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27 Yr Old with Natural T Levels of 50...


Hey guys, Im brand spankin new too the forum. My names Mike im 27 years old, I have struggled with gyno (which i had breast reduction for 3x when i was 18) and SUPER low testosterone for years, Endo says its due to a head injury that damaged my Pituitary around age 15-17. On my own, A few differnt labs show i make 25-50 test, doc says normals between 250-1100, crazy i know i was practically a women tell me about it lol.

Since 17 years old, iv struggled with my weight thats flat out ruiend my lovelife and caused lots of depression and anger , Im 5 foot 11 and weights ranged from 300-360lbs. I really have never had facial hair, but normal pubic and armpit hair. Iv looked like a damm teenager with a babyface for as long as i can remember. Iv always felt as if i went half way thew puberty, Then never finished becuase of low t (you know the stage where the fat kid down the block aint chubby nomore a yr later)

At age 20, I seen my first endo, was put on androgel 1 pack daily, Within 9 months of doing NOTHING except using the gel, I lost around 75lbs (was 275lbs, best iv ever looked) Ofcourse with my luck my insurance dropped me when i turned 21. Being lazy and not wanting too pay $300 a month, I stopped taking it, which i now look back at as one of the biggest mistakes in life.

Anyways at age 24 i got my family doctor too put me on test gel again because he just wouldnt do the shots, This time i got a compounding pharmacy too make it up for me ($50/month). I stayed on it 8 months without a single change. I never did labs too check levels, just gave up after switching pharmacys a few times and getting no results.

Im now 27 yrs old, and sick and tired of being sick and tired, 3 months ago i decided enouf was enouf, I started eatting right, exercising and went back too my first endo, He put me right on testosterone cypionate injectons on the spot!!!!!! (what i always wanted and always knew i needed) Luckly he see's i produce next too nothing on my own, and wrote me 200mg testosterone cyp shots once a week, which im very very happy with.

( Is 100mg twice a week better then 200mg once weekly??? )

So yeah im now on my 13th week, libido is back, n man does it fell good!!! I havent really noticed more energy, but my energy has always been ok. Six months ago i weighted 355lbs, Today im down too 310, Iv lost around 15lbs a month since iv been eatting good and walking every day for 30-40 mins, I just signed up at a gym, My plan is 1 hour in gym 5-6 days a week, half hour cardio n half hour weights. Time too really get cracking and get the sexy gf iv always wanted :slightly_smiling:

If anyone can share any similar experiences & there results that would be great, Iv seached long and hard on the internet, and cant find much about people overweight with low t who have slimmed down from doing HRT. From the reseach iv done, My low-T has caused my metabolism too slow down too a crawl and not burn fat or produce muscle mass, Im excited too see the results now that im putting in a real effort, as i did when i was younger from taking just straight androgel alone. Im proud too say i know am shaving once a week lol, manhood!

Also, I have a recent lab work up i can post results of.. Offhand i know my test was at 875, I also had him check my estrogen which was at 86 a little high he says. Belive it or not i dont think hes ever checked estrogen levels untill i asked him on the last work up lol, I know most of you guys are more knowledgeable then doctors anyways, cause you have the experience day in and day out. Id appreciate any help negative or positive, just dont yell at me for my typo's jk

Btw, If your overweight and my story sounds like yours, get on board and see an endo, Its the best move iv ever made, forreal


Hey man great to hear your story...being on TRT will literally be life changing for you...

A couple things about your post:

-200 mg/week is too high of a dose for MOST people. Being a bit larger, this may be what you require. But regardless of your dose, you should be injecting NO FEWER than twice a week, so you would divide your 200 mg into two 100 mg shots spaced about 3.5 days apart (I do monday morning/thursday evening).

-Your estrogen is high at 86 if he tested the proper estrogen (Estradiol aka E2). Need a range and confirmation that it was Estradiol. If this is the case, you either need to scale back your test dosage and/or get on an AI like Adex or Aromasin. Injecting twice a week will help bring estrogen down some, but wont do enough in your case

-Your workout routine plan, quite frankly, is not very good. Check out the articles on this site for better ones. You don't need to do cardio every day, especially at your size. 3 days of hard conditioning and walking on your off days will be fine, with 3-4 days of weight training a week.

-To get a full picture, you should request the bloodwork indicated in the sticky on Bloodwork. You likely have thyroid issue as well due to your damaged pituitary...also possible growth hormone output (add IGF-1 to the required bloodwork for you). Cortisol will be very important test too since the signal for cortisol comes from the pituitary as well.