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27m, DEAD Libido and ED Although Free T is Very High

Hey guys,

I am from Germany, please excuse me for english language mistakes.
Actually I am neither working out nor am I on TRT.
I found this forum through googling and it seems some members here really do have very high knowledge about hormones and their impact on certain things in our body and our brain.

I am 187cm and weight 66kg, so I’m fairly thin. Since about 3 or 4 years I have got massive ED and Libido problems. Before everything was fine, morning wood and spontaneos erections happening alle the time. And I was usually getting horny if I didn’t masturbate 1-2 days.
Now ALL of that is gone. No morning erections at all, not getting horny even after 4 weeks of not having an orgasm, no spontaneos erections.
When masturbating I sometimes manage to get a full 100% erection after 10-15 minutes through slow and soft masturbating, and can even hold it at 100% for 10-20 minutes by continuing this slow and soft masturbation. I feel somewhat aroused then but not comparable to what it was before. It’s not happening in my head anymore, more like only in my penis.
Orgasm still feels good but not as intense anymore. My cum doesnt squirt anymore, it just flows out without “flying”. Only the very first “push” flies for very short 5-10 cm when lying on my back in the bed.

Of course I have been to several urologists already but they seem to have no clue at all. Basically they just check for testosterone and bloodflow in my penis with ultrasonic which is both fine, and then proceed to say it’s all in my head, I need to reduce stress and should try out viagra.
I sometimes have stress, yes, but when I have freetime for like 3 weeks and feel really great, have fun, no stress at all, my libido doesnt improve at all.
I tried viagra max dose of 100mg and it helps a bit. I even got a 100% erection once and started having intercourse with it, but in my head I was only slightly aroused and even lost the erection after 2min to the point where I was not able to continue having sex anymore because the penis was too soft.
However, then I gave her oral sex and got my erection quickly back and was able to have sex for 10min with an 80% erection until I got an orgasm.

Without viagra I often get an 80% erection when starting to cuddle or getting naked for 5min, but if we dont start intercourse most of the times I will lose the erection completly and unable to get it back. Then need a break from touching each other for at least 5min and then I have a chance to get the erection back when starting to cuddle again.

Very weird… And obviously not satisfying at all. I am very sad and desperate sometimes. My life feels incomplete. I know that being unhappy doesnt help with Libido at all, so most days I manage to not think about it too much and be fairly happy actually.

Now my Blood Tests:

from MARCH 2016:

  • Testosterone: 24.1 nmol / l … reference range: 8.64 - 29.0
  • SHGB: 53.7 nmol / l … reference range: 18.3 - 54.1
  • Free androgenindex 44.9 Ratio … reference range: 45 - 75
  • PSA: 1.735 ng / ml … reference range <4
  • http://i.imgur.com/PISFTbd.jpg

from NOVEMBER 2016:

(the bloods tests are in german but most hormones have the same or very similar names in german/english, so I guess you understand most of it. I edited the image from Nov 2016 on my pc with some notes to understand it better. Unfortunately the printing messed up two Lab Ranges. The Hormones are in alphabetical order.)

In five days I will have another urologist appointment, so I need to find out what tests I should be asking for.
From reading forums I found out that I need estradiol and prolactin getting checked because these play an important role for Libido and ED, correct?

About the estradiol test:
I have read that the standard estradiol test is very unreliable for men because men have much less estradiol in their blood thus it’s more difficult to get a correct result. Some Labs have a special “sensitive test” for estradiol for men.
I found out that some kind of technology called “LC/MS-MS” should be used when testing for estradiol in men. But in Germany I probably wont be able to get that.
Let me quote someone from another forum talking about what you can do if you cant get the sensitive test:

You can add “C reactive protein”, as that’s what interferes with the test. I don’t know how much c reactive protein = false elevation on the E2 test though.

What do you think about all that? And should I ask for anything else to get tested besides the estradiol and prolactin?

Is it safe to say you are not being treated for any other medical condition? If you are what what contention is it and what medications do you take if any?

No, nothing. I just supplement Vitamin D, 4000 IU per day in the winter months here in Germany. And occasionally I take a Vitamin B12 pill sublingual (letting it liquidate under my tongue).

