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27 y/o. Blood Tests, ED/Moodiness/Weakness

Yes, given other LFTs and family history.

Before you commit to TRT you can try this “stack” - I put together for myself when I had similar issues also during grad school I can relate to a lot of what you posted. I did this for 6 weeks:

  • Enclomiphene (none of clomids nasty sides but all the benefits) 12.5mg ED I raised to 25mg ED after couple weeks - to raise endogenous T levels (single isomer clomiphene citrate) search studies on pubmed and you can order online research chemical sites

  • Up your fats n cholesterol

  • DIM to cleanse the liver of e2 100mg ED with food

  • Ashwagandha KSM-66 to lower cortisol - 300mg ED at bed

  • Foods that have arginine and L-citrulline ie. beets (vasodilator) - avoid vasoconstrictors like caffeine to promote blood flow

  • Good multivitamin I like progressive Active Men

  • Zinc supplement

Thanks everyone for your advice and thoughts!

As a quick update I had a doctors appointment and in his mind the free T of around 10 taken in the am was far more concerning than the total T. I had another measurement of a free T of around 8 ng/dl and my doctor says that optimally this would be in the mid 20s-low 30s even.

My doctor has given me a protocol of 70mg Test cyp, 500IU hcg, and .125mg adex 2x a week for 140mg total test a week. He said this should roughly triple my current testosterone levels. I made another post here about whether or not I should start on the AI, but I thought I’d just update this thread as to my doctors thoughts!

Going back and forth with different opinions I think I may just follow this protocol to a T for 2 months and see how I feel before tweaking it. He also is having me do 4g of fish oil, 5000 iu vit d and 50 mg dhea daily.