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27 Y/O - Possible Secondary Hypo Due to Mold Exposure

Age: 27

Height: 6’1

Waist: 40 inches

Weight: 260lbs with large frame (majority muscle but more fat recently)

Body & Facial hair: Body is muscle with moderate fat. Even though I have Low T, you wouldn’t be able to guess it looking at me. Most of the remarks I get are powerlifter, football player, etc. I seem to put on muscle and size fairly easily. Facial hair is moderate, I don’t have much trouble growing a beard, however, I can’t grow consistent chest hair for the life of me.

Where I carry fat and how it’s changed: Around my stomach and chest, nothing too out of the ordinary. Don’t have trouble dropping fat when diet is clean and carbs are low.

Health conditions/Symptoms: Off & on high blood pressure since 2005 (lower when diet is good with veggies, but poor diet spikes it up – systolic can be anywhere from 120 to 140, diastolic from 75 to high 90s). I have developed chronic fungal sinus issues over the past 3 years due to black mold exposure, which in turn damaged my pituitary, and likely caused my endocrine issues (per ENT and Endo that I visited last year). Had a hydrocele removed from my testicle area when I was 5, but from what I’ve read this shouldn’t effect anything negatively.

RX and OTC drugs: I took Lisinopril 20mg for high blood pressure for 7-8 years, stopped around 2012, then resumed usage in 2016 due to poor diet recently.Took Allegra D, Zyrtec D for better part of 2 years, but discontinued nearly a year ago. Take cialis on a recreational basis (trouble with lasting erections without it), and started Adderall 20mg in December 2015 (definitely not wanting to stay on this long term, but it helps immensely with my career – allows focus and energy which were absent prior to starting usage) . Orange Triad multi vitamins daily, fish oil, and various other vitamins (will add more detail later). I’ve also cycled Tongkat Ali for the better part of a year, but I don’t think it’s had any noticeable effects on my symptoms. I also did a cycle of “Mass tabs” when I was 18. Marijuana on occasions, and socially drinking on the weekends. No hair loss or prostate drugs.

Diet: Very poor for the better part of 2016, but outside of that it’s high protein (steak, chicken beef) and moderate to low carbs (rice, sweet potatoes) with weekend cheating. Could use more veggies in my diet, but currently supplement with “Garden of Life Raw tablets”.Take a probiotic daily, as well as apple cider vinegar.

Training: Typical 5 day split. 1hr – 1hr 15min sessions. I go fairly heavy and typically train to failure, but nothing you’re seeing out of a Branch Warren video or anything. Cardio is nil right now, and I’ve struggled to stay consistent the past several years.

Testes ache? They have before, specifically several days after I discontinued use of Testim (was on it for around 3 weeks in May 2013) and a couple of times I’ve discontinued usage of Tongkat Ali for a week or more.

Morning wood? Virtually non-existent unless I have to piss.

Backstory: Symptoms first began in in February 2013. I began to develop heavy brain fog, fatigue, and ED (although I think I may have had mild ED prior to this starting in 2011). Went to general doc and my Total Test came out to 362 ng/dl. Doc put me on Testim, which I used for a month and discontinued after finding this board and deciding that I would rather determine the cause of my symptoms first than to be on TRT for a lifetime. My symptoms persisted after discontinuing, but the brain fog began to clear up over the summer (and hasn’t returned since).

Come October 2013, I was smoking a joint with a friend and suddenly developed a tinge of sinus pressure in my temple (which I didn’t know had anything to do with my sinuses at the time). It lingered throughout the rest of the year but improved, and I just attributed it to low T. Flash forward to April 2014; I had moved out of my previous, older apartment (which we will detail shortly) and into a newer unit. I’m at work, and began to feel intense, miserable sinus pressure that coupled with general low T symptoms, is definitely not the best receipt for a “sit all day at a computer” job. The sinus and low T symptoms persisted throughout the year (although improving during the summer and around the beach weather). I began to a standard ENT doc for the sinuses, who unsuccessfully tried antibiotics and later sinus surgery, with neither providing any significant relief.

