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2700 Calories Too Much?


Here are my stats:

BMI = 35
BF% = 34.7% (Obese Class 2)
Wasit/Hip Ratio = 1.11 (High Risk)
Height = 6'2"
Weight = 296.2 lbs

My weight has been stuck at exactly 296.2 pounds for over a week now without fluctuating. I even checked the scale to be sure it was still working properly.

I count my calories religiously and weigh and measure everything I eat.

I consume 2700 kcals per day which I thought was very low.

Based on the Harris Benedict Formula, my BMR = 2620 kcals. The formula predicts that if I were sedentary I should consume:

2620 x 1.2 = 3100 kcals and, if I were moderately active, 2620 x 1.55 = 4000 kcals.

It defines moderately active as doing moderate exercise 3-5 days/week. I actually train 6 days a week and do cardio 7 days a week which I wouldn't describe as "moderate."

I know the HB Formula overestimates calories for the overweight, which is why I based my daily cals on the "sedentary" recommendation and subtracted 400 calories from that.

So what gives? Why is my weight not going down? I've been told that I could be putting on muscle, but I think someone as big as myself should be experiencing a net loss of weight (I should be losing fat faster than gaining muscle).

I feel great and healthier than I ever did before. But the scale (and the measuring tape) seem not to be moving much and it's frustrating the heck out of me. I think if I don't hit my goal weight this week, I'll cut calories down further.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


Don't count calories that religiously. You should focus on what you eat and when you eat it. Have you read any of John Berardi's articles?


I think in order to ensure rapid fat loss, you should count calories because it's too easy to overeat if you don't. I don't plan on doing this forever. Once I meet my goal weight, I will focus more on what and when I eat, instead of how much.


Calories are not equal:

1) What and when have you been eating?

2) How long have you been doing it?

3) Where did you start, bodyweight and training?


Check out my diet and training journal:


I keep details logs of everything that I eat.


I would say 2700 calories is too few lol. I think like the above posters said, you must be making poor food choices and timing certain nutrients, carbs, at the improper times. I think you should add more calories and increase your exercise. Like 700-1000 calories.

I think you will knock the shit out of your metabolism and not be able to lose weight after a while with that little food.

Ever heard of Dave Tate? Granted he had much more muscle but he cut down from 290+ lbs and used 5700 calories to start out, and only lowered it to 5100 at the end.

Good Luck, hope you figure it out.


No kidding! I eat more than that.


Thanks for the feedback, waylanderxx. I have actually been training/dieting for less than three weeks. I lost nearly 6 pounds the first week, but I've been stuck there ever since.

I agree that the calories are very low, but remember, I'm obese and trying to lose weight. I've heard of people going really extreme and dieting on 900-1800 calories! That's crazy and I'm trying to do this as healthy as possible. Like I mentioned in my first post, 2700 calories are based on a few calculations using the Harris Benedict Formula which tends to overestimate calories for the very heavy, and understimate them for the very lean. I was going for an "in-between."

I'm making good progress in my training and, except for "bonking" after very hard workouts, I actually feel fantastic!

I track everything I do and eat on my transformation blog:




You have the right idea by counting calories. Since you are trying to loose fat, I would say that if 2700 isn't making the scale drop, it's time to reduce the calories again. Don't rely on formulas to dictiate your diet. If you were loosing 2lb a week on 2700 calories and have plateued, it's time to reduce the calories again. I found this site the most accurate:

Knock 500 off and see if you loose a lb next week. You have a long ways to go but if you stay smart about this and not obsess too much (you'll burnout), I think you can make it to your goal weight. Good luck!


FricFrac, at this point I think you could get good results with just making better food choices. Logging your diet I think is a great idea and a good way to see objectively what is going on with your diet and to make sure to pay attention to macros. Personally I think it's okay to count calories at least until you learn your eating habits.

But beware if you go too low on calories, you'll feel weak and if you're not satiated you will be more tempted to eat quick convenient snacks that will sabotage your diet.

Good luck!


Dude, I skimmed your blog. STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF EVERYDAY. It will drive you insane.

Keep in mind your probably making "newbie gains" i.e. your muscle mass is increasing in equal or near equal proportion to your fat loss.