But there might be a problem with my gut because I seem to have a lot of air in my stomach. Two different doctors have diagnozed alot of air in my stomach with ultrasonic testing. They said I should try to drink a glass of warm water in the morning before I breakfast and eat yoghurt.

To be honest I didnt try this yet because I dont have time in the morning and I dont like yoghurt (I dont like milk products at all because they are unhealthy I believe).
Oh well, I gotta get up 10min earlier and try out drinking a glass of warm water. But I doubt this will fix my heavy libido and ED problems.

I hope that this is not a pattern for you that creates a strange diet.

Your total cholesterol is very low. TC<160 is associated with increased all-cause mortality.
Are you using a statin drug to lower cholesterol?
Cholesterol is the foundation for creating your steroid hormones and other critical functions.

How old are you?
List all medications, Rx and otherwise.
What medical issues do you have?

TSH should be closer to 1.0, the ranges are useless.
TSH may be elevated by not using iodized salt.
Do you get cold easily?
Outer eyebrows sparse?
Low energy?
Low mood or depressed?
Is your thyroid sore or enlarged?
Sore throat?

Kalium high? -meds?

ALAT may be pointing to a liver issue. But can be elevated from training or sore muscles.

FT, free testosterone is released in pulses with a short half-life. So any one lab does not tell you what an average may be. But we know that FT is not low.

No indications of any insulin issues.

HDL is low. May be able to fix. Explain diet.

Hematocrit=41 is low.
We do see lower hematocrit with low-T but your T is not low.
This raises concern that blood may be lost from bleed in your gut. Get an occult blood test that detects blood [hidden] in your poop.
You seem to have some digestive problems that could be part of the picture.

Lost in translation: Was cortisol tested? Do AM cortisol at 8AM.

Please read the stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category

  • advice for new guys - more info please
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc
  • thyroid basics - check oral body temperatures

I do not think that low T is the problem.

Labs: - fill in the blanks
LH and FSH
AM cortisol
if body temps are low:
-fT3, fT4 [please test these free hormones and not total

CRP is fine

SHBG is high. You have enough T to keep it lower, elevated E2 could be the problem.

Do you feel that you are compulsivity swallowing? Do you have an irritation or a lot of saliva?


“more and more iodised feed is used for production animals, resulting in increased iodine contents in milk and dairy products

  • you avoid dairy


The good news is that some of your issue might clear up if you fix an iodine deficiency.

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I’m with KSman…your cholesterol is crazy low and I’m guessing it’s from your diet. Cholesterol is good for you and important to many functions including sex hormones. Your brain is 1/4 cholesterol.

Just make sure your LDL/HDL ratio is good and don’t worry about total cholesterol.

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***** EDIT ***** Please read MY NEXT post (which starts with “Actually my diet is far from”) before this one as this would be the correct chronological order, something got messed up with “unlocking” my posts from moderators or something***** EDIT END *****

Sorry for posting two times in a row instead of doing one post, but I cant edit my first post since it didnt get unlocked by a moderator yet.

About the Kalium (potassium), I want to add: I was only thinking about my older bloodtest where my Kalium was way over the Lab range. In the newer bloodtest my Kalium seems to be fine, doesnt it?

About the Cholesterol: in the bottom quarter of the sheet of my newer Bloodtest it says “LDL HDL Quotient” which means “LDH HDL Ratio” , and this seems to be fine with a value of 1.9 and the Labrange being <3.0 , is it not fine?

So @gtron is saying I shouldnt worry about my total cholesterol and @KSman is saying my Total Cholesterol is very low. I’m confused.

What I mean is, don’t go dieting in attempt to keep your cholesterol low. Don’t obsess on keeping your cholesterol low. Higher cholesterol levels are fine (and even desirable) so long as your LDL/HDL ratio is good. Your ratio is currently fine. All I meant is, don’t keep trying to keep your total cholesterol level low.

If you are someone who is worried about cholesterol because of arterial calcification, then I would look into taking vitamin K2 specifically in the MK4 form. But that’s another topic for another day.

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Actually my diet is far from “normal” but I think it’s healthy. Probably I’m wrong…
In the morning I eat glutenfree porridge oats with raisins, a banana and almond milk.
I don’t have celiac disease as far as I know but glutenfree can’t be bad I guess.
For lunch I often just eat three hands full of cashew nuts or walnuts, and a banana and an apple.
Sometimes I eat less nuts and instead add some vegan chocoloate with 85% cacao.
And about two times a week I’m having a warm meal for lunch.