In March 2015, I visited a new ENT doc that specialized in sinus issues due to mold exposure. I visited him and he concluded that I had developed my chronic sinusitis due to black mold exposure from my previous apartment, which I had resided in all of 2012 & 2013. He also speculated that I was GH deficient due to my anterior pituitary being damaged from the mold exposure, and that the pituitary damage was also causing my low T symptoms. He put me on a body & environmental protocol that he uses with all of his patients (which I’ve slacked off on following, but had good results for the brief time I did in regards to the sinus symptoms, but the fatigue was still intense). The body protocol essentially consists of antifungal sprays, saline irrigation etc, with a gluten-free/paleo style diet to rid the body of candida and eliminate the fungus buildup, while the environmental protocol is essentially ridding your possessions and environment from heavy mold counts. A comprehensive study of this protocol and his team’s findings can be found here if anyone is interested in reading the correlation of fungal exposures and sinusitis (along with GH deficiency associated with the exposure) http://www.knowthecause.com/downloads/Dennis2009MoldSinusGrowthHormone.pdf

During that same time, I was referred to my current Endo from the ENT, who wanted to determine if I was GH deficient, and if so, prescribe HGH. I had a pituitary MRI done to check for tumours (which came back negative) as well as a Glucagon Stimulation test, with my highest reading being 1.68 ng/ml (which is below the recognized baseline of 3.0 ng/ml). Despite the glucagon results, my low T, and pathetic IGF-1 reading in my 5-20-15 labs (they were <10 ng/ml!!!), my insurance carrier still refused to approve me for GH therapy. My Endo has essentially given up on getting my approved for the GH, so he wants to run a 1 month cycle of Clomid to try and kick-start my HPTA, but he wants to run it at 50mg EVERYDAY, which I quickly questioned, but he reassured me that I wouldn’t crash (I’m obviously not doing that dosage from reading the boards here.). He’s also not interested in prescribing Nolvadex due to his experience with Clomid.

In several weeks, I’m planning to start a cycle of Clomid at 20mg EOD, coupled with 0.25mg of Arimidex EOD. As of today both my sinus and lot T symptoms seem to have improved with the usage of Adderall (I’m sure as a result of the increased focus and energy) but are still very persistent, and the addy is only masking the underlying issues. I’m hoping that I have success with the restart since I believe I’m secondary hypo, but the boards don’t seem to show much success. I’ll be keeping a log once I start.

Any and all insight/advice is much appreciated. I’ve been dealing with these symptoms for quite some time now and would love to get my life back on track. I’ve included temperatures taken over the past month 1/2 (just for you KSMan) as well as 3 sets of summarized labs taken place over the past 13 mos. The most comprehensive lab was performed in May of 2015, but I’m sure that these have not noticeably improved as of today.

Temperatures: See summary of averages at the top and detail below: I’m obviously low in all areas of the day, but I’ll reach 98.6 sometimes in the afternoons. I purchased some Iodoral but have yet to use it.

Labs: Summary below. I’ve marked numbers out of range in red, and borderline or questionable in blue.

Start taking iodoral. You need to make sure that you have selenium in your vitamins. TSH will increase with high dose iodine - normal response.

Low thyroid function can impact all other hormone systems and immune system.

Are you getting ~25-30mg zinc per day. Essential for immune system and mold resistance.

Your vitamin should contain other trace elements and no iron.

Repeat AST/ALT when muscles not over worked or sore. If elevated, could be related to meds or a problem.

IGF-1 is OK.
Need fT3, that is the active hormone!
Try to do these prior to iodoral.

You also need vitamin C, Vit-E natural source and Vit-D3, fish oil.

Is thermometer accurate. Would be good to see if someone else bats 98.6F