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27, Low T Symptoms. Blood Results

So I’m 27, started balding at 20, my crown and hairline is gone now. I suffer from ED with weak erections and a minimum recovery time of one day, but this is pushing it and it takes lots of patience and restarting to finish.
I’m also always exhausted and can easily fall asleep if not moving around.
I’m 6’2 170 lbs of pure fat, very little muscles and most of my fat around my stomach.
Lastly, my wife and I been unsuccessfully trying to have a baby for a year. My semen analysis came with 1% low morphology.
I got all this bloodwork done and got these results. I’ve read that clomid is a better way to increase testosterone if you’re trying to have kids.

Vitamin D is very low. Definitely the most glaring deficiency. TSH should be closer to 1.0 as well. I’m sure the more thyroid knowledgeable members like KSman will have comments to share within the next day or two. Meanwhile, have you read the thyroid sticky?

You might want to try clomid or HCG if having a child is important, clomid rarely restores youthful test levels but can help with fertility. HCG is probably your best bet for having a child while TRT will wipe out most of your sperm which is why most use HCG with TRT to remain fertile. If your sperm are already low even using HCG together with TRT will still impact fertility. Be wary if your doctor suggests injection every 2 weeks, this is a red flag of an inexperienced doctor who likely won’t be able to help you. We see this protocol a lot, it’s a recipe for disaster. You should inject twice weekly, you need to educate yourself so that when you see your doctor you can vet him or her.

Thank you very much. Yea. I just got script for 50,000 iu of vitamin d3.
So clomid would be better at increasing T then hcg with trt… If we’re trying to have kids?

I just started reading the thyroid sticky and bout a thermometer.

Clomid will almost always increase all your levels, but most report not feeling well on clomid even though their numbers look good. Some stop it shortly after starting it. Not all guys are going to feel good on HCG either, some feel nothing and some feel great on it. There’s more success with TRT unless you have undiagnosed thyroid issues TRT will not work and you may find TRT makes you feel worse do to TRT attempting to restore your metabolic rate while a slow thyroid is struggling to keep up pace. I’m not surprised I coming in just a hair below 98.6, I never seem able to hit 98.6, I’m going to start a low dose iodine supplement. My thyroid has always been on the low side (TSH .580), so if I ever have a thyroid issue it will likely be too much thyroid hormones. I’m what you would call a skinny fat, even at 260 pounds arms and legs are skinny.