93% of my warm meals are like this:
-Parboiled rice or brown rice with like 50ml coconut milk and some ketchup (this makes up 60% of my warm meals, so yes, I am eating alot of rice).
-Sweet potatoes with mixed salat
-Potatoes with mixed vegetables (white cabbage, pea, corn, carrots) and butter. The vegetables come from the deep freezer and were frozen right after harvesting.

7% of my meals (meaning only two times a month):
-meat with fries or potatoes and mixed salad.
-> so yeah, I live mostly vegetarian

My mixed salad always contains tomatoes, some kind of green salad like field salad, and then I add two or three of the following: onions, yellow paprika, kidney beans, red lenses, sunflower seeds, avocado.
Then I add olive oil / linseed oil / hempseed oil, sea salt without iodine and without fluoride.
I always use this salt for everything since 1.5 years approx. So I probably have iodine deficiency.
I also try to avoid flouride as good as I can, using water without flouride and using tooth paste without it.
My teeth are perfectly fine. When googling flouride I found out that it is actually very bad for our body and only very low amounts are needed which you should easily get when eating fruits and vegetables.

In the afternoon I will get a warm meal if I didnt have one for lunch. If I already had one for lunch I most often eat cashew nuts / walnuts / 85% cacao chocolate / fruits.

In the evening I most often eat a big mixed salad with a good protein source like kidney beans, sunflower seeds, red lenses.

All that above is my current eating situation since like 5 months.
Until about 5 months ago I was eating very badly I guess. I pretty much just ate brown bread in the morning with honey and strawberry jam and the rest of the day 2-3 meals with white rice and mixed salad (at that time my mixed salad always was just tomatoes, green salad like field salad, onions, and sometimes kidney beans). At that time I had very bad problems with flatulence. Nowadays that has gotten much better, but I still seem to have alot of air in my stomach somehow, according to the ultrasonic.
However most of the time my poop is fairly softish. It has gotten a bit better in the last 5 months, but still… poop isnt the way as it should be I guess.

I drink about 2-3 Liter water per day. Very rarely I drink coffee or tea or juice. 95% of the days I only drink water. No alcohol since 5 years, just occasionally a small glass of red wine. I never smoked. I dont take drugs.

I believe I have “brain fog”. I have difficulties concentrating.

Not using any drugs. I guess I have to improve my nutrition?

27 years old. No medications. What does Rx mean? No medical issues known besides what I already mentioned.

What does this mean? Should I get that checked again with different ranges? Or do you just mean being in the range doesnt automatically mean I am fine?

Seems very likely.

Sorry, my english isnt the best. If you mean if I freeze easily: My hands and feed are freezing very quickly outside and get very cold. But this has been the case all my life even when I had perfectly fine Libido and Erections.
The rest of my body freezes somewhat easily too, but not abnormal I think.

If you mean if I get cold (illness) easily: about two or three times a year I get one. And often it takes 2-4 weeks to get it away. That’s a bit too much time of being ill I guess, not a good sign.

Kalium means potassium. My doc said if my Kalium value was that high as my blood test was showing I would be dead already. Something must have been gone wrong when my blood got taken off.
EDIT: Wait, were you talking about the newer Bloodtest? Because there my Kalium value perfectly within the Labrange, so it’s fine, isnt it? My older bloodtest had shown a Kalium Value which was not possible for a living human being, according to my doc.

It’s 1:30 AM in Germany and I have to sleep now. I will answer your other questions tomorrow.

I am really, really thankful for all your valuable input, @KSman , and also @ verne and @gtron !!
You guys give me hope after seeing many doctors who were saying my hormones look fine.

I guess they are somwhat… Can’t really desrcribe it, so I took two pictures:

  1. http://i.imgur.com/HMCJxvL.jpg
  2. http://i.imgur.com/ArNMEKI.jpg

No, I dont feel tired and I always take the stairs instead of the lift because I have enough energy, and moving is healthy.

Yeah from time to time I feel depressed. But that’s 100% because of my ED and dead Libido. That’s what makes me sad. Otherwise I’m a happy person most of the time.

I have no idea. Is there an easy way for a doc to find out?

