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27, After a Few Years of Lifting

First off these are not the best pictures, and my posing is a joke, but I am looking for some constructive criticism on what I may need to work on. I am a hard gainer and am 6 foot 180-185lbs. Many people think I’m over 200 with clothes on, but I stay active besides lifting. I hike, bike, run, and box on days off. I’m not looking to be a mass monster, but slowly get bigger with hard work.

I have been doing Waterbury programs for the last year and a half or so and plan on continuing for another year and a half or so.

My Waterbury progression has been:

WHFS - PM - SC - QD - AoW - HH - SOB - BBB - TTT - SFM - LFGB - TBT - WSP - 10x3 FFL - ABBHII - Hell week…

I’m going to start 30 day mass plan on Monday followed by some order of Total Strength Program Bench Press, Real Fast Fat Loss, Outlaw Strength and Conditioning, TSP Deadlift, TSP Squat.

This tan is natural by the way.

A few more…


Arms are solid - check out this article…

EDIT: Nice job overall as well!

Triceps and Forearms


Can’t stop the shining…

He-man saving the day…

He-man, without his disguise!

[quote]HoratioSandoval wrote:
Arms are solid - check out this article…


Thanks. I’ll have to hit some of those back exercises up.

I agree, you look fairly solid considering your goals and activity level, but your back needs work…especially your spinal erectors…do you do much deadlifting?

Yeah I deadlift normal, sumo, RDL. I’ll go through periods where I deadlift and others where I don’t do as much depending on my current routine. I’ve deadlifted 300 rather easily, however I have had a couple injuries in the past so I tend not to do singles. Sets of 3 is the heaviest I will go.

I think I tend to be quad dominant so while sprinting my quads will take over and sometimes in other leg exercises.

So I need to work on my back, is there anything else I should work on? I’ll use this 4.0 rating for motivation. This posting was well worth it. I don’t take pictures as often as I should to gauge progress.

i feel like chest width may need some work… how wide is ur grip on ur bench press… maybe take a wider grip every once in awhile to build up ur pec width

legs look pretty good but your upper bod needs some overall thickness and development. i suspect you don’t train your abs with weights. abs are like any other muscle and have to be overloaded to develop thickness.

As far as bench grip width goes I usually do go wide IMO. I know all olympic bars are different but I put my ring finger around the rings. I have a long limbs which limits my total bench. I do like to use close-grip to overload the tri’s.

As far as using weights on the abs I vary my ab training. I try to throw something in every session but vary it. I guess I don’t use too many weights because I do hanging leg raises, ab wheel (although I have worked up to doing standing ab wheel, hard as hell), leg push downs with a partner, band crunches, and many other movements. I’ll try going heavier, but I like to keep my rep range between 5 and 15 on the abs.

Thanks for the comments.

im gonna say core and chest need some work

Your arms look great. Your lower back look very weak. I would start with it.