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27 Year Old Getting Dialed In - Low Sex Drive, Fatigue, Trouble Sleeping


I’d actually just reduce the test amount a little. How about 150 or 140 weekly? Your estrogen will likely lower and that is likely what’s causing your sleep issues.

And your comment about sex with your gf a COUPLE TIMES A DAY is making us all hate you. So stop. :wink:


Am still jealous u get road head…


Her specialty.



Are you saying that E2 can start going down on its own past 6 weeks, even though its currently elevated somewhat high? Is there any literature or experiences that can verify this? I am curious to see it, if so.

On Oct 23rd my protocol (6 weeks in) was 120mg Test weekly and my values were: Total Test - 663 ng/dL; Free Test - 163 pg/mL; Estradiol 34 pg/mL (bloodwork done right before next injection).

On Dec 3rd my protocol (6 weeks in) was 160mg Test weekly with 0.5mg Adex weekly and my values were: Total Test - 708 ng/dL; Free Test - 159 pg/mL; Estradiol 49 pg/mL (bloodwork done right before next injection).

More Testosterone can be better, but it depends on each individuals body. I know keeping a high-normal Testosterone level can help a lot with reducing body fat and muscle mass retention (I’m probably over-simplifying it).

My body fat is currently at 26% (as measured by a Dexa-Scan). I know if I get body fat down to 10-12% that I will likely reduce my need for an AI as well (less aromatase enzyme).


My libido is still mostly dead (I don’t get horny, although I appreciate attractive women). I can get mostly hard and orgasm, but it is not intense and fulfilling like it was when I was younger (I know 27 isn’t that old lol). I am gonna start experimenting with rings, but I digress.


It really sounds like arousal and not libido. Remember, they’re two separate things.

Forget rings man. Gets some pde5s. SO cheap online.


@charlie12 @adventurearchit

That info physiologic posted was in response to a question I had about trying to relax before sex. I get so excited/anxious it’s almost like I have too much adrenaline and it causes issues.

I can say that both the phosphatidylserine and magnesium do help to relax some, but really put me to sleep. I take about an hour before bed and I’m usually out like a light.


How do most recent thyroid blood tests look? Any other thoughts or suggestions?


Bump. Retesting in 3 or so weeks.