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27 Years Old, Too Late to Train?


hey. i just turned 27 and its kinda scared the crap out of me. yesterday i was 17. ten years have passed. i;ve always been skinny and i still am, even though every three months i promise myself i will start, change my life and build my body like i;d want it to be. i'm currently 178 cm and weigh 61kg. (notice how i counted that 1?)

I wanted to ask is it too late for me to make myself bad ass? I mean to look good naked and not feel like the guy with sand in his eyes in a charles atlas ad? hit me back please, any advice woulod be appreciated


With proper training and nutrition, you can get into very decent shape in six months.


27 aint too late.. . but after youve put on a bit of weight and made a noticable difference youre going to wish you started much much earlier.. . I do still and I only started around 21. ..


Son, you GOTTA be kidding!!!??!?! Unless you are paralyzed or dead, you are NEVER TOO OLD to start training. At your age, I would think 3 to 4 months of steady and progressive training and good nutrition would yield visible results. It took about 6 months for me, but I didn't start training hard until I was over 50. Keep up the hard work. Good effort brings good results.


I've got to agree with the others of course.

If you start now and train consistently for a decade, by the time you're 37, you'll have 10 years training experience behind you.

If you don't start, then by the time you're 37 you'll look and feel a lot worse and be wishing you did something about it when you were only 27.


I can't believe a 27 year old logged in and asked if they were too old to start training. What is this, the year 1405?


Damn right Prof. X. 27!!!!!!
I messed around in the gym in my 20s but didn't really "train" until I hit 40. Now at 44, I'm in the far best shape of my life and just hit a personal milestone of 1000lb powerlifting total.

27!!!! Steelicarus: Get started. You won't regret it.


Easy day. Put together a basic, solid lifting routine centered around the big compound movements(squat, deadlift, bench, pullups, etc.) and hit it. Get at least a couple months under your belt doing that before you tryand jump into one of the mroe advanced routines here.

Increase your calories, try to eat clean but don't obsess about it. 5-6 meals a day, 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, plenty of good carbs(screw the low-carb shit till your bigger and want to cut), plenty of water, plenty of sleep. Learn how to lift properly before you try to push the weights up. Always pay attention to your form. Go this route(or something similar) and you should see really good gains in six months or so.

I had been lifting for a few years prior without gaining any weight(maybe 5 pounds), when I changed my diet in early 97. That's all it took, and I gained 20 pounds in 4 months and stayed pretty lean(12-14%ish).


even if you started at 80 it wouldn't be too late


Um dude, that caveman guy is 31 and he is a monster. Not saying you could be like that in 4 years, but i dont see how you couldnt make half his gains, and that would put you in pretty dam good shape


Lol. Look out for the black plague....and vikings...


Hey, who was using 37 as an example?

Anyway, if other folks can start in their late thirties, there's no good reason you can't start in your late twenties.


No, then I think it is too late, lol.


As Arnold said in his encyclopedia: "You're too old not to!"
I think he was referring to people that were 50+ but whatever.

Think of it this way, start lifting and eating right now and by the time you're 30 you'll look like a buff 20 year old. How cool is that?


hey X, you are dense man.

actually, it's 1505. i remember this from my course, "The History of Bill Clinton up to 1877." as Al Gore did not invent the internet until late in the 15th century, it can not be 1405.


Being as it is Monday, there is no way it is 1505. Damn it Fouts, now you are just making crap up.

And man, go for it. 27 is fine; hell, any age is fine. Welcome!


Are you fucking kidding me!?!?





I say 27 is just WAY too late to start. All the damage has been done by now and it's pretty much downhill from here even if you did work out. Sorry, but you missed the critical window of opportunity. Better luck next life.


Its never to late, i saw a old lady on tv 102 years old and every morning she eats her oatmeal and lifts weights, then she goes and does volunteer work for the elderly lol, i bet shes older than the people she works for.


That's pretty cool