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27M, Need Help with Blood Work, Is My Endo Ignorant?


Hello there, 27M here.

April last year, I contacted my family doctor cause of low/no libido, very little motivation, no drive and very low libido, I wanted to check my testosterone levels.

We did so, it came back: 9.1nmol (ref range 8.6-35nmol).

He said that I was in reference range so it was no problem, I asked him to be sent to a endocrinologist to be sure, he sent me there.

Some months later, I did blood work for the first meeting with my endocrinologist, It came back:

Testosterone: 5nmol (ref 8.6 - 35nmol)
LH: 6.0 (ref 1.0-10)
FSH: 2.0 (ref 1.0-9)
SHBG: 19nmol (10-50)
Prolactin: 528miu/L (i think)

At the meeting with my endo, I explained my low libido, I couldnt have sex, I had very little energy and my self confidence was down.

She asked me to take my shirt off to check out my muscle mass, I did and she said I had alot of muscle mass so It was weird how my testosterone could be low. I explained that I had been working out for like 10 years, three workouts every week.

She seemed sceptical, but she said she wanted to do a MRI on my hpta cause my prolactin was high, so I had to wait some months for my MRI.

I waited three months, then I did my MRI. Two weeks after I did another blood test checking the hormones yet again.

Today after many months, my endo call me and say, MRI didnt show no tumours, so that was good. My testosterone remained low, this time:

Testosterone: 6.0 (8.6-35nmol)
LH: 6.0 (1.0-10)
FSH: 2.0 (1.0-9)
Prolactin: 280miU/L
SHBG: 20nmol (10-50)

Then she tells me: “Lets be honest now, I do believe you use steroids to push your testosterone down before the blood tests, to get testosterone replacement therapy”, I told her I absolutely did not. She told me that I had too much muscle mass to be testosterone deficient and that was very very weird and shouldnt happen.

I told her I built all my muscle mass several years ago when I felt fine, and now I dont build any muscle no more, only maintain. (My muscle mass isnt really super good, I mean I can bench 200lbs for 1 rep).

She told me she didnt believe me and that I probably cheated to get testosterone replacement therapy, but then she told me she could sent me to YET ANOTHER endocrinologist, and that I had to wait for another appointment.

Can anyone make any sense of this? I mean, I know for sure I have never taken any steroids, but Ive read you can have low T yet a decent muscle mass. The problem for me isnt really my body, its that I have no mental strenght no more, like semi-depressed, no libido, cant almost get a boner and I feel no drive for nothing.

Input anyone?


Wow! What an ignorant bitch! You exhibit other signs of low T - such as putting up with this woman despite her ignorance, penchant to make you wait months, and then level accusations at you. If your T levels were right you wouldn’t put up with this at all :wink:

Bottom line - yes, your endo is ignorant, among other things.

Life is too short to be wasting with dumb doctors. It’s not our job to educate them - find a doctor that you can work with.


Do you have ranges for prolactin?

Please study this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperprolactinaemia

Do you have exaggerated facial bone structures? High GH might explain things and muscle mass to some extent. You would do labs for IGF-1 to eval GH status.

Any meds in the link? Cimetidine is horrible, an over the counter stomach acid drug that is an endocrine disrupter.

LH is very high relative to FSH and odd that both exactly the same for both lab runs. This suggests some testicular issues.

How long have you been feeling T down?
Have you lost hair below knees and have shinny skin?
Testes smaller, ache or not hanging properly?

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Your endo cannot figure this out so blames the patient.
We find that most docs are idiots and endo’s seem to do and say the worst.

Where are you?


Hello Ksman.

I believe the ranges for prolactin was maximum 450, I had 300 this time, around 500 last time (hence why she sent me on MRI).

My facial structure is pretty robust yes, wide jaw and that stuff. My IGF levels when I checked first time was 228 I believe, max was 280 and lowest like 90, so I was pretty high, she said this was a “good thing”.

No meds at all.

Ive been feeling down for a couple of years really.

Hair lost on knees, YES! Below the knees, on ONE side of the leg, on both my legs.
Skinny skin… no I dont think so, but im not sure.


Oh, and the testes … well, I can have some episodes where the ache for some reason, and then it dissapears. That has been going on for ages really.

Smaller testes … I dont know, I have never paid much attention to their size, but maybe they are on the smaller side, yes.

Im from Sweden.


You can also feel down if you have not been getting enough iodine, iodized salt is the major source there if you use it.


Had an email consulation with a doc today.

[QUOTE]M.D.,Ph.D, Associate Professor
Senior Clinical Consultant
Specialist Physician in Diabetology, Endocrinology and Internal Medicine Department of Medicine[/QUOTE]

Basicly he told me that my testosterone of readings 9, 5, and 6 were completely normal and could mean I had “good genetics and good androgen receptors”, so I didnt need more.

Soul draining? yea


You need to fight the medical establishment. :head_bandage:

Meanwhile, make sure that your iodine intake is sufficient and check oral body temps as per the thyroid basics sticky to eval overall thyroid function.


Thanks, I will definately do that.

For some reason, I dont know why, but a couple times a month, or maybe 1-2, I just get this huge urge to just cry, then I cry then its “alright” again. Its not even about rational things, I just wanna cry.

I literally feel like a woman lol, or how I could imagine they feel, with all the crazy emotions and all. Very mentally unstable, cant recognize myself how I used to be like 5 years ago.