.

I hope I’m still young enough to fix everything and be a strong and energetic figure for my sons to learn from. I was looking into HCG when placing my order but was a little strapped for cash. I plan on going through this vial with just arimidex and when I order my next vial adding hcg. What do you guys think is a good dosage of hcg? I want to keep my function although I’m not having anymore kids because my wife got her tubes tied.]

Again thanks guys, I hope this is the beginning of a journey back to a healthy life. I feel like I’m not my true self at this weight and energy level. Hopefully I find myself again. Nice to meet you all.

FWIW…I’d still get the thyroid lab results. I’ve had three different doctors (1 endo, 1 internist and 1 dual boarded endo/internist) look at my thyroid results and say three different things. My best endo (yes I rank them in my head) decided to treat it even though I was high normal and had a well thought out reason for doing so and it has helped in my opinion.

For everyone’s knowledge my good endo said that TSH always has to be interpreted with caution especially when there are symptoms but the numbers are at either extreme of the normal range. He stated that for a healthy person TSH tends to stay very stable over time and it’s most diagnostic when you have a baseline with no symptoms and then a significant change in the number associated with symptoms (ex. TSH was taken 10 years ago and you felt good and it was 1.32 and now 10 years later 7.12 (still in range) and you have symptoms. The number loses value looking at single moments in time and if the range is 1.0-8.0 someone can absolutely be euthyroid at 7.5 and someone can absolutely be hypothyroid at the same 7.5. It’s easier to pick that hypo case out if he was 2.5 10 years ago.

OP: Get all of your labs and post with ranges.

Where are you located? In USA you can order your own labs.

Ordering gear from off-shore can get you into major trouble.

Read the stickies. That is the most important thing that you can do now.