Also, If your just started a program, why are you exercising 7 days a week? Your a novice and need to let your body RECOVER.

Believe me, I know the feeling. It's the new year n' ou wanna hit your fitness goals like a mother----ing sledgehammer, but at 296 it's gonna be a LONG haul, so it's better to start a more conservative diet/program and ramp up as you go along, then start off with too much and burn out after a month.


Umm.. Do you have a DeLorean with a flux capacitor? Cause you posted what you ate already for the 25th of January. If you do that why not already have the meal cooked and at the ready to make it much easier on yourself.

Im not calling you a liar but I know that even though I write shit down I miss minor details.

And if you go by you total calories up to Wednesday you are getting like 2273 calories on average. With a break down of 30% P 30% C and 40% fat.

Try getting a gram of protein per pound of body weight, not just protein from babybel mini cheeses eat some beef and chicken.Keep your carbs at about 100 grams, (sometimes you get over 200 grams)if you feel abnormally fatigued during the day increase carbs accordingly. Fat if coming from things like lean meats and fish oil should not worry you, fats from foods like chips should.

Also look at the difference between what you were doing you first week through you semi third week. You had good timing of meals. Now sometimes you first meal is not until noon or later, do you work nights, because you can still get the same amount of meals in the same time frame if you plan properly.

I am also voting that there is no way in hell you lose 80 pounds by July 4th this year, especially if something like this is tripping you up. I dare you to make me eat my words.


Weighing in once every 2-3 weeks is about right. Everyday WILL make you insane.

Also, take measurements...it's a MUCH more accurate way to watch yourself.

For instance, if you lose 2" on your waist and 8lbs in a month, your on the right track but, if you lose 8lbs and your waist is still the same (or very little difference) then your probably losing muscle.


FricFrac - I've lost over 100lbs in the last 2 years. Here's what I recommend. Like many here, food choices are important. Keep protein as high as possible and carbs as low as possible. The fat you eat should be good fats. Eat plenty of greens, drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep!!!

Making good food choices means you can actually eat more food, which is cool. But you are right about the calories. If you are eating the right foods, at the right times, are working hard in the gym, and you're not losing weight, then you need to reduce calories. Try reducing them by 500 (as suggested above) a day and monitor this...but....

DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF EVERY DAY YOU CRAZY MAN! Do it once a week, on the same day, same time. Monitor the trend.

Regarding the exercise, it seems a little excessive - especially the weight training. Recovery is extremely important. 4 sessions a week, in addition to the cardio, would be plenty.

Lowering calories will result in weight loss, but the lower they go the more likely you are to lose muscle. I'm currently on 1700 cals a day, and my lifts are holding steady (some are even increasing). I take BCAA's & L-Glutamine to limit muscle loss. BUT, after 6-8 weeks your body will adjust to low calories and you'll find it harder to to lose the weight.

I've been doing it in stages - 3 months lean bulk, then a 6-8 week diet. Has been working for me. I reckon I'm 6 months from a six pack (fingers crossed).

Remember, everyone has a different opinion. Read as much as you can, work hard, tweak your diet/exercise regime and see what works for you.

Good luck fella.


You are eating way way way too many carbs (Compared to other macros). Looking at your log, you are eating over 200g some days. For the fastest fat loss, I would reccomend you drastically reduce your carbs. You should be getting less than 50g per day and all from green veggies if possible.

Cut the oats, cut the kefir, cut the honey, and even the apple for a little while. Replace with solid protein (Chicken, beef, eggs, turkey, bison, etc. ), green vegetables (lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, kale, etc.), and fats (EVOO, Fish Oil, etc.).

Your workouts seem a bit too cardio-centric to me. My best advise is to check out an article called "Refined Physique Transformation" for nutrition by CT. In the article he references his fat loss article "Dsetroying Fat", both of which are outstanding! You can search for the above referenced by copying and pasting the title in the search bar.

The fact that you have goals and seem very very motivated is awesome (and refreshing)! However, weighing yourself every day is a recipe for disaster. I would weigh yourself once a week, every week, at the same exact time of day (preferably upon waking). This will prevent you from getting admitted to the funny farm.



I agree 110%. It is a better approach. Helped me drop from 290lbs to 220lbs in half a year back in 2006. Still holding fast at 210lbs since then...