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27 Y/O, Extremely High SHBG, Low Free T, Low Prolactin, Normal TSH and Estradiol


Recent Labs (Fasted, done at 8 AM):

SHBG - 95.6 nmol/L (Range: 16.5-55.9 = Abnormal)
Albumin, Serum - 4.6 g/dL (Range: 3.5-5.5 = Normal)
ALT - 43 IU/L (Range: 0-44 = Normal)
AST - 70 IU/L (Range: 0-40 = Abnormal)
Glucose - 69 mg/dL (Range: 65-99 = Normal)
Prolactin - 3.0 ng/mL (Range: 4.0-15.2 = Abnormal)
TSH - 1.470 uIU/mL (Range: 0.450-4.500 = Normal)
Estradiol - 10.2 pg/mL (Range: 7.6-42.6 = Normal)
Testosterone, Serum - 399 ng/dL (Range: 264-916 = Normal)
Free Testosterone - 3.6 ng/dL (Range: 9.5-26.5 = Abnormal)

Symptoms / Issues: Urinating frequently at night, occasional night sweats, little to no sexual desire, no morning wood, ED, lack of energy / motivation.

I take Iodoral and use iodized salt. I am not on a restricted diet and am well-fed.

Other stats: 5’11, 185lbs, exercise daily and lift weights 4 times per week. I have abs / definition, body fat estimated 11 - 13%. Definitely leaner and more fit than the average gym goer. Bench 275, Squat 365, Deadlift 450 as approximate maxes.

I honestly have no idea why my free test is so low and SHBG is so high. I’ve been lifting weights for almost a decade and just feel like I got the short end of the hormonal stick apparently.

Should I pursue TRT? Any advice would be appreciated.

Old thread with old labs:

27 Y/o, Low Free T, Low LH, Low E, High SHBG

Your estradiol is not normal. They gave you the wrong test ( ECLIA METHODOLOGY). I can assure you your E2 is below range right along with your free T. Next time you run blood work have them do Estradiol sensitive for accurate results.


Regarding high SHBG. List all medications, past present.

Drinker? Drugs?


I don’t drink and don’t do drugs.

I am currently taking several supplements:

Fish Oil
Whey Protein
Pre-workout sup
Activate Xtreme


I have also taken Finasteride and Accutane in the past.


Your insanely high SHBG is inflating your TT, if you were somehow able to lower your SHBG near midrange by non pharma means your TT would be incredibly low compared to now. Your FT is low because SHBG is high, T binds to SHBG and when you have too much SHBG your FT shrinks, TRT is the only way to decrease SHBG far enough to free up some of your FT.

If you eat plant based diets stop now, plant based diets increase SHBG, just because plant based diets are good doesn’t mean there good for everyone. If you don’t do TRT your situation will worsen with time. Finasteride is most likely the cause of your symptoms, your symptoms while on Finasteride are the common ones most experience.


This is your problem. Need to read about Post Finasteride Syndrome.

I have heard Accutane can cause similar issues, I took it when I was a teen for acne.

But Finasteride is a terrible drug that causes these types of issues for a lot of people.

If you start to get discouraged in your reading, don’t be. I have read several reports where people reversed the effects through natural processes. There are whole boards dedicated to this. Start reading.


I took Finasteride 4 years ago for a few months. At this point is there anything I can even do for it? I experienced some bad symptoms on it (itchy nipples - they didn’t get gyno, but itched; and oily / non-white ejaculation), but the symptoms stopped after I stopped taking it.

Why do plant-based diets increase SHBG? This is my first time hearing this.


There’s no cure for Post Finasteride Syndrome, some guys have recovered while some guys never do recover. TRT is your only hope at this point. If anyone can help you it would be Dr. Crisler, he’s on a mission to restoring men damaged by Finasteride. It’s also possible that you are just low T without the Finasteride issues.