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27 Year Old Considering TRT (Extensive Details & Test Results Listed)


Are your doctors not willing to upping your dose when you came back low? I’m on the cream also and my doc told me that there was a chance I could end up right back where I was at or possibly lower and we would adjust. I’m not saying your going to absorb the cream or not but here is a honeymoon phase with starting injections also so I’m just saying keep that in mind before you give up whatever route you take. As I think your being quick to throw it in with the cream after only one month that is just my opinion. Just keep keep in mind that TRT is not an immediate fix and needs to be dialed in and need to give it time. Good luck.


I agree - I hate needles, but my first injection was basically painless and I noticed a difference the next day - horrible anxiety and fatigue greatly reduced, among other things. I’m excited to see how I respond after a few months after getting dialed in.

From what I understand SHBG ties up testosterone and impacts how quickly your body uses/processes the TRT doses. Beyond that I am unsure of its function or how to raise it (or if that’s even necessary).

I’ve read a number of experiences of guys starting well on the creams/gels for a month or 2. Then they end up transitioning to injections due to not absorbing enough after their natural production shuts down. My current blood work showed levels lower than Baseline (Pre-TRT) - I doubt even doubling the cream dose would have made a huge difference. So I decided to switch so that I could hopefully get dialed in a little quicker.