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27 Y/O, 200lbs (91kg), 6ft4in (193cm)

Been lifting more structured for two years. Both focus on developing strength and aesthetics. Three years ago I was at 163lbs and focusing on distance running (why I was so skinny). When I stopped running on a serious level, I started lifting a while after. Bulked up to appx. 225lbs over two years (2018-2019).

While being at this weight I figured why heavy people don’t like running. It’s painful… Decided to cut some weight to still be able to enjoy some running on the side, although I feel how it has compromised my strength.

Never been on gear or any shady supplements (I guess it is clear from the picture, but just to state it…)

Any feedback on which musclegroups that lacks/needs improvement is appreciated.

I’m considering going on low t for a while or doing a cycle, to slowly take things to the next level, but I still feel like I have more potential natural considering the time I’ve lifted. Any advice on how long to wait before exploring gear I would be thankful for. I’m a novice.

Nb. pictures were taken while I had a flu/fever -> no pump and hadn’t lifted for a week, so feeling kind of flat.


Arms, lats, traps. I wouldn’t consider 225lbs at 6’4" exactly heavy. One of my buddies who is a trainer is 6’4" and walks around at 235. He doesn’t look big at all at that height but would agree is not necessarily best for a runner either.

Don’t cycle man, you have a great physique. You don’t even need to bulk up much. Just a little work over the next couple years and you’re set. You have good chest development and chicks dig the abs.

I think Arnold said that for each inch in height, one should weigh 7 lbs more if both individuals have similar genetics and muscularity. I think the classic physique height and weight charts line up with this rule pretty well too (it might only be 5 lbs per inch).

225 lbs might be huge if you are 5’10", but at 6’4" it isn’t. Going with the classic physique chart lb/in value, the 5’10" guy would have to weigh 195 lbs to have a similar physique to the 6’4" guy at 225 lbs. That isn’t that huge.

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195lbs for 5’10" at ~5% BF is still pretty huge… and not everyone can achieve that (gear or not)

5% BF alone isn’t something most people can achieve even with gear (just don’t have the extreme will power). I don’t think being that lean should be a goal for anyone outside of BBing. I was more saying someone who is fairly lean with visible abs (14-16% BF) at 5’10" 195 is doable. Not easy, but doable. I don’t think many outside of the genetic elite could hit 195 lbs at 5% bf at that height without gear.

Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it. Definitely agree to the groups you mention. My arms are quite long, and I think the fact that I’ve always been doing endurance sport has made it harder for me to put a lot on the circumference of my arms, although I try to hit them hard. Flexed they measure around 16.8" (43cm). Would be great to get them closer to 18".

Traps I don’t do isolation for. I guess I hit them moderately when session taget is shoulders. Will probably throw an extra exercise for those.

I feel like my back/lats are quite strong (pull VS. push power), but I think my muscle insertions here might be a bit higher up on the back compared to others, why they might look small compared to my size. Trying to hit them with different pulls and alternating grip, while really focusing on contracting them with less bicep involvement (thumb on same side as other fingers with grib for most exercises).

Thanks for input on cycling. I think I will get some new bloodwork done, just to verify that natural testosterone levels looks fine. I really dont want to go through the side effects that it can cause, and the risk of loosing most of the gains after discontinuing gear.

Yeah I would not have guessed that at all. As you said, it’s tougher for you longer limbed guys. For reference my manlet ass is only 5’7" but I weight a little over 200lbs and my arms are only slightly bigger than yours ~17". My arms look bigger by comparison but its on a much much smaller frame.

TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, SHBG and a minimum for hormone profile. You’re correct in that you will lose most to all gained muscle shortly after ceasing use. Its just not worth it. I doubt you need TRT at 27 based on your current physique.

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You must have special really high doors :door: if your 6.4, 193cm/ a normal size door frame is 2 meters and Your far from the top of the door frame in your picture,

Yea you’re probably right. The doors must be high… Lol.
Passport says 195cm, but it’s 10years old soon, so I’m likely just 167cm due to spine compression from deadlifts.

Lol well done though for putting on all that healthy weight ! I know how hard it can be to put weight on as a skinny guy!

Thanks. I thought it was going to be hard too, but stopping cardio while continuing to eat did it for me.