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27, Getting Back on Track


I made a post a few years ago but have neglected this important segment of my health and want to get after it.
-age 27

-height 5'11"

-waist -32"

-weight 180lbs

-describe body and facial hair - Have great facial hair with several bald spots. I have fairly hairy legs and arms but don't grow much hair on my calves. I have very little chest hair.

-describe where you carry fat and how changed- I carry fat in my stomach and butt. I have maintained my body fat at around 12%, getting any lower then that is near impossible.

-health conditions, symptoms [history] - Largest health issue was fixed at age 3 which was an undescended testicle. Otherwise I have bad skin, already had some moles removed.

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever - Not on any drugs

-lab results with ranges
TESTOSTERONE 250 - 703 ng/dl 249


PROLACTIN 3.7 - 17.9 ng/ml 8.6
T4, FREE 0.8 - 2.2 ng/dl 0.9
T3, FREE 2.8 - 5.2 pg/ml 4.2
TSH, SENSITIVE 0.300 - 5.00 uIU/ml 4.368
DHEA, SERUM 61 - 1636 ng/dL 586
FSH 1.6 - 9.7 mIU/ml 2.4
LH 1.2 - 7.8 mIU/ml 1.8
ESTRADIOL 6 - 65 pg/ml 20
COMMONRM BIND GLOB 13 - 74 nmol/L 30
TESTOSTERONE 183 - 703 ng/dl 381
TESTOSTERONE, FREE 3.8 - 12.8 ng/dl 8.1
TESTOSTERONE, BIOAV. 89.0 - 300.0 ng/dl 191.0

TESTOSTERONE 132 - 813 ng/dl 275
BUN 7 - 20 mg/dl 17
NA 135 - 145 mmol/L 141
POTASSIUM 3.5 - 5.3 mmol/L 4.2
CHLORIDE 95 - 106 mmol/L 98
CO2 22 - 30 mmol/L 27
GLUCOSE 70 - 180 mg/dl 78
CREATININE 0.66 - 1.25 mg/dl 1.06
GFR, ESTIMATED >60 ml/min/1.73m2 >60.0
ANION GAP (CALC.) 7 - 16 mmol/L 16

-describe diet -

I stick with a fairly clean eating lifestyle, mainly no processed foods. Meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. Breakfast is bacon and eggs; lunch is chicken, vegetables and fruit; dinner is meat veggies and fruit. I generally snack throughout the day on veggies, nuts, and fruit. My go to cheats is usually popcorn and dark chocolate. Looking through the forums I'm very concerned about my iodine levels.

-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training] -

I usually do 1-3 days of strength training and mix running, swimming, HIIT, rock climbing or some other activity in between.

-testes ache, ever, with a fever? Slightly confused with this, but I haven't had a fever in years so I wouldn't know if they ache during...but I think i'm misunderstanding the question.

-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed-

If I don't masturbate or have sex for weeks this will happen on occasion.

I don't know if this is noteworthy but I hit puberty at a very young age, about 8-9 years old and was done growing height wise in 6th grade.

Some things I have always had issues with is sleeping, in middle school and high school I would lay in bed for hours trying to get to sleep and always fell asleep in my classes. This issue has now transferred to work and if it's really bad I will take melatonin to help fall asleep.

Other issues is a complete lack of motivation, I'm 27 and really don't care about anything. I'm convinced if I didn't workout 5 days a week and eat healthy I would have no testosterone period. Over the last several years I have had no increase in most of my lifts, I feel in a state of constant maintenance, the only exception to this is when I took a "testosterone supplement" for several months.

I just recently changed to a new doctor as well as insurance. The doctor wants me to take 2 more testosterone samples at 8am-10am since the last was at 4 in the afternoon. I'm also planning on getting a multivitamin to bring my iodine intake up, the results above were from when I was still taking one. I'm also going to retake my thyroid testes. I also have a thermometer on order to check my morning temps, at 4pm they were 97.7°F.


Thyroid seems to be a major factor.

Were you using iodized salt when young and sleepy?

