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275 x 30 ATG Squats - Took Me Forever, But I Eventually Made it


videos low quality because I did it on my phone, but its viewable I hope. If nothing else you can tell 2 things. 1) i squat low and 2) i took tooks some long breaks catching my breath and hopefully you can kinda see that it is 275

or if you cant see it


Nice, where's it at?


Damn, you tough SOB!


should be up now


I built up to it a little though. ive been on a 4 week program and this is my final week.

week 1 225
week 2 245
week 3 260
this week 275

i had a little bit of conditioning. lol


Hah, you stopped the video right before the part where you dropped to the floor and puked all over yourself, didn't you? :wink:


Yeah, after a tough set of squats, I sometimes just fall on the ground face-up a breathe for a minute or so. I was wondering if he was going to do the same.


I stopped it right before i hit the floor. i didnt puke but i laid there for 30 seconds or so. i probably would have laid there for longer if i didnt know the camera was still going.


Great job man. Props.




I thought for sure somebody would give me shit for how long it took and the long pauses between my bursts. My friend did.


two thumbs up!


I didn't think the time was too bad. Although I was a little worried on some of them it looked like you were rounding your back a lot.


Major props. The mental fortitude it takes to do that is inspiring. My near term goal is to be able to do 225X20. Great job.


How is it called 275x30 when you stop and rest? btw- cool nonetheless, I'd be buried long before reaching 15


lol, glad I could help :wink:


awesome, nice job


Ill give you that one. lol. it was hard enough with the pauses though. but im glad its done and over thats for sure


and for the record, i dont take intravol. in case anyone was wondering. its just a shirt i got at the arnold this year.


I can do that.....over the course of a week or so.