27 Y/O Low T, Low FSH, Highish Prolaction

Hi Guys,

I need some help with my results. I have run out of ideas.

STORY: I had a braking up in February 2017, after that I was very depressed. My mood was shitty. I had suicidal though and I was very very stressful. After that I met my current girlfriend. The story begins from that point

PROBLEMS: In summer of 2017 I was loosing my libido day by day, getting harder to have erection and having sex. Now I can not have sex just after 2-3 days after the last sex. I feel like only 20 mins elapsed before my last sex, but elapsed 2 days. My mood is OK. I am a very happy person by the way, now my mood is OK, but I am not 100% myself. Tiredness and concentration problems, mainly on the afternoon. Now I am using cialis. 2-3 x 2.5 mg a week.

MY DATA: Hungarian. 187 lb (86kg), 6.1 ft (186 cm). Athletic body. Playing football 2 times a week, 2-3 times going to gym or run. Diet is Ok, I have been taking care of it for 8-9 years.

CHECKS: Uro checked my testicles, kidneys via ultrasound. They are OK. CHecked my prostate. It is OK. Visited an ENDO, she said, my results are OK and sent my to a psychologist. I visited him., he said I have no psychological problems. Insulin resistance checked.

2017 September 29 (This test was taken around 11 AM)

Testosterone: 12.6 nmol/L (6.1-27.1)
Progesterone: 1.6 nmol/L (0.5-6.6)
LH 4.43 U/L (1.24-8.2)
FSH 1.11 U/L81.27-19.26) LOW
Prolactin 129.5 mIU/L (56-278.4)
Eostradiol 78.5 pmol/L (0-172.5)
Total 25 OH D-vitamin 119.0 nmol/L (75-250)
Iron 5.3 mcmol/L (12.5-32.2) LOW
HDL cholesterol 1.16 mmol/L (1.03 - )
Cholesterol 3.2 mmol/L (0 - 5.2)

After that started to take Iron supplements

2017 October 24 (After that tests were taken between 8-9AM)

Testosterone: 15.9 nmol/L (6.1-27.1)
Free testosterone index 42.6% (24.3 - 110.2)
SHBG 37.3 nmol/L (13.3-89.5)
Progesterone: 2.5 nmol/L (0.5-6.6)
LH 4.76 U/L (1.24-8.2)
FSH 0.98 U/L81.27-19.26) LOW
Prolactin 273.7 mIU/L (56-278.4)
Eostradiol 75.3 pmol/L (0-172.5)
Total 25 OH D-vitamin 103 nmol/L (75-250)
Iron 15.3 mcmol/L (12.5-32.2)

2017 December 14

Testosterone: 8.8 nmol/L (6.1-27.1)
Free testosterone index 23.5% (24.3 - 110.2) LOW
SHBG 37.6 nmol/L (13.3-89.5)
Progesterone: 2.4 nmol/L (0.5-6.6)
LH 4.42 U/L (1.24-8.2)
FSH 1.06 U/L81.27-19.26) LOW
Prolactin 269.9 mIU/L (56-278.4)
Eostradiol <73 pmol/L (0-172.5)
Cortisol 472.5 nmol/L (185-624)
TSH 1.411 mIU/L (0.4-4)
FT4 10.65 pmol/L (7.75-15.21)
FT3 4.51 PMOL/l (3.8-6)
Iron 34.mcmol/L (12.5-32.2) HIGH

2018 Marc 12

I stopped drinking coffee (because of the sugar), I felt much better. I tough I was recovering, but after ~5-6 days my condition was the same. But when the blood test was taken I felt much better. Results:

Testosterone: 12.4 nmol/L (6.1-27.1)
Free testosterone index 25.5% (24.3 - 110.2)
SHBG 48.8 nmol/L (13.3-89.5)
LH 5.83 U/L (1.24-8.2)
FSH 1.35 U/L81.27-19.26) OK
Prolactin 213.7 mIU/L (56-278.4)

After that I stopped drinking my 2 green teas in the morning. I felt better as well, but it lasted only some days again. Once I drank L-glutamine. It killed my libido for the next 1-2 days as well.

NOW: I am taking magnesium, B6, selenium (100 mcg), iodine (200mcg) daily

So, there are my results. Please help me, how can I continue my investigation. If you have any question I will answer that as I read your post.
What do you think? What is decreasing my TESTO? What can be the problem? Where should I continue?
Thank you guys

Your problem is you have the testosterone levels of a 90 year old man and I don’t expect doctors in your country to understand. A comparison president Trump score a 15.4 nmol/L, must I remind you he’s 71 years old? According to your Total T and SHBG your free T is low, 0.193 nmol/L = 1.56 % and 2-3% is normal.

Doctors in your country are brain dead when it comes to male hormones or diagnosing a testosterone deficiency, they just don’t have any training and think that because you’re in the normal ranges that you’re fine, wrong!

Doctors in your country are trained to throw you into the arms of a psychologist whenever they can’t explain what’s wrong with you. You must become educated and take charge of your own health because your doctors are way behind the times.

There’s no evolution of medicine in your country and everyone copies what the US was doing decades ago, this create a problem for those seeking help today. Forget about the NHS, you must go private!

Low FSH indicates possible infertility, thyroid looks great.

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Your Endo is the one that needs a psychiatrist!

Thanks for the reply. Sorry, maybe there was some misunderstandings. I know, that the problem is my low T. I read a lot about it and read this forum a lot, but have not found any topics, which similar as my results.

I visited just private doctors and labs. And imagine, this endo is specialized on these kind of problems (she is an endo and a sexual medicine). The last time when I was there, I almost hit her… She could not understand that the ranges are for every men, from 5-80 years old. And a 27 years old, healthy man should not have this level.

And I added some story to my first post

Also, the best way to take doses for a beginner.

You need lab work to determine dosages and frequency of injections, there’s no one size fits all, most doctor will get that wrong with their cookie cutter protocols.

I want to find the reason of my low T. It has to be some reason. I was fully healthy and I think the chronic stress what I had before caused some problem in my body. My best guess now is adrenal fatique or iodine deficiency. I have not used any salt in my meal in the last years. Any idea how can I be sure about these?