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27, Low T, Been Like This for 7 Years


Thanks Chris


No prob. But FWIW, I’m definitely not saying that’s the specific study @systemlord was referring to.

It was just an example of an acceptable link and it was the first thing to pop up on Pubmed when I searched “TRT Injection”.



I thought you were doing well at this protocol?? What’s your current one?


Muscular responses to testosterone replacement vary by administration route: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Intramuscular TRT is more effective than transdermal formulations at increasing LBM and improving muscle strength in middle-aged and older men, particularly in the lower extremities.

My theory is injections if you dosage according your levels are virtually static whereas with T-Gels levels rise and fall throughout the day. We men don’t normally walk around all day with levels always elevated.

My gas tank is always full.


I know some have blown this off, but I think it has to do with exactly what you are saying.


IM trt is more effective at increasing LBM due to higher peaks associated with TRT. Medical guidelines are like 250mg e2w (and that’s still practiced here e2-3w shots of test E), what do you think will be more efficient at promoting LBM gain, 5-10mg of androgel/day (if you absorb it correctly it’s the equiv of 50 and 100mg of test E weekly), or 125mg of test E weekly (250mg e2w), not only is there a higher peak, the dose is higher.

It’s very easy for me to shoot 500mg of testosterone if I wanted to, it’s veeeeeeery hard to get the equiv of that with gels.



Just a quick update, Dr.Saya has started me on metformin 500mg 2x a day for my high fasted glucose along with Clomid 12.5mg & .125mg anastrozole(Monday,Wednesday,Friday) to control estrogen. I am going to try this protocol out for 8 weeks and then get more blood drawn to see how things went. I am aware that Clomid will raise SHBG but my was low already so I’m not too worried.


All I got a question about my thyroid… my TSH was 2.5 uiU/ml (0.450-4.500) and my free T3 was 3.8 pg/ml ( 2.0-4.4 ) and my free T4 was 1.35 ng/dl (.82-1.77). Is there a reason my Tsh is 2.5 when my free t3 and 4 are at a good level? I heard tsh should be ideally at .5 uiU/ml or through internet searches. Is there any reason to be concerned about theses numbers( my Dr says free t3 and 4 is what truly matters).


TSH is unreliable, my TSH fluctuates between 0.6-0.9 and the highest Free T has been is 3.6. Doctors need to focus more on thyroid hormones Free T4, Free T3 and Reverse T3.


All, I feel like the drug stack (clomid, anastrozole, &metformin ) I’m on is causing me to gain weight more rapidly than I would have otherwise. In my opinion metformin should help me drop weight not gain as it lower my blood sugar. The Clomid and Anastrozle May be the cause of my this issue,but I am unsure. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?


What is your current total T and E2?


I am unsure currently, but I will have more blood drawn the 21st of January. Before I started the 3 medications mentioned above my e2 sensitive was 13 and my total T was 350. I had low SHBG as well so maybe me E2 is too high now even though im on anastrozole.


Not sure but if your E2 was at 13 I am not sure why Dr Saya put you on an AI. Regardless weight gain, usually water, is probably due to E2 fluctuations. It will disappear once your protocol is stable.


All, here are my labs after being on Clomid 12.5mg,.125 anastrozole, 2x day 500mg Metformin, and 5000iu Vit. D3 for 8 weeks. My total T went from 357 to 731 and my free T went from 15.2 to 22.2. Do you all think ther would be any major benefit to me going on injections vs clomid based off n my recent numbers?


Buddy I would Stop The anatrazole That shits gonna cause problems and already is. Your e2 is so low that if it goes any lower your gonna realize what they mean by e2 crashing.

Man I can’t believe there jsut keeping you on it.

I’m sure others will say the same.


All, in general what percentage of my total T should my e2 sensitive be?


Im fairly certain you can’t take Clomid indefinitely.


That’s all bro science I haven’t heard of any docs speaking tk this topic. Every man creates different ratios. Just take the cypionate and slow your e2 flow naturally. There’s guys who are fine at 100, others at 35. There is no one size fits all.


They use it to kick start the system correct?


I believe that is the purpose.