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27 Year Old Getting Dialed In - Low Sex Drive, Fatigue, Trouble Sleeping


I’d actually just reduce the test amount a little. How about 150 or 140 weekly? Your estrogen will likely lower and that is likely what’s causing your sleep issues.

And your comment about sex with your gf a COUPLE TIMES A DAY is making us all hate you. So stop. :wink:


Am still jealous u get road head…


Her specialty.



Are you saying that E2 can start going down on its own past 6 weeks, even though its currently elevated somewhat high? Is there any literature or experiences that can verify this? I am curious to see it, if so.

On Oct 23rd my protocol (6 weeks in) was 120mg Test weekly and my values were: Total Test - 663 ng/dL; Free Test - 163 pg/mL; Estradiol 34 pg/mL (bloodwork done right before next injection).

On Dec 3rd my protocol (6 weeks in) was 160mg Test weekly with 0.5mg Adex weekly and my values were: Total Test - 708 ng/dL; Free Test - 159 pg/mL; Estradiol 49 pg/mL (bloodwork done right before next injection).

More Testosterone can be better, but it depends on each individuals body. I know keeping a high-normal Testosterone level can help a lot with reducing body fat and muscle mass retention (I’m probably over-simplifying it).

My body fat is currently at 26% (as measured by a Dexa-Scan). I know if I get body fat down to 10-12% that I will likely reduce my need for an AI as well (less aromatase enzyme).

Lastly, I am hypothetically considering a blast cycle (300-400mg a week for 8-10 weeks) in order to gain a bunch of muscle mass. HOWEVER, I theoretically would like to get my protocol dialed in 100% and stay stable at the dialed in protocol for a number of months before even hypothetically considering a blast cycle. I believe getting values from different dosages of Testosterone and AI usage (to see how my individual body reacts) will better enable me to maintain as much safety as possible while on a blast cycle (if I actually do it).


My libido is still mostly dead (I don’t get horny, although I appreciate attractive women). I can get mostly hard and orgasm, but it is not intense and fulfilling like it was when I was younger (I know 27 isn’t that old lol). I am gonna start experimenting with rings, but I digress.


It really sounds like arousal and not libido. Remember, they’re two separate things.

Forget rings man. Gets some pde5s. SO cheap online.


@charlie12 @adventurearchit

That info physiologic posted was in response to a question I had about trying to relax before sex. I get so excited/anxious it’s almost like I have too much adrenaline and it causes issues.

I can say that both the phosphatidylserine and magnesium do help to relax some, but really put me to sleep. I take about an hour before bed and I’m usually out like a light.


How do most recent thyroid blood tests look? Any other thoughts or suggestions?