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27 Years Old/Low Testosterone

So for several years now I’ve noticed a substantial decline in energy throughout the day. I had my testosterone checked about 3 years ago and it was around 410, which seemed pretty low for my age but my doctor said I was fine.

Fast forward to today. I just got my blood work results back and my levels are 120. They are confused as to why my testosterone is so low. Otherwise I’m in great health and at a reasonable bodyfat percentage (5’11 160lbs)

The only problem they found was my blood platelet level was low. Which I’m pretty sure is hereditary based on my mothers iron deficiency. They prescribed Clomid 25mg a day for the next 4 weeks. I was hoping maybe someone would be able to give some feedback based on my results? Thanks again!

There’s little confusion to what’s causing hormones to drop across the population in the last 60 years, sperm count is dropping sharply. Food preservatives, pesticides, hormones added to milk is turning guys into girls and girls into guys and screwing up everyone endocrine systems. This is a watershed moment in human history. So you don’t get your hopes up, clomid rarely ever works. You might feel well in the beginning but is short lived. Often guys fall back to their low T state months later. You’re as low as I was 7 months ago, clomid if it works only works on young guys.

I tried clomid mono therapy and it put my T levels from 317 to 937 but as far as symptom wise it didn’t help with anything it was a waste of time. But give it a try it mite work for you