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27 Gauge Needle Efficient Enough?

Im using test-e currently and doing shoulder jabs with a 27 gauge but feels too small not sure. Is 27 gauge still efficient enough to penetrate to muscle and administer my test? Silly question i know.

27g refers to the diameter, not the length. It seems the most common length for delta is .5-1”. I use 3/4”

I use 27g 1in and do just fine, drawing and shooting takes no time at all. If you’re using a thicker oil might need some patience

i have never known anyone use anything besides 23G or 21G…

But 27 still does the job? is what i mean penetrates muscle i mean

Yeh im injecting and no lumps or problems so its fine then just takes like 20 seconds to inject though

The only downside is the extra time it takes to inject. The reduction in scar tissue is well worth the extra time.

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Don’t worry, if its going in straight then its penetrating the muscle. 27ga is fine, just might flow slower through the smaller opening.

I’ve been using 29 ga, which is even smaller diameter, for months now with no problems. Warm the vial prior to drawing and it takes 15-20 seconds instead of 2 - a very easy trade-off for smaller bore needles. When I say “warm the vial” I don’t mean on a stovetop or hot water or anything so drastic (yeah I’ve been asked about that!); I just put the vial between my legs for a few minutes while I’m reading morning emails for a bit until it absorbs body heat. Turn the vial on it’s side and hold up to a light and it’s pretty easy to see when the carrier oil is flowing easier.

ETA: I’m using Test Cyp with a 1/2" needle length and predominantly inject in quads

This. I use 29 also and inject all over the place. Jabbing a 27 in delts and quads sounds painful.

I’ve never used anything smaller than a 23g lol might be time to try the promise land of tiny sticky things

Ouch :disappointed_relieved:

In the glutes, all day long, but In the quads and delts :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

Yikes. I did that my first cycle. 23ga x 1.5"
Totally sucked. I dreaded every injection. I’ve been using 25ga for larger doses and 27ga for 1ml and under. 27ga is pretty much painless.

I just now, for the first time, used my HCG needles (1/2” 28g) for my oil injection (.45 mL tren a) in my delt and I barely felt it. Normally I use a 5/8” 25g which is sometimes painful.

I highly recommend smaller gauge for delts after today’s experience

You guys do know that you can draw and inject with different size needles, right? For example, I draw with an 18g and inject with a 25g. No reason to blunt a needle drawing and then jab it into your muscle.

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i only do quads

Dude I would rather have to give Rosanne Bar a sponge bath than stick a 21 gauge needle in my quad. You have a very high pain tolerance my man.

I use 29 gauge 5/8” slin pins and alternate quads, d glutes, v glutes, lats, and delts to keep tissue damage to a minimum.

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27 in delts is easiest

you don’t even know the length of the needle or how fat he is ??? but its fine tho huhhhh… i swear ppl have no clue and just respond like they do

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