Please read the thyroid basics sticky.

No fasting cholesterol? [ can be too low]

Also need AM cortisol.

Should test DHEA-S, not DHEA

A thyroid auto-immune panel is needed.

Where are you located. Someone might have a suggestion.

Need oral body temperature when you first wake up and mid-afternoon.

What is time line of low energy [young] and loss of libido? Same?

Please see these again:

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • the HPTA restart thread - linked from advice for new guys
  • finding a TRT doc

Energy depends on thyroid, T levels and E2 balance.
You are very estrogen dominant now.
Body temperature and energy are regulated by fT3 levels that control mitochondrial metabolic rate and ATP production.
Your fT3 levels should provide for that. So if temps are low, we suspect that rT3 might be blocking fT3.
Get rT3 tested.
Your high TSH suggests auto immune or iodine deficiency.
What have you done and duration for iodine.
It is very important to have selenium in your multi-vits to ward off auto-immune problems.
Low cortisol can drag you down.
DHEA-S also provides some insight into state of adrenals.

Fill in the gaps: - you have some now but all labs are low
thyroid auto-immune panel
AM cortisol at 8AM please
fasting cholesterol [can be too low]
DHEA-S [DHEA sulfate, not serum]]
CRP - general marker for inflammation
IGF-1 [growth hormone status]

Hair loss on lower leg is marker for long term low T
Sparse outer eyebrows is marker for low thyroid function
Skin can be bad/thin/frail from thyroid issues and low T - collagen loss, some atypical acne possible


As far as I can remember we always had iodized salt when growing up, plus I always took a multivitamin.

I’m Located in Minneapolis, I’ll speak with my doctor next week during my next visit to get these tests added.

I’ve got a thermometer in the mail arriving tomorrow.

The timeline is really the same, I wish I had been tested when I was younger to have something to compare with.

The past month the only major contributor to my iodine intake has been eggs. I’ve ordered a multivitamin with both iodine and selenium:http://www.nowfoods.com/Adam-Mens-Multiple-Vitamin-180-Softgels.htm

I have a few of these this week and I’ll get the rest next. I’ll get temperatures and iodine levels up this week.

My hair loss is on the back of the legs but hair really has never grown there. The only skin issue I have is it tends to dry out and crack quickly.

I’ll spend some time reading through the stickies and report back once I have more results. I appreciate the help.


Alright thermometer came in today and it is showing me at 96.9 average over 3 readings at 5:00pm. I’ll check to see what my morning temps are.


Think there was some errors with the thermometer I got, I tried again with leaving it in my mouth for 2-3 minutes before taking measurements and got 97.7°F.

Friday morning my morning temp was 97.0° and my afternoon temp was 97.9°F. This morning I’ve started out at 98.0°F! I’ll see what I reach by 3:00pm.

Waiting to hear back on my morning test levels.


Slowy getting more results, at this point my current doctor is satisfied and doesn’t deam any reason to continue testing. Scheduled to talk to her again tomorrow.

11/12/2015 3:08PM

TESTOSTERONE FREE 6.47 ng/dL 1.61 - 19.65 ng/dL
TESTOSTERONE,TOTAL 249 ng/dL 240 - 950 ng/dL

11/18/2015 8:08AM

FSH 2.3 mIU/mL
TESTOSTERONE FREE 11.80 ng/dL 1.61 - 19.65 ng/dL
TESTOSTERONE,TOTAL 407 ng/dL 240 - 950 ng/dL

11/20/2015 8:25am

FSH 2.4 mIU/mL
TESTOSTERONE FREE 12.00 ng/dL 1.61 - 19.65 ng/dL
TESTOSTERONE,TOTAL 400 ng/dL 240 - 950 ng/dL


T levels are low but allow docs to wiggle out. Part of that is insurance issues. But if you are paying for meds with cash …
T levels are way too low for your age.

Your body temps are low. Anyone else in the house able to get 98.6F? That removes doubt about the thermometer. It needs to be under your tongue when not having been drinking, eating talking for a a significant amount of time.

Please review my earlier post re thyroid.