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27th Upper - Speed Strength

Dive Bomb Bench clip from today - sets 3 to 5 shown. Started to slow a bit on the 5th set.

Right click on each clip and save before watching to avoid errors!


post workout later

Tuesday 5th January - Speed Strength- Week 15 - Day 2 - Upper - Late Afternoon

Felt a bit flat today, but got a bit better as the session progessed. My blood sugar was dropping before I headed to the gym, and I drank my pre-workout powerade+whey combo, that actually amde me more queezy, and I also ate a single grape. Guess all the blood was in my stomach for a while.

Workout time - 1 hour 20mins
Workout rating - 7/10


Did my general warmup - dynamic swings etc, and 10 reps with 25lb in various exercises - pull, press, oly goodmorning, snatch grip BN press, hang powerclean+ powerjerk for a few, fullsquats for a few

(in Chucks)
Hang powerclean 45lbs x 8

Bench Stuff

ISO Hold Bench + PlyoPushup Complex

Warmups - 14inch grip Bar - 3 static holds for 10 secs each on the way down then x10, Pushups on bench - 3 static holds for 6 secs each on the way up then x5 and another 3 reps plyo style

Rest - alternating sets with Rows 1.5 mins between each

14inch grip Bench bottom positon 10 sec ISO hold against Pins
straight after - PlyoPushups x 3 - stopping body just off the floor
4 complexes

14inch Grip BenchPress+Bands

2x75lb dumbell farmers walk to powerrack - 50m
Doubled Minibands cinched around 75lb dumbells

Warmups - Bar+bands x5, 95lbs + bands x3

Tempo - X0X1 - 1 sec hold at top to reset between reps on bench
Rest - 30 secs to a minute

115lbs +bands 5x3

2x75lb dumbell farmers walk back to dumbell area - about 50m

Dive Bombed bench down just barely touching the chest and slamming it up
Good speed. I was suposed to do only 4 sets, but did any extra which I shouldn’t have.


Parallel Single Arm Dumbell Rows
warmup - 6kg 3 Posiiton ISO Hold then x5, 35lbs x5, 45lbsx5, 65x1

Tempo X2X0 Rest- alternating with PlyoPushups

parallel grip - sitting dumbell on floor for 2 secs between each rep
65lbs 4x3

45 degree Chest Supported Rows - Palms down grip
Warmup - 45x5, 75x1

Tempo - X0X0 rest - 30secs

75lbs 4x3 - 6 sec ISO hold at the start of each set

freefalled and braked abruptly

Military press

Warmups - Military Press 45x10, PushPress 95x5

Tempo X0X1 rest - Altenrating with chins 1.5min
115lbs 2x5
95lbs 3x3 - resting 30secs between each

Shoulder Width Chins
Tempo X0X0
3 inch Square Bar - FullGrip thumbs around bar - BW 3x3

Dumbell Drop Catch Single arm Bent over Laterals
warmup - 1kg x5 rest - 1min
3kg 2x10

45 degree Chest Supported Rows - Palms down grip
45lbs x12 + 1min ISO hold - ouchie on the forearms!

Low Pulley L-Flyes on Free Motion Machine
Tempo - 1010 rest - alternating arms
15lbs 3x5, 10lbs x12

ParalleGrip DUmbell Bench ISO hold - 30lbs x 2mins

Fullsquat ISO Hold - BW x 1.5 mins

Shoulder Dislocates with wooden staff - using snatch grip to stretch out pecs and shoulders