Not anymore. Three years ago I had a sore throat for several months. But I got “bonbons” or whatever you call them, to fix that, and it’s fixed now. While I had that sore throat, I had yellow slime/mucus/phlegm (sorry I have trouble translating the right word, only one of these words makes sense probably) in my mouth often. Especially when I have woken up, I often had salvia on my pillow with this yellow “mucus”… because my mouth was producing it in order to fix the sore throat I guess.
Or should I say “dry throat” ? Because it wasnt moist enough I guess. Which also made me thristy, I drank alot of water because of that.

Should I check several times a day with a clinical thermometer? Putting it under my tongue?

FSH already got tested? See my bloodtest from November 2016 (here the link again: http://i.imgur.com/hYDbB3T.jpg )

Sorry, I’m not experienced with Labs… What does TT and FT mean? Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone? If yes, I got that tested already?!

“AM cortisol” means a sober bloodtest for cortisol?

Just getting fT3 and fT4 tested? Or also TSH again for comparion? A quick google search told me that these get tested together. If TSH is very stable over several weeks I guess I dont have to get that tested again.

Once again, THANK YOU really much! I appreciate your help very much!

Why on earth are you avoiding iodine?

Your diet is just too much to get into, but I will ask…why do you avoid animal protein? I’m at least glad to see that you use butter and are not against animal fat. You can do yourself a bigger favor and use butter from grass-fed cows. The fat is much healthier and contains a little known but important substance called, MK-4.

It sounds like you have an overall gut flora problem that should be addressed and taken care of. They even have things called fecal transplants these days if you want to REALLY do it seriously.

Since you eat so many seeds in so many forms (and I consider all nuts, beans, and grains as seeds), I should mention that seeds are not without there own set of problems. Nature has chemically designed seeds to be enticingly eaten within a fruit, but survive the digestive tract, and end up in a pile of fertilizer. It also has antifreeze chemicals to survive freezing etc…these things have a range of toxicity on us when we grind them up and otherwise make them digestible. Generally the symptoms are inflammation. Both in the gut and systemically. That’s why people who suffer from autoimmune problems (like rheumatoid arthritis) do better when they avoid grains and especially gluten. Gluten is just on the higher end of the gut irritation scale and is why some people have a very bad reaction to it.

I’m over-simplifying here, but it’s late…


@KSman : I edited my other post to answer all your questions.

@gtron : Today I bought sea salt with alga which contains iodine (7g of it will cover the daily requirement of iodine) Usually I aim for not eating more than 6-8g salt per day but I guess to get my iodine levels back I will eat about 10g per day now for one or two weeks, and drink abit more water then.

I will watch out to find butter from grass fed cows. Today I also bought some seasoned cheese as a quick google search told me it contains iodine. And I bought (expensive) eggs from adequate animal housing, and I ate three cooked eggs. Not sure if this helps with my low cholesterol levels, but oh well.

About the bad stuff in seeds, beans and legumes I have already heard and in fact I already made a post about that topic on reddit.com , and asked people of the nutrition forums what they think about that.
Here is a link:

As you can see, they say that this “bad stuff” in seeds is actually good for us. One user even posted alot of studies which seem to prove that it’s actually good. What do you think about that?

I have got K2 as droplets in a little flask in the MK7 form. The MK7 form is the most bioavailable form for us humans, and our body can use it the most. Why do you want it in the MK4 form?

Thank you very much @gtron , I really appreciate your input! I’m still very confused what nutriton is the best for me. I guess I will reduce the seeds and beans and legumes a bit, and eat some more meat and fish.

I’m not here to change or preach any diet, but suffice to say, you don’t really need to obsess on micro and macro nutrients so long as you mainly eat whole real food and minimize processed foods. And where it comes to animal protein and fat, make sure all the ruminant animals are pasture-fed as opposed to grain fed. From there just eat normally and you’re good to go. No special diet or attention to various levels and restrictions required.

As far as K2, I will just tell you that I have been on its trail for well over 15 years. And without getting into details (because the kinetics are EXTREMELY complex) I will just tell you that MK4 is what our bodies evolved using and not MK7. MK7 is pushed because it’s cheap and easy to make, and also (contrary to the sales pitch) it is NOT bioavailable like MK4. The reason MK4 rapidly disappears from the bloodstream and MK7 remains in the blood for such a long time, is because the body readily assimilates and stores MK4 where it wants it, quickly clearing it from the blood. MK7 endlessly circulates because the body can’t use it the same way. The body uses K2 as necessary from its appropriate stores, and not from serum.

As far as seeds, there are more problems than phytic acid and lectins. But then it’s the same with everything we put in our mouths. There is no such thing as a food that is 100% beneficial. Everything has benefits and liabilities. You just want to mostly eat the things that have a high benefit to liability ratio. From there you can tailor things…such as yourself having gut problems, I would reduce the seed load until you get your gut functioning properly again.

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Do glutenfree porridge oats count as “seeds”? Is it fine to keep eating them every morning?

If I cut out all these seeds, nuts, legumes and beans, I am worried about my protein intake.
As I weigh around 66kg I probably should eat at least 45g protein over the day.
Fruits and vegetables contain only very little protein. And I dont want to eat meat/fish two or three times a day.
I understand you don’t want to advise me for a diet, but you seem very knowledgable and I’m very unsure what to eat if I cut out all these protein sources (nuts, seeds, legumes, beans).
I need clear instructions. If in your honest opinion it would be very beneficial for me to try out a meat/fish - focused diet, I will try it and see if I feel better.
Are eggs fine? If yes, how many per day?
Is it better to eat meat or fish raw or fried / raosted? Or does it make no difference?
Is rice fine? Pasta probably not fine, because it’s highly processed and contains gluten?!

I searched for K2 MK4 in the german amazon shop and it seems like there are only products which contain a mixture of both MK4 and MK7, and not MK4 only. Can you recommend a product from amazon.com or somewhere? Maybe I could get it shipped to Germany.

In about 19 hours from now on I have an appointment and have to ask for a bloodtest. KSman seems to be busy these days, can anyone help me with my last questions regarding the bloodtest?

Most importantly: What does TT and FT mean? If it means Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone. Why should I get that tested again? I got that already on my bloodtest from November '16 (link again: http://i.imgur.com/hYDbB3T.jpg )

Same goes for FSH… isnt that already tested at the test from November '16?

Rx = drug prescription

Almost 100 years ago, salt started to be iodized because goiter and mental retardation were common and caused by iodine deficiency. And in such populations, most of the people would be suffering from lethargy - weakness. You are really getting extreme using algae as your source of iodine. Iodine is an element and the concept of natural is crazy.

Read the thyroid basics sticky.

Your body needs trace elements to work properly. Large amounts can be toxic. If you go looking for information about toxicity, you will always find it. Some fluoride is beneficial. Florine is common in sea water and life on this planet evolved in the sea where fluorine is abundant.

TT, FT as you guessed, these terms are all defined in the advice for new guys sticky, look there.

FSH is twice the level of LH.
Testes ache?

Honey and some breads may be making you gassy. Try elimination of honey for a while and see what happens. I found that honey and rye bread were a bad combo for me. You can also try a good probiotic for a month, you need to find a product that contains many different types of bacteria and also coated so it does not dissolve in the stomach but dissolves in the upper intestine.

Cholesterol: Please look at this and how everything starts with cholesterol:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steroid_hormone. “vegan chocoloate” is not helpful, vegetarian and vegan diets can be quite harmful.

TT and FT: Your TT is near midrange and FT is high. FT is released in pulses and the lab may have caught a peak value.

E2 testing: Any issues about what type of test needs to be is specific to a particular lab company. In any case, get it tested.

Action items:

  • increase intake of animal fats to increase total cholesterol
  • read thyroid basics sticky and get a strong iodine source and do iodine replenishment
  • get oral body temperatures under your tongue, not soon after exercise, eating, drinking, talking or been outside
  • stop eating honey
  • occult blood test
  • E2
  • DHT - may be high because
  • AM cortisol - at 8AM please, in the morning
  • TSH, fT3, fT4

Your symptoms may be mostly thyroid related. Do not overlook selenium!
Low iodine intake probable cause.

You need a lot of iodine for a while. You cannot recover with daily requirement amounts.

Just to be clear, are you avoiding animal protein out of moral philosophy, or you don’t digest them well, or some other reason?

Eggs are fine, in fact excellent. But at 66kg you should be getting at least 75 grams of protein per day. Protein isn’t just for lean mass, but for brain and bone formation and many other processes.

And I’m not saying to cut out all seeds etc., just cut back. Relying on seeds for your protein needs is part of the problem for a handful of reasons. Your porridge is fine. Go ahead and keep avoiding gluten but stop relying on nuts for everything. Eat more eggs and fish, and whatever pasture fed meats you can tolerate.

Personally, I try to eat like a vegetarian who eats meat. In other words, lots of fruits and dark colored veggies…and pasture fed meat, chicken, and eggs for protein and fats. I try to meet my carbohydrate and total caloric needs through fruits veggies and meat without having to rely on empty calories like rice and grains. In other words, I want to keep nutrient density high by the time I meet my total caloric intake requirement for the day

Just came back from my appointment and good news: Tomorrow I can come again at 8AM to get all the mentioned stuff tested. Probably have to wait until 9th Januray to get the results because my doctor has closed over christmas and new year.

I also read the thyroid basics sticky now. Unfortunately I already bought 100 tablets with just 200mcg per tablet (so one tablet just fulfills the RDA). I thought I would be fine by taking something like 3 tablets per day…
But the sticky says I can take 50mg per day for IR. So even if I would take all 100 tablets at one day, I would only get 20mg iodine if I did the math correctly.
I will watch out to find something with way higher dosages.

But I guess I shouldnt be starting taking such high dosages without really knowing for sure that I have iodine deficiency?! In case my idione levels are fine somehow, and I start taking such insanely high dosages, I might cause damage to my body?! Or is it not that much of a risk and I can just start taking 50mg per day?

I will buy a clinical thermometer and check my oral body temperatures.

When taking these high dosages of 50mg per day, how should I change my diet for that time? Lots of fruits, vegetables and fish to make sure I get all important vitamins and selenium?
Or should I even add another supplement for selenium? If yes, what dosages of selenium would you recommend?

No, they don’t. I don’t have many orgasms anymore because without a functioning libido and ED I obviously don’t masturbate or have sex very often. On average just 1 orgasm per week. But sometimes for 3 weeks straight no orgasm. Maybe this influences some of my horomones.

I was just avoiding it because of moral philosophy and believing that a mostly vegetarian diet would be healthier. Meat from animals kept in mass stocks also contains antibiotic and some other bad stuff. Personally I never experienced problems with digesting meat.
So from now on I will watch out for good meat from happy grass-fed animals and good fish. Also trying to get butter from grass fed cows.
Also trying to increase total protein intake per day.

What do you think about this simplified diet plan for an average day:

  • 150g of meat or fish (roughly 30g protein)
  • 2 eggs (roughly 14g protein)
  • 30g cheese (roughly 6g protein)
  • 150g glutenfree proddige oats (roughly 17g protein)
  • 300g potatoes OR 300g sweet potatoes OR 100g rice (roughly 4g protein)
  • 500g of different fruits and vegetables (no idea how much protein, it’s an insifignant amount anyway)
  • 50-100g of green salads like spinach/field salad (insignificant amount of protein too)
  • a total of 100g of seeds/nuts/beans/legumes (roughly 20g protein)

= 91g protein

Of course I dont plan to eat like that strictly every day, but just to get a gerenal idea, do you think that this is a good diet plan?
Any other suggetions of food which I am missing in my diet plan and what you think could be healthy for me?
Getting as much diversity of healthy food into my diet plan can’t be a bad idea I guess.

Yes, many things depend on your body temperatures, AM and mid-afternoon

I got my clinical thermometer for 24h now and I got some oral body temperatures measured that should give us a first impression.

30min before bedtime:
36.1 °C
97.0 °F

After waking up (still laying in bed, not standing up):
exactly the same as 30min before bedtime

Several measurements throught daytime give very constant results ranging between:
36.3 - 36.5 °C
97.34 - 97.70 °F

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@normanintherain please contact me asap? hows it going?
I have the same issues and I’m puzzled trying to solve it
its 100% dieatary as I wasnt eating meat for a few years aswell, but I’m not sure its reversible :frowning:

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hey nestoit. i’m sorry to tell you i still have found no solution for my symptoms. however, it could be helpful to discuss what we both already have tried and if our symptoms are really identical.
do you have facebook or google hangouts for chatting, or something like that?

i just noticed you also contacted me on reddit. let’s keep messaging there.